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Thread: Marilyn Manson Dreams

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    I had such a weird dream last night and woke up rather confused. It wasn't all about Manson but he still played a main part in the dream. Well first I was attending a concert and the show was...well Manson was absent most of the time talking to whoever somewhere beside the stage and I was mainly paying attention to Twiggy. I watched a Goon Moon video on youtube before I went to sleep so I think the first part of the dream may have been caused by that. Of course I managed to meet Twiggy after the show. Hey a girl can dream.... :)
    And then there suddenly was a map with a place called "Coma White" drawn on it. It was located somewhere in Switzerland and I went there to take pictures....well I have no idea where that came from but it was confusing....

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    I had the weirdest dream ever -MM related, of course-, last night.

    I dreamt I was with a bunch of people in a small venue, in which Manson played 2 years ago. We were there to see him once again, but my friends keep chaning as the dream evolved. It was some sort of a festival. Paramore was playing there (altough only half a song) and Manson was the main highlight of the bill. After a while, the whole scenario got black and a lot of shock symbols begin to arise on the back of the stage, and a bunch of guys with brown-painted faces were singing a creepy version of "Antichrist superstar. Like a monks' choir in crack, or something. Then, the lights went on and the stage was decorated with many computers, like it was an office or something. Lots of people were there, kind of singing something I couldn't understand and one of my teachers from the master degree was there, like the executive chief of the coreography or whatever.

    By that time I was in the front line on the right corner, and everyone was beginning to boo and some people were leaving. Apparently I was there with a group of people, because this teacher came down from the stage and took me and some other people outside. We walked 2 or 3 blocks and we got into a black van, and we left. I was very sad and frustrated that I didn't get the chance to see Manson live once again -I imagined the band playing Tourniquet and Four Rusted Horses- and I felt even more angry about it. Then I began to think about my fear of trying heroine, and the dream took a whole different direction, and there's where the MM part ended.

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    i also had one this night, but i can't remember anything. it just involved lots of snow and a guy called "sven" who i don't even know...

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    This is the weirdest Manson dream i had that i remembered for awhile now,
    So i was at a Manson gig and it was the MA era, and i watched him on stage.
    Everyone so happen to disappear around me, and then in a blink of an eye-
    i was sitting in my room, and me and Manson were talking,
    based on how he looked it shifted to "THEOL" era look.

    When we we're talking (Don't know what i was saying in the dream)
    and Manson starting trashing up my room, smashing everything.
    Then all of a sudden i ended up in a van, driving idk where but again,
    He looked at me and he didn't look like Manson at all anymore he looked like my grandma =\
    And around there, i'm sure i woke up...

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    Default Re: Marilyn Manson dreams

    I have never had a dream about last night, I always thought it would be a bit weird to dream about them/him. But last night I actually had a dream about him.

    It was after one of his shows, and I was standing out the back of a venue in the carpark where his bus was parked. It was just me and another fan. For some reason all the other fans were standing on the otherside of the car park waiting for him, so when him and Twiggy came out we had loads of time to talk and take pics. I also remember asking him about preforming the Triptych at the different shows. And he confirmed that it was happening but that was all he could say about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maniac Master
    and a guy called "sven" who i don't even know...

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    The other night I had a dream where I got to meet him and give him a cuddle. We had the most wonderful conversation, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was about.
    Lovely dream, though.
    "I've always wondered who makes those minuscule ziploc bags. What sandwich is going to fit in one of those?" - Marilyn Manson

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    I had a dream about Manson the other night. I don't remember much about it but there were like 7 of him. It was quite wierd.
    And We Said Till We Die.

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    It is so strange.
    Sweet dreams are made of this.
    I once dreamt I was watching the wedding of MM and someone in a veil, but woke up before the veil was lifted! It was in a strange church, not dissimilar to a really old cathedral near where I live. I was standing at the front, where the priest would stand,facing the bride and groom, so I presume I was conducting the wedding...
    * *****we are the Bright Young Things... ***** *

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    For some weird ass reason, even before Manson had said that there will be a next album, I've been having dreams about going onto his website (the website didn't look like anything Manson would create haha), and find the names of tracks off of the new album released. Of course I better prepare for the recurrence of these dreams for there is a new album on the way.

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    defying gravity Tinuviel's Avatar
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    I had another dream about Twiggy last night. I was sitting in my favorite cafe with my dad, a friend and the owner of the cafe. In my dream there was a club in the basement of the cafe. While chatting to the people who were with my I found out that Twiggy and Fred are DJing at the club downstairs and of course I wanted to go there. I was afraid I wouldn't make it to the club because of my age...but they let me in and I tried to find Twiggy....but without success.
    That dream was totally influenced by Goon Moon's status updates on Twitter etc.

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