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Thread: Your Favorite Artists & Pieces

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    Unica Zuern
    Otto Dix
    Hieronymus Bosch
    Leonor Fini
    Wolf Erlbruch
    Sven Nordqvist
    Leonora Carrington
    Egon Schiele
    Aubrey Beardsly
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    My new avatar by John Henry Fuseli - The Nightmare.

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    Here are some of my latest discoveries in the art world:
    Berlinde de Bruyckere

    Christian Lemmerz

    and one artist that I have mentioned here before, but after seeing his latest exhibition, I have to share this painting (which is my new avatar and my new favorite painting)
    Filip D. Jensen

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    Will you guys please look at this.

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    Mr.Grizelj's self destruction/despair photographs are very fascinating to me personally.

    Nihilists fake orgasms ; )
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    There are way too many to name, so I apologise for this long list.

    Emil Nodle:

    Yasunari Ikenaga:

    Lennart Nilsson (All of his foetus photos are beautiful):

    Francesca Woodman:

    Sally Mann:

    E.J Bellocq (One of Joel Peter Witkins influences, the better photos of his are NSFW):

    Gregory Crewdson (The 'anti-snapshot' photos):

    Emilio Villalba:

    Honourable Mentions:
    George Quaintance:

    Franz Fiedler:

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    Didn't really mention much painters (as I prefer photographers) last time so here are some of my favourite painters:

    Malcolm T. Liepke:

    Mark Demsteader:

    Jenny Saville:

    Wayne Barlowe: : (I recommend checking out his hell series)

    Honourable Mentions:

    Luis Egidio Melendez: (The food Instagramer of the 18th century)

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