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Thread: Aug 21 2009 - The Joint - Las Vegas, Nevada

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    Default Re: Aug 21 2009 - The Joint - Las Vegas, Nevada

    Quote Originally Posted by Ezekhiel
    Early reviews on Babalon are rather disappointing, looks like they had a bad night.
    I can't access that site from work. Anything of interest you could quote over here? Sucks to hear that though, I was hoping that since there was only a week off from Mayhem that they would still be really tight. Hopefully there were other circumstances at play and things smooth over in the next few days.

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    Default Re: Aug 21 2009 - The Joint - Las Vegas, Nevada

    Well, it's a bit confusing... There is ONE angry post, the guy complains about a lot of things like the show starting 40 minutes late, Manson beating up Andy for no reason, having some kind of argument with Stoya who was throwing her drinks to the crowd and unplugging cables (?!?), leaving in the middle of Leave A Scar, having looong breaks between songs... Don't really know what to think of that.

    Edit : some things have been confirmed on the Basetendencies Twitter :

    Leave a scar
    Manson just pushed andy. Looked a little hostile
    Mansons gone. And the band plays on
    So is this just a lot of encores or are there just really long breaks between songs?
    Looks like another break?
    Ppl are getting kind of confused

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    Default Re: Aug 21 2009 - The Joint - Las Vegas, Nevada

    I hope they play at least 18 songs as the tour progresses, they have a huge catalogue to choose from. I'm glad I'm not seeing him during the beginning of the European tour, they seem slow to pick things up.

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    Default Re: Aug 21 2009 - The Joint - Las Vegas, Nevada

    Quote Originally Posted by Cringeon
    Overall, I'm not too impressed with the setlist. Sweet Dreams / RnR is beyond over played at this point. He could be putting far better songs (HIS songs) in their place.
    Oh how much you detest Sweet Dreams. It makes me laugh because I know he'll never take it off the set, but I totally agree there's way better songs he could be doing instead.

    And people on Babalon are really going off about how bad the show was.

    Here's a quote from redtastesweet.

    I am not privy to any inside information, so if the female who came fromout of stage left, to attack Manson wasn't stoya, and he didn't stop the show to deal with her AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. Well then it was someone.

    And the girl in crowd that he jumped off the stage to attack. "You say your sorry, to all my fans, for fucking up this show. Do you want to fight me? Do you? Do you fucking want to fight me? Say you're sorry, and I... I'm... I'm not going to hit her. " and it went on for 5 minutes. On my camera you can hear the BOOING and the crowd screaming PLAY THE FUCKING MUSIC ASSHOLE.
    Twiggy's girlfriend tweeted this message : Las vegas show : total disaster....eeek. Just waiting for tomorrows reveiws!"

    Here's a review of the show from that redtastesweet guy over at babalon as well

    The opening act was some girl fronted band. Early September? (name? ) or something. The singer was very attractive, and she put her little heart into her screams. It was nice. I enjoyed it. You can think, LA scensters with guitar playing skills, and you will instantly hear a tune this band would come up with.

    There was over an hour wait between the opening act and Manson. When the show began, there were amazing lighting at the venue. Manson was dressed very festively in an almost suit. The band sounded just as good as they have throughout the Mayhem Shows. Very stellar, I thought, as I looked at my husband, I completely knew all the hours of waiting in the line to get to the barricade were worth it.

    Pretty As a Swastika, is the highlight of this show. It sounds phenomenal live, and you can really get a sense of the Placebo - Every You Every Me, guitar riff. Manson was really energetic, crawling on his knees across the stage. Often glancing at Twiggy.

    Some sort of prop malfunction occured on the back of the stage, the American flag dropped, and all that was left was bare white sheet. And it was pretty obvious to me that if this was what was was horribly executed.

    Then the show went down in quality pretty fast. There was a long pause of nothing but black. Light tests, and a brief sound check. The bass player never left the stage the whole night.

    By the time manson finally came back, a larger than normal, drug induced pit was being conducted, mostly by fucked up girls. And so, all that was eventually left was 3 rows of people hanging on to the front of the stage, and people slowly leaving the venue, right after Little Horn.

