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Thread: How was it that you got to know MM Music?

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    My story comes in a series of events that has excelled quite recently.

    The first time I ever heard a song by Manson, I was most likely a newborn (1996-1997). My dad owned a copy of one of The Beautiful People singles, and it was just one those songs he played in the car. Needless to say, that's the only] song he likes. But it was early exposure for me.
    I never really thought anything of him until my interest was sparked by a music video that was being played on VH1C when I was 9 or 10. The video happened to for Tourniquet, and all I remember about seeing it was my morbid fascination with people eating bug and Manson shaving himself. I was into him for a little while longer, but it was only a matter of looking up pictures on the Internet and including him in a slideshow of my favorite bands. I still remember my teacher asking, "And whos' the gentleman in the lipstick?"
    Then, when I was 13, I was spending the night at a friend's house when we came across Nardwuar's interview with Manson while watching the Panic at the Disco interview. My friend thought it would be funny to watch, and we witnessed that video together. This, once again, sparked my interest, and I decided to watch the music video for Tainted Love whe I came across it on On Demand. I developed a slight celebrity-crush on the man who took over the DJ's equipment.
    Sometime within that next week, I came across a comment on one of Manson's MySpace statuses (I'd added him the summer before after watching the video for I Don't Like The Drugs) that claimed Manson's earlier work was his best. I went right to his earliest album and began listening to POAAF.
    Still, I wasn't that into him until I read his autobiography. Right then and there, I knew I had found a band that I could relate to, despite the protests from my friends, who disliked Manson after some sort of 'fight' he had with My Chemical Romance. And Ive been an avid listener to this day (although it's only been about 8 months).
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    There isn't really much for me to say here. It was definitely MTV's Total Request Live when I saw Marilyn Manson for the very first time on The Dope Show video in 1998. I didn't actually become a fan until 2001 though. I also enjoyed I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me) the most out of all of them as far as the Mechanical Animals era went. And I still do.

    Aside from that, it was also just word of mouth, especially due to Marilyn Manson being mentioned and referenced so much to the Columbine High School massacre at the time. And not to mention is already increasing controversy among the Christian conservatives surrounding me. (As well as the ones on the press.) I only regret not getting into his music sooner, as I already loved Korn back then. Marilyn Manson would've been absolutely perfect for middle school me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M Tragedy666 View Post
    I came from a strict christian upbringing where music other than gospel, John Denver, The Carpentars, and Peter Paul and Mary was basically forbidden. It was weird, and I rebelled. Although as a side note i'd like to just through in there that I never really considered myself rebelling. I really have always been this way and had a fascination with the darker side of things all my life. From picking out the ugliest monster action figure as a kid, to trying to watch any scary horror movie...I really was just drawn to it.

    The day came when a friend introduced me to Rob Zombie and I fell in love with it. As crazy as it may seem, I didnt know music could do this and sound like this. Try to put yourself in that perspective...not knowing any music that wasnt religious...oh yeah, and then whatever you heard at school because all the kids listened to rap. And then finding Hellbilly Deluxe? I was in heaven!

    Anyway, I knew I needed to find more shit like this and I asked some of the kids at school who hated me, but seemed to know shit about the media and pop culture. (I never had cable or any real way of finding out about anything) And this one guy who always made fun of me just told me that Rob Zombie was bad enough, but if I ever started listening to Ozzy or Marilyn Manson, I would be a real "weirdo" ..which was his quote. Intrigued, I asked why? His response: Ozzy bit the head off a bat and Manson actually had his own ribs taken out so he could suck his own dick. I was sold. I went to the store...later that evening I think...And bought Antichrist Superstar, Holywood, Bark at the Moon, Diary of a Madman, and The Ultimate Sin. To this day, in no particular order, my top 3 bands still remain: Manson, Zombie, Ozzy.

    After maturity and intelligence set in, I found many things in common with Manson and started appreciating the music on a deeper level. I started analyzing his lyrics and it really improved my life drastically. I can honestly say that Manson was probably my best teacher ever.
    Man, it's surreal seeing this post now. R.I.P.

    Anyways, mine is uneventful. Back around 2010/2011 I was looking for a song that was about the Antichrist for a project I was working on, so I googled something like "Antichrist songs" on YouTube. Found Antichrist Superstar the song and the rest was history after that. I knew of Manson prior cause of the old SmackDown! intro, but I had never really delved too far into him.

    Ah, I do miss the days of individually ordering the albums online and being so excited to hear them for the first time when I got home from school. I did get The High End of Low from Best Buy, cause it was still relatively new then. The atmosphere for the first listen was so perfect, cause it was a dark, stormy and gloomy night. I had convinced my dad to take me there to get a new one, so when I got home the mood was already set perfectly.

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    I kind of backed into it from the other end. I was always big into heavy metal, owing to my dad - Iron Maiden, Priest, Ozzy-era Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Blue Öyster Cult. I got into harder subgenres when I first entered high school, which included a lot of harder industrial acts. I came into Manson by way of relatively more extreme industrial acts like KMFDM and Skinny Puppy.

