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Thread: Pretty As A 卐 / ($) - Tangential References

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    Interesting thoughts and finds here by all. And Procrastinator, I may be wrong but I believe the 15/ $ thing is discussed in the 15 thread.

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    ^ My bad. I haven't been keeping track on that thread.

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    "Our first show was at Churchill's Hideaway in Miami. Twenty people showed up, though now we're famous at least twenty-one claim to have been there.
    Being very literal-minded, I wore a Marilyn Monroe T-shirt, but I added a Manson-style swastika to her forehead." - Marilyn Manson, The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell.
    As I suggested somewhere here, Marilyn Monroe as "pretty" in relation to "swastika" is inferred at the very first Marilyn Manson live performance.

    Also, there are other sections to The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell that might have been subtly referenced during Manson's explanations for Pretty As A Swastika. In the Empyrean interview at the centre of the book, he talks about how Madonna's label, Maverick, had to check with the band's management to see if any of Manson's tattoos included Swastikas. Despite the imagery of Satan and Occultism on his sleeves, they were only interested in symbols that might have included Anti-Semite undertones.
    Manson goes on to explain that Maverick actually offered them a contract (which is erroneous with the oft-circulated story that they were declined by the label because of Madonna Wayne Gacy's name), and it was this that put pressure on Interscope to offer one simultaneously, which the band accepted. In the interview Manson quotes Interscope as having said "We're willing to put out the record and we'll even pay for it", which juxtaposes the Swastika with the Dollar again. In the same interview Manson also mentioned the failed production job executed by Roli Mossiman (formerly of Swans) on the original version of Portrait Of An American Family. Nick Kushner has discovered at The Nachtkabarett that the Dollar logo used in the Armageddon video, and for Pretty As A Swastika on tour was potentially inspired (alongside the Antichrist Superstar emblem) by a similar logo used in Swans' artwork:-

    It's not for me to say what Manson's intent was, but I do find it interesting how stories regarding the beginning of the band's contract with Interscope, and the final album released through them before it ended have these similarities.

    Also, the Empyrean interview is funny in a sad way in this respect, because Manson says the first thing Maverick asked them about was whether the band are Jewish, which Gacy is (and Manson with Polish ancestry), yet they still asked the "Swastika" question. But on top of that, strangely the Manson/Gacy lawsuit ended a week or so after the Interscope contract, and also the day before Manson proposed to Evan Rachel Wood.
    The most prominent reason why this seems so odd is because the two main claims Gacy made in the lawsuit were that Manson used accumulative band profits for personal exploits, including a "$150,000 engagement ring" and "Nazi paraphernalia". Swastikas, contracts, money, marriage, "Et Cetera" spanning an entire discography. It's a small world after all.

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    Listening to Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb tonight and this lyric popped out to me. Surprised it's not mentioned, although I wont be surprised if it's in another thread although I did search.

    "Can you show me where it hurts?"
    - Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd

    "Let me show you where it hurts"
    - Pretty As A ($), Marilyn Manson

    Thought that was a cool similarity and we know Manson is a fan of that song as well -

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    ^ Nice find, Norsefire! Pink Floyd depresses me so I avoid actively listening, but I'm tempted to listen to Comfortably Numb now...
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    Right Angles and The Sun you say?

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