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Thread: Adam Bhala Lough Discusses Splatter Sisters With MarilynManson.Fr

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    Default Adam Bhala Lough Discusses Splatter Sisters With MarilynManson.Fr

    French Marilyn Manson fansite MarilynManson.Fr has conducted an exclusive interview with Adam Bhala Lough, writer of the upcoming Splatter Sisters movie project.

    "Once I write something I intend to make it. It's become part of me"

    The interview covers the professional position Manson is in regarding the movie, which will feature both and his ex-fiancee Evan Rachel Wood, and also discusses characters and scenarios within the narrative. For the full interview, please visit the following link:

    thanks to SD for the news on the main site, was too tired yesterday to post it everywhere :D
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    Awesome, thanks for sharing this MaryWhore!

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    I'm excited to hear the news about the film still being on the roster of upcoming Manson related projects that many people have just scratched off, if not just because I think that Splatter Sisters is going to be fucking amazing. What I am really looking forward to is the "new band". So, we should within the next year or so have a new Manson record, Splatter Sisters, and possibly get to see Manson working with another band. We'll see what comes of that. Nevertheless, this section of the site is going to be busy this year!

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    Nice work Mary Whore, I'm pleased this movie is still happening. :D

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    Thanks a lot MaryWhore for the interview, it was a nice read. I bursted out laughing when I read "but no he doesn’t wear a ‘suit’ ".

    Haha, pure gold! :)

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    you're all welcome. can't wait to see the movie, and the band live.

    my dream:
    Marilyn Manson - vocal
    Naveem Andrews - guitar
    Twiggy - bass
    Adam Bhala Lough - Drums


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    No problem regarding the news article, I saw this in your Facebook feed before posting this morning, and it was an enjoyable read. It's nice that he was professional and friendly at the same time, and the questions were concise, getting straight to the point of what a lot of fans are asking about Splatter Sisters. I think it's funny that just because a project goes into production stages and the people involved are understandably quiet that naive fans automatically assume it's been abandoned or whatever; "Not unfaithful but she has no faith in me" comes to mind...

    Anyway, a great interview, a cool opportunity, and a wicked way to get stuck into the new year, thank you for this! I also thought it was good how he remains tactful about crucial details in the film, the band name and the status regarding Evan and Manson for example. Overall, it still sounds like a great, fun vehicle and I look forward to seeing where everything goes as it develops further.
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    Lovely interview, thank you so much for it :)

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    I'm still not that keen on the idea of a new band, with a full blown tour and everything. It does have potential to be interesting and could even be good, but until I see it I'm not really sold... IMO Manson already has the best musicians to be working with him. I could be proven wrong though... Kerry King would be a good start to this.
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    ^ I kinda agree with it... not so amused by the idea..
    ...but on the other hand, change is always good.

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