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Thread: List your Equipment

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    What a steal! Awesome find.

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    Default Pro Audio & Rig Enthusiasts

    A thread for all things audio for engineers, musicians and those generally interested.

    Got a new synthesizer, outboard gear or plugins added to your studio? New instrument? Stage equipment?
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    I guess I'll get things rolling.

    I'm currently very interested in how Rowland S. Howard obtained his very unique sound - while the majority of it was just within his style of playing, he did employ certain tricks. One of these tricks was using an E.Q Pedal with everything pushed up to it's maximum, an MXR Distortion Plus and a MXR Bluebox. I've recently ordered the MXR Bluebox and am waiting for it's arrival in hopes of adding some more unique sounds to my tone - I'm actually considering a complete re-haul on my rig because I've used a lot of really hard rock tones, and while it does sound pretty sweet in it's own right, I'm kind of getting older and looking to experiment a bit more and I'm really wanting to just make my guitar sound like a giant wall of terrible noise instead of having all the settings delicately tweaked throughout my rig to make it sound 'badass'.

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    I got rid of my Peavy amp and got a Line 6. What a major improvement. Also got another guitar as a Christmas present this past year. I have this tuned in Drop C and the Rickenbacker in standard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kollaps View Post
    (MXR stuff)
    Muses' MK Ultra also feature some great MXR usage in the intro/pre chorus riff (

    Shit I got:

    Terrible Squier Stratocaster that I bought in 2008.
    Digitech RP250 multi-fx pedal. Most of the things in this pedal sucks but its whammy function is amazing and it's pretty much the only thing I use it for these days.
    MicroKorg XL Red/Black edition. Just got this in march because I've heard sooooo many good things about it, it's definitely living up to the hype. (Also got this because Lights uses it \_(ツ)_/)

    Native Instruments Maschine. Incredible hardware/software sequencer, got it in 2010 and I still don't know how to use all its flashy functions. I'm a terrible person.

    Native Instruments Massive, very versatile soft synth. (Most things from NI are 10/10.)

    Plugins/DAWS/random shit:

    Logic Pro.
    Reason. Just started trying this out and I haven't played around with it that much but the Scream unit is the best software distortion I've ever used.
    NI Guitar Rig, use it for all guitar work and general reverb/delay/filtering.
    Izotope Trash, versatile distortion plugin that can also be used for multiband compression, filtering, box modelling, etc.
    Izotope Ozone, mastering plugin, I generally fuck over my CPU performance by using this for everything that needs EQing and/or compression.
    Sausage Fattener, just got this so I haven't got to use so much yet but it's this overdrive plugin with a huge huge maximizing thing. Idefk what I'm supposed to do with this yet.

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    Custom made ( by Stephen Taylor of Durant Oklahoma , shout 0ut !) Walnut stained , one piece body Jazzmaster guitar with Lollar pickups , Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster , Squier Vintage modified Sonic BLue Jazzmaster ,Silvertone Paul Stanley guitar, Fender 1970'Ss Silverface Pro Reverb (2x12) , Brazilian vintage valve amp with tremolo "AleX" , Orange - crush 1x6 , Behringer Reverb machine , lots of cheap & strange / rare effects , super Phasers , FuZz , I have sold a Lot of my Vintage amps , trying to simplify it all Lol'S .. ... Damn.
    . . the fear takes hold

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    Forgot about this thread, this is where my bass rig is right now after some downsizing

    ESP B-500 bass (35" scale 4-string, neck thru, emg 35cs/dc pups, ebony fretboard)
    Fender MIM Jazz bass (Duncan Quarter Pounder replacement pickups, rest stock)
    Epiphone Goth Thunderbird

    Ampeg SVT Classic
    Ashdown MAG 300 (took amp out of broken combo and use as a secondary amp)
    Tech 21 4x10 bass cab (going to be getting an Ampeg 410HLF or maybe an Orange 4x10)

    Boss TU-3 Tuner, DD-7 Delay, ODB-3 Bass Overdrive
    EHX Freeze
    MXR M-181 Fuzz

    Thinking about getting the Darkglass B7k and changing up my pedal board approach.

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    Oh cool! I was about to start a thread about gear, but there's already one and it's only a bunch of years old.

    I have a couple guitars:

    I have too many pedals, and also not enough pedals.

    Plus some other crap:

    I love geeeeaaaaar
    This space intentionally left blank.

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    Basses - never been one for buying super expensive instruments...i modify them anyway...always been one for my amps and cabs

    Epiphone T bird
    Squier P Bass
    Tanglewood Rebel
    Marhlin project bass


    Hartke HA3500
    Hartke 4x10 XL series Cab
    Hartke 2x12 Transporter series cab


    Zoom GFX 4 Guitar processor
    Boss SD-1
    Korg Toneworx

    mini/portable studio

    Macbook pro running Logic Pro
    full Native instruments plug in
    Korg Nano Kontrol, Key and Kaos
    iRig 2
    M Audio MBox 1

    Traktor DJ if im running a dj set.

    Senheiser cans all the way...

    ...Stand down dick fighters...

    Cash is a poor mans $ money $

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