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Thread: How was it that you got to know MM Music?

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    I became a fan when Holywood hit. I wound up winning a copy of the cd from the radio in 2001 and it was life changing. I already missed the tours in 2000 and 2001 but as soon as the Ozzfest 03 announcement went up I had to get tix. Wound up at the rail of the main stage for Ozzfest and it was amazing. Then next I was on the rial for the KC riot. I kinda want those days back, lol.

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    The year was 2000 and I was in my first year of high school. I started meeting a lot of new people and someone told me I should check Manson out so they gave me a cassette copy of Mechanical Animals. The tracks were in the wrong order (without me even realising)- the first track was Fundamentally Loathsome, then the order continued as normal up to the last track and continued with Great Big White World. I got so used to listening to MA in this order that it felt really weird listening to it when I got a genuine copy years later. Anyhow, I was immediately hooked so started listening to his other albums and remained a fan since. I remember being really into Rock Is Dead at the time and my mum thought it was a Depeche Mode rip-off because something about the guitars reminded her of Personal Jesus but she was kinda diggin it too. There have been times when I've gone long periods of time without listening to anything Manson but I always go back to his music eventually. Hell, I didn't even know The Pale Emperor was released until January this year. With this being said, I feel kind of lucky not having to wait too long for a new album :)
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    Became a fan during The Golden Age Of Grotesque. But i remember being 11 years old and some friend showed me a Manson Mechanical Animals t-shirt and said 'He's a man but has tits and sucks his own dick' i thought that was interesting. A few years later i saw 'The Nobodies' on MTV and i was shocked. I said 'WOW i really need to listen to this man' he was so creative and different from any other band.

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    It was 1996 and I was in profound melodramatic mourning for a young Welshman. A friend of mine suggested that the antidote for my malaise might be a certain conspicuous band from America.

    He effused about their live performance evoking a sense of fervour and vehemence akin to the band to which the Welshman had belonged (the Manics if you're interested).

    I remained sceptical towards the splenetic band and its enigmatic leader with a seemingly hyperflexible masseter, until a couple of years later when I came across the video for 'The Dope Show' and got a teeny teenage tingle, bought the album and, after hearing 'Disassociative' and 'Speed of Pain', was hooked.

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    That's how my story goes:
    I was ten years old and totally weird. I was obsessed with sex and death and just about to realize that Christianity is a pseudo-spiritual, totalitarian mess. But for some inexplicable reason, I considered MM a "moron." Maybe because my mom had such a negative opinion of him.
    But I was fated to worship him. I heard "Sweet Dreams" in House on Haunted Hill, and I fell in love with his voice right on the spot. Ironically, I didn't know that it was his voice - so I continued to hate him and call him a "moron." You can imagine my surprise when I finally found out the truth. A classmate enlightened me when we had both heard MM's "Sweet Dreams" on the radio one day.
    About a week later, I borrowed The Golden Age of Grotesque from another classmate, whose elder sister happened to be a bit of a fan (I say "a bit," because TGAOG was the only album she owned). Having listened to the whole album, I wondered: "How could anyone listen to this crap?" I have no idea why I ripped that "crap" to my computer anyway. I can only explain it with Fate.
    A few weeks later, I came across the folder with TGAOG while I was looking for some other file. I listened to the whole album for the second time and concluded that it's ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.
    Three years later (in 2009), I knew everything from Portrait of an American Family to The High End of Low by heart.
    Now I'm 23 and the music of MM still makes up about 80% of all my self-medication/freakout playlists. The entire story of my life can be told in his songs.

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    I think for me is when the Matrix soundtrack came out. Fell in love. Then, fell out of love for awhile and stumbled on "The Dope Show" later in life and the rest was history.
    "A pill to make you numb. A pill to make you dumb. A pill to make you anybody else. But all the drugs in this world, won't save her from herself."

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    I remember flipping to MTV one day and seeing a short glimpse of Manson singing “Cops and Queers” and was like... what’s that song but I have no idea when that was...

    A few years later, I was on a tv binge and ‘Making of the Music Video’ was on all day or something like that and a new episode premiered and nonetheless it was mOBSCENE!

    I watched it in awe and horror cause I was probably 9 or 10 (born in 91) having heard all those rumors of this satanic man with no ribs sucking his dick and smoking it (blah blah blah)
    It wasn’t until we got DSL internet probably a few more years later after that
    When I discovered internet and Limewire and all that stuff and then becoming a huge fan from then on!

    When they announced Eat Me, Drink Me on I was all about hearing a new album and being apart of era everyone on the old forums raves about. The morning the heart-Shapped Glasses video came out I woke before school to watch it as much as I could!

    Have never been to one of his concerts which I would love to go One day!!

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