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Thread: Smells Like Children, 14 years later

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    Default Smells Like Children, 14 years later

    It is still October 24th where I live. Approximately 14 years ago today Smells Like Children was released.

    I debated making this thread but finally did so when I still had time.

    Care to discuss the album? Your favorite songs? When you first heard it? Give praise for it? Etc.

    Recently I've been going back into muh tiemmachine!!1 and been rediscovering and listening to a lot of Manson's older material. This thread could be a dream for me.

    I'll join in discussion when others join in the faggy fun.
    A Wicked Epicenter

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    Default Re: Smells Like Children, 14 years later

    The first 2 tracks gave me the creeps the first times I listened to them. Those were actually some of the first MM songs I ever heard and I guess those were a great hook for an impressionable 13 year old boy :p

    Sweet Dreams was another favourite. A classic cover. I also liked the other 2 covers: I Put A Spell On You and Rock n' Roll Nigger. In fact, I didn't know that was a cover until much later.

    White Trash was always another song I liked a lot. It was different, yet interesting. A funny way of parodying themselves, I thought.

    I also like "Scab, guns and peanut butter" a lot. I play that tune to many non-MM fans without telling them who is it and they all seem to like it.

    And I remember that, back in 8th. grade, a friend used to believe that the final noise on the untitled track (poop games) was actually a recording of Manson while raping a cat.

    What I never liked were the remixes.

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    Default Re: Smells Like Children, 14 years later

    I was quite young when I first heard Smells Like Children, so some of the random soundscapes creeped me out a fair bit, but I eventually learned to love them. Abuse parts 1 and 2 still creep me out though.

    Unlike Mexicanfiend, I liked the remixes. My favourite songs from the album (well, EP technically) are Dance Of The Dope Hats, Kiddie Grinder, the covers of I Put A Spell On You and Sweet Dreams, Scabs, Guns And Peanut Butter and the Choklit Factory demo that was cut from the CD.
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    Default Re: Smells Like Children, 14 years later

    I traded an album for SLC in like 2001 with an old friend. I guess two of my favorite songs would be I Put A Spell On You and Diary Of A Dope Fiend.

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    Default Re: Smells Like Children, 14 years later

    Scabs, Guns, and Peanut Butter is pretty much my favorite track on that album. It never fails to bring a smile to my face. It makes me feel alien, if that makes sense.

    Sweet Dreams is also a huge favorite.

    First time I heard it I was downright disturbed...but I liked that. Great album.

    I can't believe it's been 14 years!!!

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    Default Re: Smells Like Children, 14 years later

    I've always considered it to be a bit of a redundant album.

    The covers are brilliant for the most part, but the rest of the album to me seems to be rushed and pointless.
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    Default Re: Smells Like Children, 14 years later

    This was the first MM album I really got into. Got it on cassette back when I lived in South Florida. I remember being initially unsettled by the cries of the children, and just generally spooked by the darker atmosphere.

    Looking back, I think it signals a great moment when Twiggy first had creative input on the band, and you can see a sharp contrast in not only the musical execution, but the vocal delivery when compared to Portrait. The other thing I really love about this album, is that the remix had more input from the band themselves. Instead of it being a remix by artists X and Y, it was more of the band's re-envisioning of the music.

    To this day, I still think I Put a Spell On You was the better of the 3 covers on the disc. It was the most organic musically, and the vocal delivery I think was ten times more powerful than Sweet Dreams. It's a pitty this cover gets passed over in favor of the remaining two even in current shows.

    I'd like to see something like this from the band in the future. The segue tracks, while not really mind-blowing, suck you more into the head of the musician; and really put you in the right place of mind to experience the disc.

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    Default Re: Smells Like Children, 14 years later

    I really enjoy SLC. First time I heard it, it tripped me out as it was so weird, but I've always enjoyed that fact about it. I like all the covers, mostly I Put A Spell On You which is just so wonderfully dark and out there sounding. The remixes are all great as well, particularly Kiddie Grinder... that driving drum beat is just slamming. As for the soundscapes, I really wish it had remained with the original samples on it. I think Abuse parts I and II are great, and I'm happy they've been using them again live recently. Still, there's some great moments on there with the Donahue samples, which just get even better if you've seen the original footage (ah I remember Donahue back in the day!). Finally, that creepy, creepy outro... "What game do you wanna play? D'ya wanna play a poop game?" Fuckin' love it.
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    Silent Catalyst
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    Default Re: Smells Like Children, 14 years later

    I love Smells Like Children for how experimental and weird it is!!! I like every track.. but the only one I can't listen to the whole way through is May Cause Discoloration of the Urine and Feces. It's just kind of boring =(

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    Unkillable Party Monster
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    Default Re: Smells Like Children, 14 years later

    This is coincidental and odd. As anyone who follows Provider Module's Facebook updates might be able to tell, I was listening to this record just yesterday, and much like The Empirical Guy, I enjoy the grim atmosphere of the final track --- "Do you want to play 'Broken Glass Against The Head' game?" --- I hadn't gone through the whole thing in some time, and I agree that whilst he cites Antichrist Superstar as his first creative input, Twiggy's hand can be heard clearly throughout Smells Like Children, maybe giving it the sick atmosphere that it might have lacked otherwise.

    I mentioned this when talking to darling Mary yesterday, but I actually think that Scabs, Guns And Peanut Butter is an incredibly sad (perhaps even beautiful?) song, and whilst I haven't heard what it sounds like at a regular speed, even so long ago I can see the initial spark of Twiggy's esoteric song-writing ability that I think he utilised most in Goon Moon.

    Additionally, it's a fucking powerful record in some places, the Organ Grinder mix that manifests in Kiddie Grinder is brutal, and I remember being really amazed when I head it first, recognising Manson's background chants of "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...", which if you listen to them now, bear some resemblance to the similar "cut, cut, cut, cut..." of I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies. I also think that in relating this record to the second tenure of Twiggy in Marilyn Manson, it is perhaps not accidental whatsoever that Rock N' Roll Nigger has been a permanent fixture in the post Rape of the World live sets, as it was the 15th song on that album.

    Also, does anyone else, when listening to Sympathy For The Parents, pick up on the link to Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin'-Geddon...? From the Donahue audio, Manson states "I think that moshing is a sign of what Christians would call, the Apocalypse". It can be suggested then, that moshing is in fact, a form of "Nervous Breakdance"...
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