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    It may be a past album, but I still think there is a lot to be learned about EAT ME, DRINK ME. I have been looking over the booklet for the record, and there are a lot of phrases written inside that intrigue me. There is one page, with the lyrics to If I Was Your Vampire on it, which I have not written here, as I believe -< me >- already has some research done on it. Hopefully those ideas can be added here also. There are a few things written in the booklet that I feel may relate to The High End of Low, I have noted which ones.

    These are in the top corner of the second page, also with the phrase "Always get a photocopy" next to the M/M with the shock symbol:-

    "Feel like a person...
    Really enjoy revenge (I can...
    walking on the roof
    do also) I'm losing my...
    Maybe it's better to..."

    Maybe it's better to --- push something when it's slipping?...


    WARNER, BRIAN - 03/17/1997 (?) 06: 01: 46 PM
    I 3 VR
    II 3 VL
    St. Vincent Hospital and Medical Center

    There is a St. Vincent Hospital in New York, apparently. Though I remember this being discussed before, and I don't know what relevance that date has, or what it pertains to in relation to EAT ME, DRINK ME...

    These are all the parts written on the page that has lyrics to Just A Car Crash Away:-

    "[i]Firsthand Video Roadblock
    repulsion?/propulsion?[i/] (I'm not sure about this one)
    Paid Death
    Minimum Kingpin
    Paralyzed Corridor
    Fear membership (fatal?)
    Stunning possession of
    Symbolic firearms
    Second ..... of

    Of giddy school girls
    Knife fantasies
    Dance Party
    Stop gutter people from smiling
    Paint the evidence"

    These words stood out to me:-

    Symbolic firearms - "I'm more like a silver bullet, than I'm like a gun/I've got a crush on a pretty pistol/She tells me I'm a pretty bullet" - Pretty As A Swastika --- "I will blow your heart to pieces"

    Of giddy school girls --- Knife fantasies --- Pitchfork --- Dance Party

    Stupid Teenage Girls/Satanic Girls Gone Wild? - "If you're not dancing, then you're dead"

    Smiling gutter people? - The High End of Low?

    These are just musings at the moment, I'm just interested because I didn't see much material on all of these phrases, so I wanted to write them out and get some feedback.

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    These are from an insert with the Taiwan CD, I'm not sure, but it could be a phone ringtone flyer, but faintly in the background of it is this...

    "Just before...
    of Christma...
    Lying Cheek...
    [illegible] embrac...
    [3 covered lines]
    Haunted face"

    then another part of it has this, its an extension to what is seen in the booklet.

    "need to keep it toge..
    it will crumble Out..
    wind ?? people are
    ead ????? ???? ???
    years left ???? to di..
    t miserable time.
    hear everything ?? root
    insects the ?????? the
    ??? the computer?
    end to sedate the nerve
    ??t to have things?
    thing having ?????
    feel like a person
    really enjoy revenge. (I can
    are walking on the root/f?
    do also) I'm losing my
    Maybe it's better to"

    SCAN HERE: ... antai3.jpg

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    Great thread S.D.I am still intriguied by all this and most of it wasn't sorted out when we got the album.
    The only thing that I can think to add right now is the line in Devour,"I know I'll miss you if I close my eyes but this is loaded,if I open them.I'll see you and I'll blow your heart to pieces".That whole line seems to refer to him shooting at this person.Also,when you go to the Marilyn Manson Official Website and the page starts to Load[this is loaded ,if I open them]it appears that a gun is shot off and blood is splattered[I'll see you and I'll blow your heart to pieces].-from Devour

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    EAT ME, DRINK ME and Devour

    Upon listening to these one right after the other I come to see they are more closely connected than one seems, other than the fact of consumption as stated in both song titles.

    "She's been forecast with attempt to kill herself, but the ending didn't test well"


    "I can't sleep until I devour you" and "and I'll love you if you let, and I'll love you if you won't make me stop"

    I see this as one transition to the other as follows,

    In EMDM, it is pre-meditated that this female is faced with a decision to kill herself, aka suicide. We then come to Devour with it's stated topic of "murder-suicide" ending - "the ending didn't test well." The ending regardless doesn't test well on either side as leaving will force Manson to kill said person (infer to Evan) and life beng stripped away on her part - both end with death as a fate. In either case, it's an ending that didn't test well.

    The song EMDM infers that suicide and death is imminent on her part, as sort of a mutual agreement between the two as stipulations for the end of the relationship. I see EAT ME, DRINK ME as a gateway leading directly into Devour.

    Purely conincidental or not, chew on that for awhile. I hope i voiced it over enough.
    i loved you at your darkest

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    Wow, all three of you have given me new ideas about this album and concepts emerging from it now. Some of what I wanted to add here is part of some interview text I need, which I don't have now, but I might be able to get tomorrow. If I can't I will be annoyed, but might be able to paraphrase.

    Needless to say this is excellent material in relation to what I belive to be underdeveloped analysis so far, I still think there is more to EAT ME, DRINK ME that we can discover.

