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Thread: GAOG Theory

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    You have a very good theory. What does everyone think of the theory that all of Manson's albums are one story?
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    I can see each one being an extension of another.
    However I feel POAF is more a first/easy (e) reader.
    I do not feel it has any real development to the story.
    I also do not adhere to the idea of the triptych that is the most bullshit idea ever. Its backwards....whatever.
    They are like chapters, obviously, since they come from the same brain.
    I feel like there is a break in there. I just cannot place the exact location. And at the break the POV changes.
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    I tend to pile Doppelherz in with the golden age of grotesque, and what I got from it all it that it marked the end of the Marilyn Manson era and the beginning of a new one. The theatric-themed shows and lyrics seem to be somewhat of a parody of what Marilyn Manson had become up to that point. Kind of how mechanical animals was a parody of the antichrist superstar. Only I think this one is more an overall piece about Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson, in this album, is only here to entertain. But as Doppelherz says, this era is the last we hear from Marilyn Manson.
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    I see stronger parallels between Portrait and GAOG than any other Manson record. Both are running commentaries on American civilization as he found it at the time without also being coherent narratives. And both share a similar sense of entertainment and playfulness that something like Holy Wood doesn't possess.
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