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Thread: Petition to have The Pope arrested

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThreeEyedGod View Post
    Bingo! I don't think this point was ever even debatable.
    True. Though, logic needs to be nailed in more than once, sometimes. I like to keep a narrow focus on topics such as this. There is no bigger picture. As some hipsters have been known to say, "It is what it is".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangri-LIE View Post
    I understand that the entire premise of arresting the Pope seems absurd. Though I see the pope as merely an aggrandized cult leader. Would it have mattered if Koresh or Jones wore a mitre? Of course not. I agree when you say that we should hold the "satellite branches" of the church more closely accountable. However, we cannot expect the occurences to diminish, or cease compeltey without sawing away at the cedar in which these "satellites" branch out from.

    I fully comprehend that pulling for the arrest of the pope seems stupid, but perhaps a new precedent should be set? Perhaps those who enforce the law should "grow a pair" and not allow their respect of a "Holy place" to prevent justice from being served there.
    It would not have mattered if Koresh or Jones wore mitres, but it would have mattered if they helmed 2,000 year old organizations with 1 billion members around the globe. (that's not one billion Christians, but 1 billion Catholics, specifically). Who was it that said something about the size of your steeple?

    And if secular authorities heading the "international community" are so concerned about violations of international law there are far more egregious examples to be found outside the Catholic Church. Darfur comes to mind. But if the wholesale violent extermination of human beings doesn't spur them to action, I really doubt the funny business going on in Catholic rectories is big on their radar. I think attention paid to this issue by many (not all) non-Catholics over any other series of unfortunate events playing out on the world stage that could be rectified by multilateral intervention by "international authorities" reveals more sensationalism and personal prejudice than it does genuine concern for victims.

    But that's irrelevant, as all that matters is the victims. That said, focusing on satellite authorities solves the problem more easily than investigating the Vatican- since nobody has the authority, intention, or even desire to do so. Holding local Church authorities to account to local laws and regulations concerning the abuse of children forces the hand of the Vatican. Create an environment in which bishops must choose between jail time and following the directives of their arch bishops. You only need one or two, and see how quickly reversals in policy follow.

    Of course that's moot, since the USCCB has essentially taken these measures already. I don't know what the story is in Europe, but similar organizations across the pond will likely follow the same course of action. What people are really looking for is some heads on platters. And while some bishops or even arch bishops may be forced to resign, that's certainly not going to happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dronepool View Post
    ^ I know. I could eat popcorn to this. It amuses me to see people react so sensitively over religion.
    This. I find this situation as a whole amusing. Period.

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    ok mr. non conformist. why dont you grow up and realize the issue here is that the pope before he was pope was a central figure in covering up the CRIME and ATTROCITY of molesting children who will be damaged for all their lives. Maybe its not just a trend, maybe its a collective awakening to the political nature of orginized religion and the complete lack of true spiritual substance

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    Anyone who isn't already aware of the political nature of all religious communities has simply not been paying attention. And regardless of anyone's personal opinion regarding faith and religiosity, I think we can all agree matters of "true spiritual substance" lie solely within each individual's own experience.

    But thank you for reacquainting us with the broad strokes of the situation. Do you have anything else to contribute?

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    ^^^ I'm still not getting what you're saying about the nature of the Vatican though.

    Yes it's a couple thousand years old, and yes it's a multi-billion dollar cemented-in-society organisation. Big friggen deal. If you commit a crime, such as covering up child rape and sexual abuse, you need to pay the price. I'm not saying tear down the Vatican itself, nor the infrastucture it controls...just arrest and prosecute the heads and/or anybody involved.

    By sheer virtue of the fact they don't represent the entirety of the Christian faith, or even all Catholics for that matter, today it should be easier than it ever was.

    EDIT: Not to mention, I find it appalling that EVERYBODY KNOWS, more or less for a fact, that these things happen...but nobody has the fucking balls to stand up for what is one of the few true constant morals.
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