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Thread: Your Favorite Artists & Pieces

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    Default Part I

    Quote Originally Posted by Celiny-O View Post
    Gottfried Helnwein
    Salvador Dali
    Man Ray
    Quote Originally Posted by 21Faces View Post
    Andy Warhol
    Gottfried Helnwein Murakami, Takashi
    Those are some of my favourites, too.

    Van Gogh

    Henri De Toulouse Lautrec

    Alexander Rodchenko

    Tamara De Lempicka

    Gustav Klimt

    Egon Schiele
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    I always liked this photograph:
    Dali Atomicus - P. Halsman (1948)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angeles View Post
    You do? What pieces?
    The Lady Of Shalot and Nymphs Finding The Head Of Orpheus.
    "I've always wondered who makes those minuscule ziploc bags. What sandwich is going to fit in one of those?" - Marilyn Manson

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    A few of my favourites;

    - Hans Bellmer

    A photograph from the 'Les Jeux de la poupée' set.

    Although these dolls are distorted and mutilated, I love the way he’s managed to give them a sense of vulnerability, beauty and sexuality through their pose and surroundings in which they were photographed in.

    - René Magritte

    Like a lot of his work, I admire the questionable reality for the way he's painted something unrealistic in a life-like manner.

    - Barbara Kruger

    An example of the simple, yet effective and often comedic approach she uses to mock society.

    - Patricia Piccinini

    From the series Natures Little Helper.

    A typical work by Piccinini representing the controversial topic of scientific development as something completely harmless. Although I disagree with her arts intensions, I admire the way she’s managed to successfully portray these grotesque little creatures as something very cute. ^__^

    - Francis Bacon

    One of my favourite portraits by Francis Bacon. He’s one of the few artists I know that can paint with a dry brush and make it look good.

    - Early Renaissance period art

    Although this period mainly produced artworks which reflected the subjects everyday life, for what appeared to be a busy, chaotic time in history, I’m intrigued by the stillness and lack of depth in these paintings. They used to scare me as I child, and even now… I still find them to be quite eerie. :/

    - Man Ray

    I like viewing this artwork in two different ways, by focusing on the photograph for what it is, the exaggerated tilt of a women's neck, as well as appreciating the unique, semi-abstract shapes the neck forms.

    - Yayoi Kusama

    I like her work mainly for aesthetic purposes. Lots of her art is based around repetitive patterns, in particularly red and white polka dots which I was unaware of and coincidently wore a dress with this pattern while visiting her exhibition. I blended in with her instillations.. :/

    And as previously stated in this thread, I'm also a fan of the works of;

    - Gottfried Helnwein

    - Salvador Dali

    - Andy Warhol

    And of course..- Marilyn Manson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mary View Post
    - Hans Bellmer
    - René Magritte
    - Francis Bacon
    - Yayoi Kusama
    Those too. :)

    Also Edgar Degas

    Eduoard Manet

    Henri Matisse

    Eugene Delacroix

    Alphonse Mucha

    Edvard Munch

    Some of the Stuckists are quite good. I like Paul Harvey (he's quite influenced by Mucha), Ella Guru, Stella Vine but my favourite is
    Joe Machine

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    Ok, I have more. Sorry. :(

    Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen
    They make these crazy huge installation art pieces of like, regular household objects like clothespins or shuttlecocks. Two of my favourites are:

    Raghu Rai
    He is an institution in photography, the most influential photographer in India

    Prabuddha Dasgupta
    Another amazing Indian photographer. He's shot for Vogue a lot, but he also has some amazing books on Urban Indian women and also on Goa.

    Duane Michals
    Very emotive work. He likes photo sequences and writing on photographs.

    Joe Szabo
    Most famous for taking wonderful pictures of adolescents and teenage life. I see similarities between him and Larry Clark sometimes (who is also a great photographer).

    Henri Cartier Bresson

    Aubery Beardsley

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    Kuksi. Hussar. Helnwein.

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    I was thinking of doing a 'Favourite Photographs' topic, but remembered we have this (criminally under-used) one. I have others, but momentarily wanted to share a picture.

    Weeki Wachee Springs, Toni Frissell [1947]
    I know that it was used for fashion purposes, but there is something chillingly surreal about this picture, like Ophelia in the lake or something. I think it's really just a very cleverly shot image, but considering when it was taken, and the enduring effect it has, I'd definitely class this as one of my favourite images.

    Also, Celiny, have you noticed how much the maid in that Banksy picture looks like Twiggy Ramirez? Aside from that, I fully second the various motions for Man Ray, Francis Bacon, Hans Bellmer Gustav Klimt and Aubrey Beardsley.

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    New favourite. August Sander, Secretary at a West Berlin Radio Station.
    That's a beautiful photograph, S.D

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    Oh my god Funn you're alive!! <3

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