First off, let's state that please don't go crazy and have like 17 songs go together. Usually medleys are anywhere between 3 - 7 songs, unless you're Metallica who do crazy 10 minute medleys once in a while.

So here's mine.

The Love Song intro, 1st Verse, 1st Chorus, Post-Chorus, 2nd Verse, 2nd Chorus then let an open chord ring out for 4 bars while the drums just play the bass drum and go into the final bridge on Irresponsible Hate Anthem. The "America cannot see" part, then go into the "Fuck it" pre-chorus, then the final chorus then again let the open chord ring out for 4 bars then start playing the intro to The Fight Song and into the 1st Verse of the Fight Song and chorus as well as Post-Chorus. Then I have this little drum beat that kind of like the drum intro for The Begining Of The End by Nin. That goes on for a little bit while the vocals chant "FIGHT!" then it kicks into the drum break of The Death Song and goes into the bridge of that song and the chorus and ends.

I call it Love, Hate, Fight, Death

It was inspired by Dope's Die, Boom, Bang, Burn, Fuck medley. I did have the pre-chorus and chorus to Para-Noir in there after the Hate Anthem, but it was just causing me troubles because of how slow the song is so I took it out.

It's actually something I've been working on for a while. I actually want to record it but am having troubles getting the drums just right and because some of the songs are in slightly different timings it's making it a little difficult. Maybe I'll try sometime this week.

I also had another idea for one that kind of spans over Manson's career. It's more of a singles medley.

It was the intro, 1st verse and 1st chorus of mOBSCENE into the intro of Get Your Gunn and then just before the lyrics to that song started you'd go into the acoustic bridge of The Reflecting God and just as that ends the keyboard intro to Rock Is Dead starts and the intro and 1st verse, 1st pre-chorus then just as that ends it goes into the bridge of Disposable Teens and the final chorus of the song then a little drum break which kicks into the pre-chorus,chorus and post-chorus of Heart-Shaped Glasses then into the intro of Pretty As A Swastika (I know it's not a single, but it sounds so much better) and it just plays the intro/2nd verse and final chorus.


I don't know about that one. It was just more of something that I hoped to do.

Anyways, let's hear some of yours.