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Thread: Random Manson Comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mok View Post
    I'm going to assume Manson is a Mystery Skulls fan since they're doing a remix for him and one of the lyrics in I think the song Heaven Upside Down is "I'm not a ghost"

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    I know it's simple as hell, but "napalm tree" is cool as fuck.

    Also, EMDM, is his 2nd best album.....imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mok View Post
    Also, EMDM, is his 2nd best album.....imo.
    I have EMDM as my 3rd.
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    I don't know exactly how to put it right now, but I actually love Heaven Upside Down as an album title. I'm guessing it's because I've experienced and witnessed so many discussions referring to Marilyn Manson and Hell so many times. Not to mention the Hell references in the past on actual lyrics and song titles.

    And for quite some time you'd obviously have far more expectations for Marilyn Manson titles mentioning Hell, devils and demons instead.

    (Which makes me wonder if I'd probably live to see a Marilyn Manson album title containing the words angel or angels in it, before seeing Hell, devil, devils, demons and demon.)

    I know it's also Heaven with a twist, so it brings The High End of Low and Wormboy to mind as well, but being able to discuss Marilyn Manson while having a chance to say Heaven in regards to one of his actual works is still actually kind of cool to me in a way.

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    It is a great title.

    On the one hand, I actually get Spooky Kids vibes from the title. It's got a kind of fake-childishness to it I associate with the early days of Marilyn Manson. Compare it to something like "Scaredy Cat". "Heaven Upside Down" might be a child's way of discussing 'Hell' in a way that doesn't offend his parents or teachers, talking theology in hushed whispers.

    On the other, it also has some pretty deep occultic resonance - "as above, so below", which is about as far from childishness as you can get. So here it takes on an occult childishness, which has connotations eerie in a way Marilyn Manson hasn't been for a long time. It's the kind of thing John Dee might have named an album.

    And, of course, it's self-referential in a way Manson occasionally likes to be, in this case hearkening back to The High End Of Low as Halo Infinity mentioned. And it's the really only the second time Manson's done that with a record title - the first being THEOL itself, which, in addition to all its other points of reference, seems to allude to the "high" and "low" of "Heart-Shaped Glasses" on the previous record.

    It's really the perfect Marilyn Manson album title.
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    I sometimes like to think that people are cheesecakes and that Manson is a crimson drizzle.
    How Byronic

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