    Though I was always conscious of Manson, owing to his music videos. I remember being both fascinated and frightened by the video for "The Nobodies" on MTV when I was eleven. That video actually aired a lot more than I'd have expected it to in retrospect - at least once a day, for the lowest-charting single from his lowest-charting album since the debut. It remains my favorite video in the catalogue.
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    I lived in a very isolated section of the country that got (gets!) no radio or tv reception. My main method of music acquisition was via bootlegged tapes from my cousin in the big smoke, delivered twice a year. Lucky she had diverse taste and I usually got hold of a range of things, such as Portrait of an American Family, which I adored and kinda broke the tape of. Usually though, I'd get albums from bands as a one off without much follow through on further releases. But her then boyfriend insisted I also be sent Antichrist Superstar, for which I am grateful. I had a mixed relationship with it - loved the music, but had little context for the imagery with no videos or interviews available (or liner notes) and so I found it more unsettling than it actually was, trapped only in the sound.

    I snuck underage into the 'Dead to the World' Australia tour, which was amazing for many reasons. The cousin moved on, but I didn't. With the opening chords of Great Big White World on my tattered copy of a copy, any hope of shaking off Manson was utterly gone. And I also finally got some context for Antichrist Superstar. Worked endless horrifyingly hot fruit picking/packing shifts to be able to afford the Mechanical Animals Big Day Out festival leg. Worth the heatstroke anytime.
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    I remember always being aware of Marilyn Manson throughout childhood, even in school when I was about 8 everyone already knew the rumours about the ribs (I'm not sure of we knew why a man would remove his ribs), but when I was about 12 was I first encountered the music, I remember watching music channels on TV and one of his videos (I'm pretty sure it was This is The New Shit) came on and that's how that happened.

    From there I downloaded as much as I possibly could through Limewire (and probably got a few viruses along the way) but first I fell in love with the visual side before becoming a total embarrassing fanboy and getting into arguments on The Nachtkabarett whenever someone didn't like a song, it was a strange time.

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    It was around 2011 or so. Can't remember too well. I would watch a lot of horror movie related videos on YouTube, and I kept seeing "The Beautiful People" video being in my suggestions. I kept ignoring it and never watched it, although the title interested me. One day I was on the YouTube homepage, and saw it again in my suggestions. So I decided to finally watch it. Mesmerized. I was so attracted to it all. The beauty, the horror, the catchiness, the heavy sound, the overall look. I never saw anything like it before. After some time I downloaded the song and for some reason Sweet Dreams was also downloaded (Back when Limewire was around) and i liked it a lot too, but not as much. He sounded "younger", turns out I was right. Soon I started looking into more of his videos, and The Dope Show was amoung the first. I was confused and unsure as to if I liked it or not. So I downloaded a bunch of his song based on their title, and Marilyn Manson began to invest my raw and virgin mind. I left my iTunes on shuffle and walked away and came back to the chorus of If I Was Your Vampire, and I was blown away. It was loud on the speakers. Then the climax of the sound and I fell in love. I soon found that his sound changed and his image evolved thought each album, and loved it all. The perfect mix of music and horror. I downloaded a bunch of his albums and listened to Mechanical Animals first. I loved it. Although I feel like I fucked up looking back at it all, because I heard the music instead of listening to it, so I can't remember my first listen, like being blown away by it. I was young and didn't think much of it then.

    Today, I love The Dope Show, I love all the albums and own every single/ album and etc. I developed a collection. I will say that Manson has made a huge impact on my life. I used to try to fit in with everyone else, to blend in, to be a mimic. Now I have found myself, and I've grown so much. I have learned so much because of him and was exposed to such terrific history/ art/ music/ and film. I don't regret anything.
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    The year was 1996, and I saw the "Sweet Dreams" video on MTV. I caught it early enough to enjoy it. I recognized it as the 80's Eurythmics classic that I grew up loving. And I've always been drawn to oddballs and in 1996, Manson was odd compared to the mainstream at the time. And I LOVED it. I couldn't wait till the end of the video to see who and WHAT the fuck I had just seen.

    Back then, the artist's name, song title, album title, record label, and video director were credited on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. I'm like, "Marilyn Manson? Marilyn?!?!... But, that was a guy... right?!" Haha

    And I fell in love right then and there, saw "Get Your Gunn" on Beavis & Butthead, video recorded every video and interview/TV appearance, etc. Then "The Beautiful People" hit next, and THEN... Antichrist Superstar. Like whoa, goddamn!

    But yep, "Sweet Dreams" started it all for me =)

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    I was a middle school mall rat- id spend my friday nights pillaging Barnes & Nobles bookstore and FYE music/entertainment store for whatever striked my fancy. 2003 I discovered the HW cd and after reading the track listing, I knew I had to purchase it. Behind it was Mechanical Animals. Winner winner chicken dinner. I bought both; they were on sale, of course. It shouldve been considered theft because I could not stop rotating those albums. I eventually purchased ACS, POAF, SLC, and then GAOG released. I fangirled pretty hard. And still do, I suppose. Yeah, ...retract the doubt.
    Im sure I was exposed to the music long before the album artwork of HW pulled me in, but The Beautiful People had never been a strong pull for me, despite how damn catchy it is. GBWW sucked me in and spit me out a creature of timeless admiration for the one man I felt could relate to me. ♡

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemoris Inferioris View Post
    I have learned so much because of him and was exposed to such terrific history/ art/ music/ and film. I don't regret anything.
    The same with me, I probably wouldn't have been half the David Bowie fan I am today if I wasn't also a Manson fan, I already loved Bowie because I'm only human, but the connection of Mechanical Animals and Ziggy Stardust pushed me more into that world.

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