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Thread: How was it that you got to know MM Music?

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    Default How was it that you got to know MM Music?

    My story is kinda ridiculous actually, but it tough me to never say never.

    So I was a little kid in 5th grade (it was like 2001/2002 I think) ad this wierdo of my class liked marilyn manson but he also believed that MM killed his guitarist on stage and that he had an eye removed and all of that crap, I liked the idea behind that MM lol and I was just a little kid with a big mind inside my tiny body, victim of booling and blablablabla

    Then in my 6th grade summer vacation in my grandmother's house I saw Personal Jesus on TV! That was, I can't quite describe it, it was a rush you know, in that moment I knew that someone in this world could in fact understand me and that I could be what I am cause if he can then I can 2, but I wasn't really that wise in that time so, it kinda gone away with my parents always moving from house to house and booling again etc.

    But 3 years ago, 2007, I began liking System of a Down, and then I saw myself become different, becoming who I really was, I was still discriminated but now I made a stand and I stopped trying to fit in, then came korn, I saw the unplugged and it became like a drug, that was when music really became a big part of my life and who I am, and I said "Ok, I can like alternative music but I wont listen to Marilyn Manson that's when I stop" WTF WAS I THINKING??? I was afraid, cause I didn't knew who I was, I was afraid of myself, in that time I didn't really live with myself t always felt like I'm a stranger to myself, but then the discrimination got worse and a lot of personal issues and love and hate and decisions that I regretted and guilt and then I saw the cover of "Eat me, Drink me" and I read the title of the album and I just arrived home, went to youtube, saw personal jesus again, then sweet dreams, beautiful people, and I saw man that you fear, I cried when I saw that music video... that was when it all began! Marilyn Manson became my drug, after a while I start cutting myself (not related to MM music I'll explain), and then I just listen to Antichrist Superstar album, all of it, and I began to accept myself and a lot of other things and I can't quite comprehend, I began to listen to all of his albuns andeverything, what I know is that if MM music didn't exist and korn and slipknot, I would have killed myself, so here I would like to thank marilyn manson cause his music saved my life. I still don't really know who I am or who I'm not but I'm not freaking out and cutting myself and I don't want to die anymore, I want to live forever so I can figure this out

    What's your story?

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    This is a good thread, but might i suggest to the Mods that it be moved to the General Manson Discussion board? :)

    For my part, I was at regular weekly ice-skating (our school program had various off-campus sports, and I always picked ice-skating), and two girls who were friends-who-made-my-life-hell called me over and shoved a headphone in my ear. It was "This is the New Shit," and I loved it. I was listening to Linkin Park a lot those days, and I had an idea of who Manson was, but I loved the industrial sound of this song, this chant of words and the speed of it.

    I went home to download the mp3, and instead I downloaded the videoclip, so I had no chance to scare myself away from seeing videos of him. I was enchanted by the way he moved on stage, this intensely powerful demon of a man with legs that looked too long and lips too big, and this cool confidence about him. I downloaded the first few songs I could find, ("Beautiful People", "Sweet Dreams", and others I can't remember) and listened to them alongside my Linkin Park and popular music I was trying to convince myself to like.

    Eventually, all my friends and I got into Manson, and he became our patron saint. We exchanged mix-CD's that were mostly his songs, we gave each other posters of him for birthday presents, and I fell in love with a boy in the group who had Manson's autobiography and flirted with wearing make-up and modelled himself on Manson.

    To this day, no matter how many friends and habits I've out-grown, Manson is my first love and always will be. I was about 14 at the time I first heard the song, desperate for a way to assert myself, and Manson was it. I realise now that everything about me sex-related stems from Manson and his music. Most of all, as much as I would love to have Manson for my own, more than that, I want to be Manson. I want to be too tall and wear boots that make me taller, I want to wear make-up and piss people off with it, I want to spit on people and have them beg for more, I want to be aggressive and afraid of nothing.

    Instead, I am a little girl (who might still be too tall) who is rarely aggressive and not particularly good at making myself stand out from the crowd (I'd rather slip through the crowd unnoticed). But I still listen to Manson and I still imagine I could be him. :)

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    portugal is a sad country I must be like the only one who likes manson in a 30 kilometer radius, so I'm the wierdo, people claim that I stole 10 euros from a kid cause he went to the supermarket with me once and he lost 10 euros, I didn't even knew he had money on him, they do this just cause I dress black, cause they don't know me, if they knew I bet they would hate me more lol cause I think gay marriege is cool and other things

    I hate portugal and his people and that's why I'm going to london lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joker View Post
    Truer macros have rarely been posted.
    My avatar looks like a mix of NIN, My Chemical Romance, and Chris Vrenna

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    I lived in South Florida - he was everywhere by the time they got signed. I didn't really become a fan though until a friend at the church my family use to attend, made me a cassette copy of Smells Like Children. It was all down hill from there hahaha. Can't believe it's been 15yrs already.

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    After a small clip of the mobscene video I watched these two performances on TV, and that was it, completely hooked.

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    My mum, 7 am, This is the new shit full blast on the radio, using it as an alarm clock.
    I was around 11, and that was the first time I've found out about the excistence of Marilyn Manson.
    Aaaaand... I fucking Hated it.
    The following few days passed with the CD playing in the car over and over, and on about the 3rd day I got used to the voice and fairly enjoyed it, but that was the last time I heard it as the cd mysteriously dissappeared, only to be found in a closet years later. We had no computer at home, so I never got to find out more about the mysteriouse band and singer.
    Then around the time during the EMDM tours, I somehow stumbled across The dope show on youtube, and clicked it recognising the familiar band... That's when I found the CD, got hooked, bought Mechanical Animals and my liking for the band is strong till this day. :]

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    While I already liked Dope Show and I remember seeing the band at the VMA's and being interested in seeing his videos because they're interesting. And I liked his part on that one DMX song. I wasn't a "fan" until 2000. I remember reading about Holy Wood in some magazine in the summer of 2000. I'm sure I had some mp3's by then thanks to 28K modems and Napster. Then my old friend showed me and let me borrow God Is On The TV and then Mechanical Animals around late September and the rest is history. During that time, I traded 2 albums for PoaAF and SLC.

    I actually remember having a CHANCE to go see them live during the Holy Wood tour, but I epically failed and didn't because I had no money/I was ignorant of concert atmospheres. So that same month I bought a bootleg Holy Wood for 5 bucks about a week after it came out. I watched the band live on MTV during NYE. A couple of months later when I got a job, I eventually bought all the other albums... ect
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    My brother, he got ACS when it came out and played it so much that I was around it so much that I heard it so well. Even though I had already liked him and listened to the bands music here and there it was seeing them perform at the VMA's that cemented me as a fan. And I haven't looked b ack since.

    And Drone, let me say that even if you know nobody who's a fan you should still go. I didn't know anyone who wanted to go to see Manson when he came for the GGG tour in January in 2001 but I went by myself and it's one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I mean, I know you probably know you probably know this now with age, but I realized years ago it's not worth it to worry about if people can come with you to a concert you should just go because A.) it'll be awesome seeing a band you love and B.) You'll meet people who are into the band.

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