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Thread: Musical Parallels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emma
    we share an IP for some reason on some posts - maybe that had somthing to do with it???
    So if one of us downloads something illegal or visits terrorist sites, the other will get arrested? :p

    Not Mechanical, I like the comparison with the cue cards, I think that's probably fairly valid and, if not the original intention, would have occurred to him (or just been pointed out to him by someone) at some point.
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    Compare the introduction here:

    to when Thaeter was used as an introduction on the Grotesk Burlesk tour:

    (I'm sure you all know it, but there is a shoddy video of it being used as the live introduction.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by handofsutekh

    It's ok though, Trent Reznor is somehow way more critically respected & yet there are about 6 instances of outright THEFT from Bowie (that bit on the frail is nicked from Low, there's no denying it, and everyone knows the deal with "warm place"), rock n roll is just white people playing the blues too fast anyway, it's all reinvention/interpolation
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    The Intro to We're From America that S.D. Posted in comparison to A Perfect Circle may be derived from the final scene of Ingar Bergman's SEVENTH SEAL, A Film Which Manson has nodded to in the past, where "Death" knocks at the door With the same exact timing as the tolling of We're From America. Though it sounds like We're From America has put a Reverb and Echo effect on it, I will try to edit the scene and put the toll from WFA afterwards on the video if I get a chance

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    The beginning of Unkillable Monster has reminded me of a song for quite a while now and I finally found it last night - Creep by Radiohead.

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    they said hells not hot is similar to rape me.

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    i guess musicial parallels could also include lyrical parallels? as its in the music and all...
    that's how i intrepetate the title anyway. so....

    i was listening to some band's song, and the lyrics instantly reminded me of This is the New Shit's. i think it was a song by Stain'd..... they sang the part of ''do you get it?'' and ''do you want it?''. interesting, enough...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Sixx.
    Devour and Xiu Xiu's I Luv the Valley OH!

    This was debated a lot and some call it a rip off but I can hear and see where they're coming from. The music progression and the lyric style talking about a heart and pills is also very similar.

    My god I can see why people would think it's a rip off! :O Manson even uses the same tune when he's singing.

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    The scream at the beginning of 'Jack The Ripper' by The Horrors and 'I Have to Look Up Just to See Hell' is very similar. Also, take note of the bass at the beginning of them both.

    And the drumbeat of 'Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery' has always reminded me of the one used in 'True Romance' by She Wants Revenge.

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    ^Manson said himself that he loves She Wants Revenge, before. But, This Is Forever didn't come out until October 2007, so Manson couldn't have taken inspiration from it.

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