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Thread: Aleister Crowley & Mechanical Animals

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    Default Aleister Crowley & Mechanical Animals

    I know the appearance of Crowley is tangible in the more obvious occult-influenced areas of Manson's canon, but I believe there were some subtle references during Mechanical Animals also.
    The Eye Of Providence has been discussed in relation to Crowley's iconic image bearing it (and its incorporation into the American Dollar):-

    I interpret the red triangle daubed on Manson's forehead during various Mechanical Animals appearances as an allusion to this:-

    [Second image courtesy of]

    Perhaps the reversal of the triangle reflects the Hermetic phrase "As Above, So Below" (or similarly, I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell)? Also, as the detail of Crowley's cap reveals, the Eye Of Horus is the design basis for his Eye Of Providence. Manson proclaimed that Mechanical Animals heralded the beginning of "The Age Of Horus", and also frequently wore makeup in a reversed fashion (much like the red triangle...) resembling the emblem:-

    Note how in Manson's makeup, the area of temple leading outwards to the hairline from the eye is enlargened, and in the mummification image, the Horus falcon detail is reversed and faces upwards.
    Additionally, the Crowley influence may also be represented in the intensity of reds throughout Mechanical Animals, in relation to The Whore Of Babalon, "The Scarlet Woman". Manson identifies himself as Androgyne on Mechanical Animals, comprising both male and female, emerging sexless. I am also reminded of the I Want To Disappear lyric "Look at me now, I was a virgin. Look at me now, grew up to be a whore". That link stretches across the entire tryptych in fact, as Babalon was Mother Earth in Crowley's writings - "Of Red Earth" - and as Babylon in The Bible is depicted riding the seven-headed Hydra - "I am the Hydra, now you'll see your star".

    The Whore Of Babylon - William Blake, 1809

    I also see traces of Crowley's curious 'LAM', in the Omega logo. LAM, as illustrated, was a magickal entity Crowley claimed to have summoned at his will. Reflecting the overall artwork of Mechanical Animals, LAM is sometimes referred to as "Grey Alien":-

    Nothing too extensive in this analysis, just some thoughts I've had, but I felt it might be of some interest to share.

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    Oh, S.D. You never dissappoint. Very nice analysis.

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    Yeah S.D, this was the neatest, it was.

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    I'd like to tack on a few more traces of the LAM that can be found within the imagery and content of Mechanical Animals. I'm also going to touch on Mansons affiliation with the O.T.O., and also integrate into this topic some information on Lucifer-Gnosis and how it amalgamates into the character "Omega".

    First I'd like to illustrate a comparison of my own that I have found between a drawing by Crowley of an entity named LAM, and the inverted triangle that S.D. pointed out in the original post.

    The picture below Manson is a picture that if you observe the shading on the forehead of LAM, and then look at the pictures of Manson from the MA era that S.D. has provided, you will notice the same inverted pattern not only on Manson, but a similar one on Pogo's forehead illustrated here....

    Same photograph that S.D. used, but I believe that the Pogo similarity it was overlooked.

    It is not undisclosed top secret knowledge that Marilyn Manson has participated with organizations such as the O.T.O., and The Church of Satan. Nor is it classified knowledge that the lexicon of the Tryptich is deeply rooted in Kabbalistic and other occultic axis points as a paradigm for an "Age of Enlightenment" through mainstream pop culture art. It is a method that is not only very effective, but also terrifying to parents and authoritiy figures who aren't as succeptible to being attracted to someone seemingly messianistic as Manson is percieved to be by legions of youth all over the world.Youth wanting something to belong to, something tangible, something that could provide them tools to rebel with. Something, and someone to illuminate a path to transcending idiotic everyday harrassment for being different. With that said, and AntiChrist Superstar already set as the bait, what better time was it to reveal the deceptive, self proclaimed ruse that was Mechanical Animals to incept "The Celebretarian Corporation"?

    "We sell our shadows to those who are standing in it."

    This lyric in particular stands out as another citation of Mansons fascination with secret societies, and his ability to establish one given his iconic status as a mainstream proponent of blurring the lines of enlightenment and insanity, and seeing what people buy the most.

    "I want to make a point of saying that many Charles Manson references are our references to his strange-yet-genius gray matter. I’m bringing his strange thinking into the real world. And sometimes it’s neither a tribute nor a criticism; it’s just putting it back where it belongs.”- Marilyn Manson
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    Sweetish Thread S.D ( Slow Death ? like from A Scanner Darkly ? ? ? ? ? ) - Blur the God Damned lines between enlightened Light Worship and Luna-tic Insanity Mother Fuckers !
    "Fake realities will create fake humans. Or, fake humans will generate fake realities and sell them to other humans, turning them, eventually, into forgeries of themself" -Philip K. Dick

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    Nemoris Inferioris

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    What about "The Grey Series" of Manson's Paintings from 1998?

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