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Thread: "Face In The Beehive" - "Flies Are Waiting"

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    Default "Face In The Beehive" - "Flies Are Waiting"

    I was asked earlier what my thoughts were on the lyric "Putting my face in the Beehive", and my immediate response, though I hadn't considered it fully before, was a comparison between the bees of Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis), and the flies that later appear in Valentine's Day.

    If we suppose (a little like the "Rapist Werewolves" of Into The Fire) that the beehive acts as a metaphor for an environment where the artist is open to criticism, and is "stung" for being an individual, then they are not a part of the hive. The artist's expression is a process of braving the beehive, putting their "face" inside an arena where they will be attacked, and used as a scapegoat, which is reflected in the accompanying lines "Am I sorry to be alive" and "Am I sorry for Booth and Oswald, pinks and cocaine too?", which interestingly, in that it references John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald, leads into the following song on the album, President Dead...

    In this hive metaphor, I see reflections on Columbine, and Manson's treatment as an artist by the public at large. There is also the fact that in being able to make the statements he would like to the people that need to hear it the most, an artist like Manson has to endure the criticism of the accumulated public, and as he commented once himself "You have to become a part of the mainstream in order to subvert it", literally putting your face (we'd really like to sell you) into the beehive. But, in doing so you open yourself up to the people who would choose to exploit that in order to divert attention from their own ineptitude and mistakes.

    Anyway, before I digress too far, I'll move back to the comparison between the bees and the flies. Later, we have the aforementioned line, "Flies are waiting", which to me has always implied a parasitic group, ready to feast on a corpse. So you have these two winged creatures, one administering the wounds that cause the downfall of a celebrity, or public figure, and another that will readily "Devour" the remains after the "Death" - "Like Christians at a suicide...". Also, both flies and bees were featured on the last, and arguably most Celebritarian manifestation of the official Marilyn Manson website. Here are some visuals:-

    A bee in the far bottom left of the scrolling homepage.

    A hive, with eyes, in the far top right of the scrolling homepage.

    From the news page, the flies are literally "waiting" around our Celebritarian figure.

    So, I believe that we are hearing commentary on a cyclical nature of flying creatures, ones that either kill or consume the dead, one leading to the other - "When one world ends, something else begins" - "This is where it starts, this is where it will end". Also, the bee pollinates to create new flowers, and flies will prey on compost (often containing dead plants and flowers, which in turn fertilises crops), so there are further cycles of creation and destruction.
    Perhaps the commentary also takes into consideration that there must be an end to facilitate the beginning (an oft visited theme in Manson's work and lyrics). The fly may be a negative emblem, but it also partakes in the cycle of the living, as does the bee, in creating honey, even though it is seen as a predator. To reference those lyrics directly, there is also the song Diamonds and Pollen, which could be relating the diamond shapes of the beehive compartments to the same process of beginning and ending. We are as much a part of the hive as we are the individual "seeds":-

    "waiting to grow and to die like flowers do"

    That is to say, we are a part of the creative process as much as the artistic, we all destroy public figures as much as we create our own. I was reminded also of the lyric from Spade, "I'm a diamond that is tired, of all the faces I've acquired", which might relate to the aforementioned compartment of the hive, an individual sick of "Devouring" the culture to whom it owes its "faces". These are just my thoughts, I don't know if they seem plausible, but it was a nice subject to mull over, perhaps others would be able to offer similar theories?

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    I don't know why but I have had a tendency to keep to myself my own interpretations of all of his lyrics over all his albums.

    When I hear the one you've referenced such as "Putting my face in the Beehive" - I remember upon first listening to that for some reason I could not describe, I simply interpreted it as him taking a risk. Life itself as the risk. For him to be born and put through the religious school that led him through what some might call 'fate' to what he is today and all that has been achieved by him. To simply exist is to put your face in the Beehive, especially if you're headed to 'celebrity town'.

    The first point I'm trying to make here is it is remarkable how so many people struggle over the various interpretations of his lyrics which most of the time I found to be quite easy for me to understand. I adored reading the lyrics to Holy wood (well - all of his works - as I listened through each track). Especially the conceptual albums. Before I even knew that these were conceptual albums, I knew at the least that they were stories following each other through the track list, each song referencing the following song to come. I knew this in the back of my mind at least – an itch that was telling me to see this from outside the box.

    Over the years I've seen your interpretative posts SD , and I've found a familiarity with your perceptions of his lyrics in my own youthfully uneducated prior interpretations. (That is not and insult by any means. In fact you were inspiring me in the sense that I was learning that there were others out there seeing deeply into his works. All my friends, all the people I knew that listened to Marilyn Manson simply never listened to me.)

