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Thread: Alcohol & Substance Use

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    So a little update on my opium WD - I know nobody cares and nobody reads this thread but when I get the urge to type an 1,100 word post on the internet, then dad-gummit I'm gonna!

    So. I had the last of my poppy tea 3 and 1/2 days ago. I was trying to stretch it the last few days, so I split about 1/3 of my normal dose between the nights of 10/15 and 10/16. For reference I was taking ~1lb/day for nearly two years. Which is a lot, for a long time. Even so, those 1/6 doses were all but useless.

    WDs are definitely beginning to rear their head.

    If I were addicted to something simple like heroin, I'd be through the worst of it by now. But I decided to get addicted to not just morphine and codeine, but also the other 50+ different alkaloids in the tea that I have to withdraw from all at once. I'll be lucky if the absolute worst of it is over a month from now. Then probably another month to get back to "normal." Then assuming I stayed clean, probably a couple years of post-acute-withdrawal syndrome. (I won't be staying 'clean' for a couple years.)

    I'm feeling pain and soreness in my body that I forgot I could feel lol. The entire reason I started messing with opioid is because of bulging discs in my back. I'm realizing now that the pain in my back hasn't actually gone away. It's just been numbed out for two years while I moved around like it was nbd and surely fucked it up way more. Moving at all is not super fun right now. Restless limbs are beginning to make quite an appearance. My temperature regulation has always been fucked so I'm not sure how that's changed. The diarrhea was the very first thing to start and it's not anywhere near stopping.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention the sniffling, constant sneezing, and fucking relentless fucking yawning. I wake up and start yawning and keep yawning all day and night and go to sleep and wake up yawning and repeat. Fuck I hate it.

    I discovered that crystal is pretty decent for overpowering opioid withdrawal. So that's generally helped. Still don't feel awesome, but it lets me go to work. Although I snorted/ate a decent amount yesterday/the day before, and when I eventually passed out I got maybe 2 hours of sleep before I woke up to a comedown from both drugs. I had the most painful acid reflux of my life from I assume eating so much dope and no food. It seriously felt like somebody was trying to stab their way out of my esophagus with a hot razor. And I was really feeling the restless limbs at that point.

    So just picture a grown man sitting up and rocking back and forth in bed in the dark and clutching his throat and trying to choke down bile, screams, and tears. With the occasional break (see: every 5 seconds) to wildly and angrily punch and flail his arms and legs around. Pretty glamorous shit tbh.

    But the speed is incredibly dehydrating and the opium withdrawal is dehydrating and the diarrhea is dehydrating and I never want to stand up to get to the sink for water. Plus I finally got a sweet-ass heater and my bedroom is so small that it's constantly 90 in here (even if it's 20 in the rest of my place.) So based on all those factors the logical outcome is that I'll probably just shrivel up into a sort of horrifying desiccated nightmare mummy creature to be discovered by county workers - stuck to my bed with my arms and legs in baffling contorted poses, assorted drugs and paraphernalia and candy and rubbed-in cigarette ash strewn about my bed, battery acid and acetone seeping out of a hole in my neck and melting through my linens, and of course St Vincent and Tobacco blaring on repeat out of my tiny laptop speakers. What a life. (Also, what a clumsy annoying run-on sentence.)

    I took a couple xanax over the past few days which was probably a bad idea to use them so soon. I'll hopefully be getting a decent amount of gabapentin and maybe a few more xanax, a few valium, and maybe some muscle relaxers. Gonna try to look into kratom as well. And then some Immodium and the dope of course. Probably should have prepared a bit more for this battle, but at least I still have plenty of time to figure it out!

    Might as well just combine these two unrelated posts because the PM anti-double-post robot will squish them together anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Christina View Post
    Gabapentin, percs, and pot being the only drugs I've done, I have really no desire to try heavier drugs but one in particular I'm very curious about and that is coke. Living in a small town it's hard to get whereas meth is very easy to get (not something I'd try)

    I've heard mixed reviews about it: some say it's really great and others say it's not worth it at all because of the price and the fact that it apparently doesn't last long?? I don't know but I think it'd be pretty awesome to try.
    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Eel View Post
    I can tell you that you heard... wrong. The two *main* appeals of meth are that it's cheap as hell and it lasts goddamn forever. Like, those are the reasons it's as huge as it is. Meth that's expensive and doesn't last long is just coke.

    But other than that it's going to be different for everybody to such a huge degree that it's hard to say how it'll feel for you unless you just try it yourself. I might type up a full report on my experience one of these days if I get good and high and don't get distracted fully disassembling my laptop to clean it or organizing settings and sub-menus in every piece of software I have installed (for the 20th time this month.)
    Wow, I just now realized that I completely misread your post cc:@Christina. I'm not the most experienced with coke but I research quite a lot of these things so I can offer a bit of info since nobody else answered. You are correct in that the common complaints about coke are that it's expensive and that it usually leads to compulsive redosing. A line lasts ~40m if it's big and you have no tolerance. And it's definitely expensive if you plan on doing it every day. But you're probably not planning on that. I don't know any coke addicts tbh. They definitely exist, but I don't think they're incredibly common among any class of people that isn't "Saudi prince." Crack is a different story of course.

    I hear the "coke doesn't work on me" thing a lot. But I also hear the "you've only ever had shit coke" rebuttal just as much. Honestly I thought I was one of those people for years - I had tried coke twice and both times consisted of a tiny bump with no effect so I assumed I was just immune. Eventually I found myself doing an actual line of what seemed to be actual coke. It was subtle but it was definitely noticeable and great, for the very short while it lasted. So while some people have a higher natural tolerance, I think bad coke is just a lot more common than normal people realize. If you get good coke, you're gonna love it. It definitely isn't "not worth it at all" unless you get complete garbage.

    I only have the above posts to go on so I don't know if you have an addictive personality or you just extra-loved gabby, but I would say try anything you're sincerely interested in. The world of drugs is fascinating and amazing and wonderful. Coke is one of the easier things to suggest because it's a lot less of a horrible deadly "hard" drug than people think. It's pretty middle of the road in terms of harm. But if you think there's a chance you'll get hooked on something, well the seed is already planted and you most likely will let yourself get hooked unless you make an effort to not do so.
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