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    WARNER, BRIAN - 03/17/1997 (?) 06: 01: 46 PM
    I 3 VR
    II 3 VL
    St. Vincent Hospital and Medical Center
    March 17th, 1997 Manson was playing in Melbourne, Australia. There is a St. Vincent's Hospital is located there as well... I wonder why it would link to Just a Car Crash Away

    Dead To The World 1997 03 17

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    EMDM is so under appreciated for analysis. Though I do recall that we devoured EMDM @ The Phant. This album is one of my favorites

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    "The 36 Mental and Moral Faculties"

    The Organs of Mental and Moral Faculties
    According to Phrenology

    1 Amativeness Physical Love
    2 Philoprogenitiveness Parental Love A particular feeling which watches over and provides for helpless offspring, or parental love
    3 Adhesiveness Friendship A feeling or attraction to become friendly with other persons, or to increase social contacts
    4 Combativeness The disposition to quarrel and fight
    5 Destructiveness The propensity to destroy
    6 Secretiveness The propensity to conceal, predisposes the individual to Cunning and Slyness
    7 Acquisitiveness The propensity to acquire
    8 Self-Esteem This sentiment gives us a great opinion of ourselves, constituing self-love
    9 Approbativeness This faculty seeks the approbation of others. It makes us attentive to the opinion entertained by others of ourselves
    10 Cautiousness This organ incites us to take precautions
    11 Individuality This faculty contributes to the recognition of the existence of individual beings, and facilitates the embodiment of several elements into one
    12 Locality This faculty conceives of places occupied by the objects that surround us
    13 Form This allows us to understand the shapes of objects
    14 Verbal memory The memory for words.
    15 Language Philology in General
    16 Coloring This organ cognizes, recollects, and judges the relations of colors
    17 Tune The organ of musical perception
    18 Calculativeness Number The organ responsible for the ability to calculate and to handle numbers and figures
    19 Constructiveness The faculty leading to the will of constructing something
    20 Comparison This faculty compares the sensations and notions excited by all other faculties, points out their similitudes, analogies, differences or identity, and comprehends their relations, harmony or discord
    21 Causality This faculty allows us to understand reason behind events
    22 Vitativeness Wit This faculty predisposes men to view every thing in a joyful way
    23 Ideality This facultiy vivifies the other faculties and impresses a peculiar character called ideal
    24 Benevolence This power produces mildness and goodness, compassion, and kidness, humanity
    25 Imitativeness This organ produces a fondness for acting and for dramatic representation
    26 Generation This faculty allows us to come up with new ideas
    27 Firmeness This faculty gives constancy and perseverance to the other powers, contributing to maintain theis activity
    28 Time The faculty of time conceives the duration phenomena
    29 Eventuality This faculty recognizes the activity of every other, and acts in turn upon all of them
    30 Inhabitiveness The instinct that prompts one to select a particular dwelling, often called attachment to home
    31 Reverence Veneration By this organ's agency man adores God, venerates saints, and respoects persons and things
    32 Concientiousness This organ produces a feeling of justice and conscientiousness, or the love of truth and duty
    33 Hope Hopes induces a belief in the possibility of whatever the other faculties desire, it inspires optimism about future events.
    34 Marvelousness This sentiment inspires belief in the true and the false prophet, and aids superstition, but is also essential to the belief in the doctriness of religion
    35 Size This organ provides notions of the dimensions or size of external objects
    36 Weight and resistance This faculty procures the knowledge of the specific gravity of objects, and is of use whenever weigth or resistance are worked upon whith the hands, or by means of tolls.
    37 Order This faculty gives method and order to objects only as they are physically related

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    I have been thinking recently about "The Wasteland" in the title track. Most who remember will probably be aware of it being relative to TS Eliot's poem, The Waste Land, and perhaps as an alternative view of sorts on Wonderland (I have mentioned it before I think, but Jan Švankmajer's Alice depicts parts of Wonderland as being barren and uninhabited), in relation to Carroll. But another thought I had was that it might reflect the Temptation Of Christ mythology. Much of EAT ME, DRINK ME seems to be focused on temptation and sin, and manifestations of those things. Following his baptism by John, Christ entered the Desert to spend his 40 days and 40 nights, and was tempted by the Devil three times to prove himself as Holy (essentially the Devil wanted him to prove he was more than a mere man, and also to then renounce god the Father and worship the Devil. Now, the "Desert" can surely be seen as the "Wasteland", no? The Devil is referenced several times on the record also, both as external to Manson's commentary - ["The Devil's tits" / You And Me And The Devil Makes 3] - and also, as Christ went to the Desert, he fasted, not consuming solid or liquid, which is reflected in the title of the album. Manson has often compared himself to Christ, and obviously commented on the way the album's name is relative to the Holy Eucharist, but it's interesting, especially in terms of the themes of infidelity that are present, that the temptation of Christ as much as his sacrifice would perhaps be a basis for inspiration.

    Perhaps the incentive is not to be nourished by anyone but yourself, reflecting the thematic of Antichrist Superstar, and resisting the temptation of Devils.

    Also, a separate point, and perhaps an obvious one, but I have only just noticed that the album operates on a cycle of night into day. The first song on the album is If I Was Your Vampire, featuring the lyric "here comes the Moon again". The final track, EAT ME, DRINK ME, features "I see my horror, mirrored in the sundown of your blank stare". So you have Moon at the start, and then Sundown, which obviously in life leads into night, the Moon: "This is where it starts, this is where it will end".

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    The idea of "The Wasteland" being related to the Eliot poem really interests me, and the idea Manson must appreciate it, too.
    It's one of my all time favourite poems.

    Not to mention another favourite The Rape of the Lock referenced in the same song.

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