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Thread: Theatre Launched + News Page Updates!

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    realy good good good work..congratulations.the previous site was good, but this is also
    i donīt participate a lot in the forum, but I follow it since the begining...keep up the good work

    soon, I send photos of my MM collection.

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    FB connect button at the top ... this is a new addition too, right?

    edit: turned out i was right. (always am).
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    It is! There is another thread explaining it.

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    Maybe I'm just a complete idiot and am missing something, but how do I switch between sets in the Theatre? I get you click the song titles in the setlist to skip tracks, but how do I get to another show entirely? Or is there just the one uploaded at the moment?
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    Nice job, guys...I'd wondered when we'd find out what was going on with that "Fan Area" or whatever it was called before.

    I really like the look of the pages, too. It's a great extension of what the band's site was like during TGAoG and fits the themes of the area(s) quite tastefully.

    Nice selections to kick it off with, while we're at it.

    The RotWT '08 run didn't end up being successfully bootlegged very much so any footage of it is still kinda "new" to people, and AeroCanuck's (great) bootleg being so zoom-free gives it an interesting quality while using the embedded player with the theater curtain framing and all that, as if it's some kind of static window into the past, or something.

    Likewise, I was at that 4/20/99 Manson show but in over a decade I've never been able to find a copy of the audio that didn't have the music tainted by unrelated acoustic/techno crap audible on each disc throughout Manson's entire performance. Ugh. So good to know a decent version actually DOES exist! Thanks for the megaupload link, btw. Good idea.

    However, I certainly hope that featuring that particular show in the Phonograph area doesn't mean you won't put the video of that show in the Kinetoscope area someday, too. It's kinda hard to find but it IS out there and I've been dying to watch it someday.

    Kind of a shame it won't play straight through like an embedded-playlist or whatever, but I DO really like the way the succession of click-able titles draws the viewer's eye down towards the bootleg credits. Good of you guys to have included those credits,'s so quick and easy and vastly appreciated yet almost no one seems to bother with it in this free-for-all age of viral YT videos, which always seems kinda rude.

    Any idea how often you'll be changing A/V selections, btw? I still have a couple completely unreleased and uncirculated Manson boots I haven't done anything with yet and I'd be glad to whip up a coupla Provider Module exclusives some time if you'd like.

    (But I'm ALSO just curious how often I should be peeking in there for a new free show, obviously!)

    Anyway, in short, EXCELLENT additions to the site! Thanks again for all your hard work, these are fantastic new elements to an already awesome resource.


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    "Theatre" is an INCREDIBLE addition and resource to this site. Awesome work to everyone involved.

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    Yeah, I love it the most too, of I just finished watching the whole AeroCanuck show!

    Just wanted to check, though: there isn't any Part II to his footage of "Antichrist Superstar," is there?

    *crosses fingers*

    And it just occurred to me that anyone watching "The Beautiful People" from the end of ANY '08 show and then the first song of ANY '09 show would basically see Twiggy walking up and taking the lead guitar spot from Rob right on stage and then just never giving it back, lol.

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    There is currently one show in there for each section at the moment, but the idea will be to add to them each month. Right now, due to bandwidth we are using YouTube for the video hosting, so it'll be real easy to make a list of shows users can choose from as we add more. As for audio, because the audio player is on our server it will probably be just rotated out monthly, but I can try and keep the download links alive as needed (or can repost per user request). If I can find a good solution for a server to host media on, I would be interested in keeping all previous audio shows hosted, and again provide a list of shows for users to pick from, that would then load the correct audio player and download link. And likewise, I would like to use a custom video player on our server that would allow a little more customization, and better quality than youtube - but video is just a hefty file size.

    Glad you guys like it, as we've always been about bringing focus to the history of the music and band - it's really great to be able to have our own section to really celebrate the past. And to answer your question Haz, just because we share the audio of a show won't mean we won't share the video - the idea will just to feature one video and one audio show that are from kind of different eras as to really show a wide spectrum of MM. If I can get my hands on the 04/20/99 video - I will gladly get it up.

    And the Canada ROTW 08 show is posted in it's entirety as filmed by the taper. I know there are some cuts here and there, but for the most part I thought this was a really awesome show and the mix is actually quite decent even if the view gets obstructed from time to time. And also, it's the show right after the show that was here in SLC, UT (of which I have only found youtube clips, no full audio/video boot) so it's always been the closest to what I saw (same exact setlist and all).

    Thanks for the feedback guys, and feel free to tell me what you guys would like to see as this continues to grow. This is just the beginning :)

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    Sounds like lotsa good ideas, I look forward to watching it all develop!

    And good to know about the 4/20/99 vid, thanks. I've seen a couple songs worth and some screencaps and it looks damned good. It might be off-center and a bit out-of-focus here and there, but it's an EPIC show and the audio is nice and clean and the camera's pretty much fully-zoomed on Manson AND stable so I consider it a real gem so far.

    Likewise, I'd assumed that you guys would post the rest of "Antichrist Superstar" from the AeroCanuck's bootleg if it existed...just thought I'd better make sure! And all the other songs are shot pretty much in their entirety, so no biggie anyway.

    Which actually brings me to a quick suggestion...

    I think it'd be a really good idea to have the audio and video stuff presented with links to threads discussing those shows like the news items do on the main page, allowing us to mull over the minute details and point out highlights and stuff like that.

    I know I'D blather away in any threads like that at least, lol.


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    I just wanted to say thank you for the positive response to these updates. I love working with this team, and between the three of us Provider Module is fully becoming the resource we wanted it to be from the start. Every time a new section is added or improved it makes me smile, and like everyone else, I can then go and make the most of what's on offer.
    Thinking about it, by the time the new Marilyn Manson album is released, a good number of the really big projects we wanted to finish for the site will hopefully be online, of which THEATRE was the first. I've got another bunch of interviews and articles to feed in soon as well, and then there's... something else on the way. Thanks so much to Cringeon and Norsefire for their artistry on our new section, I look forward to seeing bootlegs, listening to concerts and viewing fan collections as well.

    Oh and Hazekiah, much appreciated enthusiasm for this addition, we definitely had fans like yourself in mind when coming up with it, and I love that people will now be able to showcase themselves and enjoy shared Manson media here more directly. I like your idea about having a topic link-up like the front page between bootlegs and the forums, hopefully we can sort something like that out.


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