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    I thought that this interview concerning Eat Me, Drink Me was a pretty good listen. It certainly helped me gain a better understanding as to how and why it ended up that way.

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    I don't have anything deeply analytical to add to this topic right now, I simply wanted to express some appreciation for the album generally. Better than a straight appreciation topic, although should enough responses develop, I'll split it.

    It might be Manson's strangest record to date, not necessarily because of the theme, but because although it seems to be exactly what an outsider would expect of a Marilyn Manson album, it doesn't 'fit' anywhere. There's a few connections with The High End Of Low, but they're not really similar. If you want mood, menace, and some classic Manson introspection, this is definitely the best album for that.
    The searing melodies on tracks like ...Vampire, ...Happiness, ...Car Crash and EAT ME, DRINK ME peak it, and I think that sludgy blues sound on Evidence, Rabbit and Devil make for a great, moody second half.

    Definitely a nice once to revisit, and featured some of Manson's most interesting and rich photos of the last ten years.

    After the relative monochrome of The Golden Age Of Grotesque, it was beautiful and refreshing to see so many brooding, deep colours right through this project. I think the videos are lovely as well. Manson might often try and best himself with this whole 'cinematic' obsession, but from a somewhat minimalist, death-or-glory, David Lynch type of angle, I think EAT ME, DRINK ME did a fine job of evoking that feel.

    All thoughts welcome, of course.
    "the Serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which
    the LORD god had made

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    Just wanna say Putting Holes in Happiness sounds like sex. Every time.

    Don't tell me what to do.

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    This album is always and forever rad as fuck

    and with just one faint glance back into the sea
    the mollusk lingers with its wandering eye

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    Uhm, nice pic and sig???

    Don't tell me what to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoureAlreadyHere View Post
    Uhm, nice pic and sig???
    I know lol. I was going to say "FYH, I thought you didn't like this album" and then I was like "Ohhh...."

    Anywho. When this album was first released I thought the songs all sounded too familiar and that it just droned on and on and on. But I've come to really appreciate this record. I especially love that the record is just as enjoyable without Manson's vocals, and just as instrumentals. I love how deeply personal the whole record is and that it allows us to see a bit of a different side to Manson. I love all of the tracks in their own way. The weakest track on the record, in my opinion, would have to be Heart-Shaped Glasses. My favorite has come to be the title track, in fact I think it's one of Manson's best tracks in his entire discography. But the emotion that comes through on songs like They Said That Hell's Not Hot and Just A Car Crash Away is something that makes those two tracks just as great as the rest of the record.

    As far as the era as a whole goes, I do love the imagery. Manson looked so sharp during this entire era, the press photos I thought have always been incredible.

    This is one of my favorite photos of Manson, although the entire shoot was amazing.

    I also enjoy this one.

    I did not attend any of the shows during this tour but I thought (from the bootlegs and footage I have seen and heard) they were rather good. I remember complaining about Manson's voice, as this is where we really could start to notice the wear and tear on his vocals, but I've come to not mind it as much. The shows looked like they were plenty of fun. The set lists also were pretty damn good. He made If I Was Your Vampire work as an opener. And one of my favorite live moments of the tour was when he incorporated a chunk of audio from Alice In Wonderland before performing Are You the Rabbit? as well as Sweet Dreams.

    The Lewis Caroll imagery is something I also enjoyed about this record and era. Not to mention the website was really badass. And one of my favorite Manson interviews of all time happens to be from this era...

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