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Thread: Marilyn Manson Dreams

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    The one I remember clearly:

    I was at my grandparents' house, gardening. Then I suddenly jumped over the yard's fence. After some walking, I saw stone stairs. I couldn't see where they were going, but I knew I had to climb them, I felt it was important. When I reached their end, I found myself on the edge of a fence.

    I wanted to go down, on the other side of the fence, but there were no stairs, so I started wandering around, looking for a way to get where I wanted. Apparently, Manson had seen that I needed help to get down, so he climbed the tree that was near the fence, reached and helped me get on his side of the fence.
    He had this strange stick (I say stick because it was as thin as a toothpick, but longer) in his mouth, which I somehow knew was something that was supposed to be smoked. He asked if I had a lighter, to which I replied, "Do you have another cigarette?". We chuckled and then headed to my place, where my lighter was. We talked as we walked and walked, but never really got anywhere, as we were walking around in circles without realizing it.

    Then (as cheesy and tasteless as it sounds) Manson kissed me and I woke up with the sheet between my buttcheeks. That's about it.

    Oed, your dream is cool.

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    I've had quite a few Manson dreams, but the most recent was a few nights ago.
    Since I've been so excited about seeing him again in October, I dreamt about it.
    Once I was inside Festival Hall (which was oddly large in my dream), the band was about to come onstage. But whenever I dream about mosh pits, the crowd always clears for me and whoever I happen to be there with, whether it be friends or Ben, etc.
    Anyway, Manson started by appearing from the opposite side of the venue, meaning he wasn't even onstage. He just walked up behind me and started singing and stroking my face.
    Then he got onstage and held my hand as he continued to sing. All that time, no one even tried to touch him.
    It was similar to my Kurt Cobain dream in the sense that I got to communicate with an idol, and everyone else around us seemed to know how important it was to me so they just left us alone.
    It was a pretty good dream.
    "I've always wondered who makes those minuscule ziploc bags. What sandwich is going to fit in one of those?" - Marilyn Manson

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    I had a dream the other night where I was at a MA era show and got pulled out of the crowd, up on stage and told to play bass because Twiggy had to go do something. It looked like he was playing with Pogo over on the side of the stage. So I started playing bass but, as a drummer, I really wanted to play drums with Manson. So when Ginger stepped away to go play with Twiggy and Pogo I walked up onto the drum riser and started playing the kick drum while I was still playing bass. I stepped back down when Ginger came back, and he started talking about how I'd probably put toe-stoppers on all his pedals when he didn't want them there. But he was doing in a sarcastic tone, as if it was meant to be an on-going in-joke between the two of us, but I completely didn't get it at all.
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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    Not a Manson dream, but it is.. related. At first I dreamt I was at the introductionweek of my new university. And we went on to have a barbacue, but everyone in the garden (?) was suddenly was either a member here or on Babalon. I sat next to Emma, who started talking to me, and knew my real name. So the other dude (Kumori ??? on the phant, different name here, I mean the blonde dude with the visor cap) asked her how she knew I was me, as I have never posted a picture here or on the phant. Then I woke up.

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    Had a Manson dream tonight.
    He was a guest in the German show "Wetten, dass...?" (O.o). The band performed a few songs and after the show they gave autographs to everyone. I got an autograph from Manson, then I asked Twiggy for an autograph. He said something like: "Yes, but only if you bring me some fries, I'm hungry." So I went away, bought some fries and gave them to Twiggy. Yeah and I got my autograph.
    What does this dream want to tell me?

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    ^ actually, that brings up another dream i remember having...and i wrote it down.

    it all started as a another concert-type dream. the whole concert was outside, in a vally of some sorts. i was on a raised platform quite far away from the stage. oddly, i saw another kid from school....who isn't a manson fan. O.o

    anyway, manson started playing a new song called ''changing, changing, changing'' or something like that. i got to go backstage, well, during they were still onstage, which was weird...i went through some door on the right side of this platform thingy, went down some stairs, with some friend. i was quite excited. i got to meet manson. and we got to talk a bit. i even got his autograph! i was extremely happy.

    a bit later on, somehow i got up closer to the stage, while they were playing. all kinds of people were there, even haters and protestors were in the audience.
    i was right in the front, fournately. then an odd thing was happening---Manson was wearing those fake boobs again. lolz. anyway, someone came up and cut them off, and oddly blood started to sprinkle everywhere. everyone started to freak out...

    finally, an unknown time passes by, and i end getting up onstage with all of them. except that twiggy and tim were onstage together. i went over to tim, and tried to get his autograph, but he was acting like an asshole. i found twiggy to be quite nice, and got his autograph. then all of a sudden...

    i woke up.

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    i recently had a dream where i was at the front of the pit and i grabbed manson's boot off his foot, then threw it in his face. then after the show itraded him some of my shrooms for weed. they were black shrooms, like stems, i'm not sure such shrooms exist in reality, but whatever.

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    God I had such a bizarre one last night it was so real! There was a camera recording him in some sort of house I think he was staying at a friends house but it all seemed so realistic like his mannerisms and everything he said even though it was all new to me (argh I'm not explaining this well at all.) He was slightly sort of jokingly full of himself and confident in some parts and a bit shy in others. Whatever it was a good dream lol

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    Well last night I dreamt that one of the songs from the celebritarian corporation album had surfaced I think the song had something to do with a freak show or something but damn i was so fucking excited and now I wake up to find it was only a dream :(:(:(:(:(
    Probably because I was looking at this all night ... shapes.php trying to imagine how this album and era would have looked and sounded gaahhh I so wanted it to happen.

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    Ok I have to share this one.

    Last night I had a dream that Manson dumped Stoya, married Lady Gaga, stopped doing drugs, and stopped wearing makeup.

    His next album was entirely Sopor Aeternus inspired, neo-classical, synth-heavy goth music. For the new era he grew a Salvador Dali style mustache, wore steampunk clothing, and for some reason he had a british accent =D

    And he got a new a pink-furred cat who he named Elizabeth, lol.

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