    I mean "uneducated" in the fact that I did not know in my first year of listening to my first albums of his - "Holy Wood" and "Mechanical Animals" - that these were conceptual for I simply related to them. There was always this nagging force in the back of my mind drawing me away from using them not just as songs to relate to in my beliefs but this 'consciousness' in the back of my mind was always seeing a story develop.

    Being a writer at heart, I could not help but adore that there were people still making concept albums when I first discovered Marilyn Manson, as I had been quite under-dosed in my experience of good conceptual art except for my dad's collection of Pink Floyd. Especially "the Wall".

    I'd like to offer my interpretation of The Golden Age of Grotesque, which I have kept to myself for some time.

    I've always found the album to be like a satire on his image becoming the most shocking thing, far more shocking than even war. Marilyn referenced in an interview back then that the album was much like a movie, and that the Mickey Mouse references were due to explain that the album was about being his identity being transformed into a product - hence “The Death of Art” at the end of the album.

    I believe it was a satire on various screaming talentless and talented aching heart artists from a thousand years ago til today. A satire in the sense that it pointed out that these artists (even if they were God and its Angels) were to eventually become products.

    A product. Something simply viewed as not open to interpretation - to be taken at face value.

    When I went to see the Golden Age of Grotesque tour I found it very amusing, not in the sense that I didn't like it, but that it had that vibe of a satire even on the audiences there.

    I believe the album is about perhaps a female entity turning his work into a hollow charade. “You’ve drained my heart and left a spade, there’s still traces of me in your veins”. It shows the character’s reluctance to change, but as each song flows on he’s becoming nothing more than a shadow of what he was, as shadow served up to be a product. And along the way of this journey, all that is consumed are narcotics - just delve itno the lyrics of mObscene. "We are the thing of shapes to come - Married to the pain - We have "high" places but we have no friends . They told us sin's not good but we know it's great . War-time full-frontal drugs, sex-tank armor plate". Delve into your lyric book of that album and find how many other obvious clues there are - and there are just too many.

    Something was lurking out there to describe that there was once a time perhaps where Marilyn used drugs as something to make himself strong enough to know not to take them. But that perhaps he or his character (Whichever he intended) was delving into narcotics such as absynthe etc for reasons of comfort and some kind of cruel self-pitying glory in order to deal with this transformation.

    This is why I think he had some long doubts (amongst other reasons) regarding making music again after TGAOG was released and the tour was finished.

    Strangely enough the next thing to come out was something as ‘product-like’ as it could be – Lest We Forget. A greatest hits Album. Then the tour that followed seemed to show his fascination with toying with the mainstream’s inability to delve deeper into the meanings of the albums.

    I see this as “putting my face in the Beehive”.

    But this is just my interpretation.

    "Our less well-developed physical senses, vis-a-vis our limited perception of the electromagnetic spectrum, aka reality - would be responsible for our reliance on reality and all that we define by it."

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    I know this has nothing to do with the actual meaning of the lyric - but living in Utah, the "beehive" has always hit something special for me. It always reminds me of the moment in SLC when he tore apart the Book of Mormon when they were to open for NIN (but got canceled by concert promoters). "He loves me ... He loves me not".

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    I rewatched El Topo tonight by Alejandro Jordorowsky, and El Topo picks up a beehive and plunges his face into it.

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    One more possible shade of meaning....
    During the Holywood Era, Manson seems to have been studying a lot of Masonic symbolism. The Beehive is used in Masonry to represent the idea of "industry":, or the ideal of a productive society. Masonry and Mormonism are linked (Joseph Smith was a Mason, and used many of our rituals as the basis for his Temple ceremonies) so it's possible that's why it was incorporated into Utah's State Seal as well.

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    Am I sorry just to be alive, putting my face in the beehive?

    The way I always interpreted this is that Adam perceives a sort of destiny for himself to change the world. He's basically saying he was born different, and cannot help it.

    The flies reference is pretty straight forward, imo. Flies always gather at a dead corpse. Well, "flies are waiting" for his death so they may 'consume' him in various media because we in America just 'eat it up' when a celebrity dies.
    So many stars above our heads and yet we choose to starve. So many stones out there to turn and yet we choose to ignore. Thousands I wish to corrupt, their sons I seek to mislead. Damned forever be your dreams, I reject my destiny.

    Like the first of sins there is no one to blame, the earth grew wet on the seventh day. And we sit down for a feast of hate, we eat each other in a twist of fate.

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