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Thread: Omega Transmissions

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    Altough I don't have any thoughts worth sharing to enrichen this thread, I want to say that I'm pretty impressed. Those little details that I've passed unnoticed these years are now put into a new, logic perspective. This is what's amazing about Marilyn Manson, and what has kept us here for many years now: His ability to put so much into his work; so much, that even after 12 1/2 years after the album came out, we are still finding new clues and details about it. Not many contemporary artists can say the same.

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    I love the numerology of "15" involved with this album. I want to get a "15" tattoo like Manson, for multiple reasons. First off, MA is my favorite, but:

    - It was released on September 15th.
    - Including the bonus enhanced CD track, there are 15 tracks.
    - Manson was born on January 5th, or 1/5=15.
    - Manson was born in 1969. 6+9=15.
    - I was born on December 15th.
    - I was born in 1987. 8+7=15.
    - The popular saying is "I am the alpha and omega", meaning I am the beginning and the end. Manson was born in January (the beginning of the calender year. I was born in December (the end of the calender year).

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