    Huge, long, pause. Then Wow was played. Amazing live. Huge long pause, audience attacks. Microphones being thrown, cables being pulled.

    An attempt to play Leave A Scar, On the second chorus, Manson leaves the stage, throwing the mic into the audience. And beating the shit out of the bass player, Huge body, throws, at him, pushing him off the stage.

    The Band continues to play the song for 3 minutes with out manson, proving that they were doing their jobs. Even adding a little bit of repetition to keep the thing going.

    Song ends. Blackness, long dramatic, 8 minute pause. And by this time the venue is mostly empty.

    Rock N Roll Nigger, almost unrecognizable until the lyrics began. Then... it takes off, and becomes the song we know and love. And then, manson starts to squeeze twiggy's head as he's playing guitar, and then simulating fellatio on the guitar.

    Leaves the stage, brings a bottle of beer, grabs twiggy's guitar, gives the beer to twiggy, and Manson beings to play the same chord over and over for 3 minutes. While twiggy walks off the stage, singing "LA LA LA LA LA LA" or blah blah blah, i'm not sure.

    By the time The Beautiful People was played there were only drugged out people left, and skanky bitches. Perfect for heterosexual misogyny.

    I didn't include all of the drama that occured, because I am going to attempt to forget and forgive, cause I don't want to make an ass of myself here on a Manson board, and because amends has been made, and I am forever grateful.

    Honestly, the stage props were the same if not less than Mayhem. Manson didn't want to wear the hats, and he hit the "people" with them whenthey tried to put them on him. The drum kit looked a bit raw, which I guess is ok. The camera gaff, or whatever its called, was exagerated for this show. But other than that, it doesn't really have the look and feel of a full manson set yet. Maybe this will improve, as I expect other elements to improve as well.

    The Venue is very raw, black box theatre setup, so you can see all the way to the back of the stage, and there is no privacy on stage left or right, which sorta took away from the show, But that isn't the bands fault. So many things occured that took from the show, and they were not the bands fault.

    If you are in love with Wow, or Pretty as a Swastika, then go see him on this tour. I have a feeling that the show was missing about 4 songs, because of all the drama and being late. If this is the case, I'm excited to see him again and find out what those songs are going to be. Hopefully DEVOUR!

    Overall, when the show began, it was top notch. By the middle of the show, there is work to be done. By the end, I was left speechless. So I guess you can't miss the show, cause it will leave you with your jaw dropped, like an exotic film.

    Twiggy has really improved as a guitar player btw, and if he plays as beautifully on the next album as he did last night, then I know we can all expect the next album to be very melodic.

    OPINION: Make your own opinion after attending your own show. Post here so we can read it. I am not looking to pursuade anyone with my story of what happened.

    And sound wise they were off the hook. Perfect.

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    Default Re: Aug 21 2009 - The Joint - Las Vegas, Nevada


    No sir, I don't get it.



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    Default Re: Aug 21 2009 - The Joint - Las Vegas, Nevada


    Here is Manson arguing with the fan. Only I can't get a word, except "do you wanna fight me" towards the end.
    Let me show you where it hurts

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    Default Re: Aug 21 2009 - The Joint - Las Vegas, Nevada

    Quote Originally Posted by Dante Dellamorte

    Here is Manson arguing with the fan. Only I can't get a word, except "do you wanna fight me" towards the end.
    He asks her to fight a lot during the clip and he tells her to say sorry and she says "I'm sorry motherfuckers!" then near the end yeah he says something like "You wanna fight me" and then it sounds like he said for security to take her over there.

    Messed up!

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    Default Re: Aug 21 2009 - The Joint - Las Vegas, Nevada

    Yeah...sorry, guys. "Rock is Dead" was cut from the set and I forgot to mention it.

    If anyone there found themselves coated in red, white, and blue (and gold) glitter at the beginning of "Great Big White World" or noticed the pill bottle tossed up onstage at the end of it, that was me.

    You're welcome.


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