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Thread: Marilyn Manson Dreams

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    Another nightmare. Seated venue, got to my seat, there were like 3 rows of seats in front of me and some were vacant so I kept slowly moving up rows. Then Fred (lol) and Twiggy came out on stage before the show to set something up and Twiggy saw me and for some reason threw somebody else's make up case full of stuff to me. Then Manson came out and everyone started trying to make to a pit and each time a pit would form, somebody would try and get closer and closer to the stage so I was constantly having to move up and try and secure a new spot, until finally people just started going up on the actual stage. So I went up there and there's no music and Manson is just like, drawing shit on printer paper ignoring us, and then he and the band just walked off the stage. They never played. So everyone started leaving and I was like maybe I could get into a restricted access area to ask one of them what the fuck. So I went around and Tater was there lol and she was like don't bother security said they're not even in the building anymore, so we left and tried to get rides home. Horrible.

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    I had a dream Manson and I got drunk and went for a joyride blasting music at like 100 miles per hour.

    What a dream.

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    A few nights before halloween gig, had dream I was at show waiting for band to come on; these chinese men were behind me... I was working on getting closer to stage, of course, when these men started cutting my back real swift-like with razors of some sort; I started running, but these men were right on my heels, still Cut Cut Cutting until I woke up.

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    These dreams are really interesting to read, I hope to have some more creative ones someday, haha

    Edit: speak of the devil, a couple of nights ago I had a string of dreams where Manson was on tour in present day doing recreations of the tours during Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals and Holy Wood. It was wicked, they weren't exactly the same but they were similar. From what I remember, the audience was in a large, blue (similar to the blue album case on mechanical animals) pool with the stage in a corner on a blue platform slightly in the water and part slightly out. I was in the pit so I was half in the water up close to the stage and he was singing and stepping into the water.

    Another part I remember was a large ladder kind of staircase. I think this was for my brains depiction of the Holy Wood era. He was climbing up and down the stairs, grabbing onto them and what not. Sadly I can't remember anymore, but it was badass.
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    A few weeks ago, I had a dream Manson did an acoustic song about the WWE faction the New Day.

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    It's been quite a while since I've actually had any dreams about Marilyn Manson, but I can at least remember dreaming a few times about being in bits of pieces of The Beautiful People, Tourniquet, The Dope Show, I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me), Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) and The Death Parade from Guns, God and Government, as well as the show itself. For a moment, I also thought that I actually saw Lunchbox live only to wake up.

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    Last night (or this morning, I suppose) I had a dream that I was at the grocery store, walking around with my cat, and Manson, with a big bald spot, was riding around on one of those shopping cart/electric wheelchair things, going down the soda aisle a lot. I lowkey followed him around, wanting to say hello and get an autograph, but too shy. I finally plucked up the courage to, so I got a sharpie and a paper towel from the produce section (??) and found him scootering along toward the checkout with another man walking with him. I had to chase him for a moment before I was close enough to tap him on the shoulder. He didn't realize it, or didn't acknowledge it, until the other man told him what I'd done. By then I was embarrassed and discouraged and had begun to walk away, but then Manson got up and.. it completely wasn't Manson. He suddenly had totally different hair, brown and unkempt, and looked rather ratty on the whole. He smiled, and I apologized, saying I thought he was someone else, and I told me that no, he was not Manson. The dream ended there.
    I had another dream later about a grocery store manager with anger issues who destroyed the tomato soup section when someone accidently dropped a can, and there was tomato soup flying everywhere like blood, but Manson wasn't involved.

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    - hmmm. Experienced this one this morning. I am standing in a kitchen of ..Marilyn Manson's home? Watching in bewilderment as Mr.Manson is standing a the kitchen sink with hot water running & soap bubblies hand washing , examining loads of CD albums. He was acting totally bizarre .. schizophrenic honslestly. I had the impression this was what he does with albums. How he experiences them. You know instead of listening to them while maybe looking at the artwork & reading the booklet. You toss them about in a big fuckin' sink.

    Their was a young man , His assistant I suspect who wasn't at all surprised. He was friendly & was asking me of I read Wilhelm Reich. I was telling Him , Yes been a fan of Reich for a couple of years - He is asking of I ever built an "Or gone accumulator" Haha! No. No , I really never have.

    In the kitchen with Us were these Twins. These mature Ladies. They ..looked familiar. They were wearing thin nightie clothing , had very large breast & also white panties. They wouldn't speak but were teasing me & giving me hard on-s. I didn't want to have any intimate experiences with them though & was feeling more uncomfortable as every minute went by. I finally woke up. Cheers (Twenty ..Three. ..)

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    i had a dream manson touched my bum... and then did an acoustic cover of the cheeky girls song..."the cheeky song" exclusively for a nando's for some reason...i dont even like nandos.

    for those who may have been lucky enough to have never heard the cheeky song... here it is. i apologise now, for what you are about to hear.

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    My dreams involving MM are mostly when i was i child.
    The most recurrent was the one after i saw "I Don't Like The Drungs" Video. The headless cops chasing me and when i finally arrive to my home was Manson with his white hair waiting for me and the house was a big cube of ice. The only thing that i did to wake of that dream was scream.
    I miss those nightmares :)
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