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Thread: How was it that you got to know MM Music?

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    About 15, only just heard some alternative stuff hidden in the top 50 (Prodigy - Breathe, 2Pac California Love etc), borrowed the Crow soundtrack off someone didn't think much of it at the time (if only I knew then what I know now huh!) friend gave me a cassette to tape the crow onto. Tape had a mix of ACS and POAFF on it. I listened to it first, never gave it back. Taped over some other shit I had lying around. I asked who it was and was told Marilyn Manson, I had no idea who he was or what he looked like etc at the time and though wow that chick has a wierd voice! (I was a tad naive at the time lol), even after seeing POAFF artwork I had to go uhh, thats a dude right? Right?

    The tracklist on the cd was written in a way so that I thought the first song was called Irresponsible Hate, and The Beautiful People was called The Marilyn Manson Anthem. Which sounded right, it was pretty anthemy lol. Figured it out eventually after a few more listens and confused looks from my friend who gave me the tape to begin with. Was a big collecter for a few years back when it was actually hard to obtain stuff haha, I had a wicked collection at the time. Now I can just d/l it all, well I had fun at the time. Still have some rarely traded VHS stuff that I haven't found online. I haven't really listened to THEOL unfortunately, although I did think EMDM was alright (Big fan of Golden Age/MA). I used to love my shirt with the shock symbol on the back and manson holding the slammie on the front. I feel a bit silly wearing it now though (25 and a parent, ahhh where does the time go heh) I think Mrs. Jdrive snuck it into a donate/garbage pile recently.

    All my friends that used to be huge MM fans aren't fans anymore actually, not sure if EMDM and THEOL "speak" to the younger generation of today, but I guess we're all just attuned to the POAFF-Holy Wood period. The last time I saw MM live (to previous posters, go alone, I flew interstate to go to a music festival alone once when I was 16 or something, totally worth it) I went with aforementioned friends, and they came out really disappointed.. I was expecting a "hits" package because thats all he ever plays now days, but I guess they were hoping for more alternative songs.

    Enough ranting from me - peace.

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    My friends big brother had a copy of the Lunchbox single I believe it was: the one where he is nude in the booklet with cunt written on his chest. That always fascinated when I went in his room. One day he played the Portrait album and it grew and grew from there. This guy is also the only person I know that received the original Manson Family newsletter.

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    I was into dark/gothic stuff back then.

    I first saw him on Celebrity Deathmatch, and thought he looked cool enough in 2006, wondering who he was. Bizarre, however. I then looked up him on Wikipedia, and liked the spookiness of the whole band and its lead singer, sometime in early November 2007. However, I still thought the band was extremely satanic (even remember the time when my dad said to my brother, Manson was a Satanist in Winter 2006). Then a bit later on, I saw this music video on the now defunct Dish Network TV channel, IMF:

    I was hooked since then. <3
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    2001 I think it was. My friends sister was really in to him which rubbed off on my friend and me. First song I heard was probably Beautiful People.

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    Video games, commercials, radio and internet.

    His autiobiography was what really got me into the swing of things.

    Random, typical sources. Nothing in particular.
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    I didnt know Manson until I was about 13, which was back in 2005 and I saw one guy that used to be in my high school with some manson patches. I was curious to find out who Manson was, I later started seeing his Tainted Love music video on MTV a couple of times, which I really liked. Afterwards, I started loving the sound in his music and the imagery in how he creatively changes, when I kept watching loads more of his music videos, e.g. the beautiful people and sweet dreams, that later made me become a fan of his.

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    2004, a kid wore a Marilyn Manson shirt in P.E. I didnt know who it w3as so i looked him up on google. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooothen thought it was pretty dcool. so i downloaded the slipknot remix of fight song, and that was so different to anything I had listen to ever before.I still remember very well my reaction to the song was. I became obsessed, I was the marilyn Manson expert at my school:P got alot of crap and teasing for it but ohwell ha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by love_lolita View Post
    And I saw Manson for the first time during Mayhem Fest 09, which was our first date!
    What a great first date!

    I discovered Manson when I went to Ozzfest in 2003. Before the concert I didn't really know anything about him or his music. After the concert I was a fan.

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    I believe I saw bits and pieces of the Long Hard Road Out of Hell video on the Beavis and Butthead show... you know, that one part where they sit down to watch tv and begin talking shit about anything that comes up. Then I remember listening to the beautiful people on the radio in the late 90s and thinking of an industrial place, of an empty warehouse and leaking pipes. Yup, that ran through my head when I first heard it. Finally, I was completely sold when MM made his appearance on MTV VMA performing The Dope Show, with John 5 making his first sighting. I sold myself to Manson forever.

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    I was hooked in a manner alike how i've always been attracted to bowie since my dad played a bit of him, and especially in ikea when i was 9-10ish there was a kid room there where they'd play Labyrinth all day for some reason. And for some reason bowie freaked me out in that but i couldnt take my mind and curiousity of him. I then encounted within 1998 promos of mechanical animals on the tv, which for some reason reminded me of bowie - the splices from the dope show and i dont like the drugs videos. It took a few years later before i mustered an intellect to investigate past those 90's rumours and listen to Holywood, it scared the hell out of me, but the lyrics were just too great. So naturally i turned to mechanical animals, read his bio and i was hooked. Saw him first in 2003, regret not knowing of the big day out MA tour. I would have snuck in even if i was 13. Been going to every concert and here... since.

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