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Thread: Your First Manson Concert

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    Default Your First Manson Concert

    I decided to make a thread where we can share each of our own experiences of when we all went to see Marilyn Manson live for the first time and how was it like, e.g. did it turn out positive and meet your expectations?

    I remember being a very excited 16 year old, when I went to see him live for the first time at Wembley Arena, back in 2007. After already watching several live videos of Manson shows on youtube, I was expecting to see an awesome concert and looked very forward to actually seeing Manson perform on stage. I still have a good memory of the day I went to the concert, I rushed home as soon as school finished to go and collect my ticket and get myself changed in all black, wearing a pair of new rock platform shoes. Afterwards, I took the tube to travel on my way to Wembley Park, which took a duration of almost 1 hour or more and during the journey I remember seeing a paper article with Manson interviewed and when they asked Manson what will fans expect at the Wembley show, he quoted: "sex, drugs and rock n roll" lol.

    As I arrived at Wembley Park, I hardly noticed any Manson fans around the station but when I stopped at McDonald's in Wembley to use their toilet, almost the whole place was filled with Manson fans eating there. When I later made the walk to Wembley Arena, I remember going to a short queue in the front of the venue because I had a seated ticket and I didn't need to go in the long queue with others at the side of the venue who had standing tickets. I found some good merchandise inside the venue, where I bought the 2007 world tour t-shirt and a keyring. The crowd inside the venue was very mixed, with some goths to middle aged rockers, which was good to see a contrast of fans in the audience.

    When I entered inside the arena and waited in my seat for the show to start, out of nowhere around 7ish Turbonegro (the support band), took the stage, who I thought were alright and pretty average, but I didn't care for them since I was there for Marilyn Manson. I remember a kid sitting not far from me, who was booing Turbonegro lol. After Turbonegro, I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Manson and I yelled like an idiot when the curtains for Manson were being put up on stage, haha. When the lights went off and Manson's shadows started showing through the curtain, that was a very huge excitement and the show opened with If I was your vampire, where that was the biggest highlight to have my first sight actually seeing him there on stage. Later on, Manson did a couple of other classics, such as, disposable teens, sweet dreams, tourniquet, irresponsible hate anthem, the fight song and antichrist superstar. I remember screaming throughout most of the show and my throat going completely sore during the fight song, lol. Also, the whole crowd clapping their hands to the start of sweet dreams was great fun as well. After the show ended with beautiful people, around 10:45 p.m, I was wishing the show would have gone longer since I was having such a great time. Later, a lot of the crowd leaving the venue made their way back to Wembley Park station, which was like a very long protest march lol. I remember when arriving home, my throat was completely sore after all the screaming at the show and my ears were constantly buzzing even during the next day, where I could hardly hear anyone when they talked to me at school.
    After the show, I made a note to myself that I really needed to see him live again the next time he returns.
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    wow, that was a great post.

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    well, I was only wondering if people wanted to share their first experiences.

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    Nice thread! I will be posting in here soon, never going to forget the first time I saw Manson live.

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    I was 14, booked my tickets to see Manson in Manchester through a travel company. Had to take the last lesson off school to get the bus, I remember not doing anything all day in any other lessons, just waiting to get out of there.

    When we got into town, we thought it would be funny to take one of our friends into boots, and go to the sample make up section and make him look like the worlds worst goth, and we were right, it was funny.

    When we arrived at the M.E.N arena we were probably the youngest people in the audience, but we made our way to the front, and I got a great spot right in front of John 5.
    Peaches came on first, she wasn't that exciting. Then the lights went down, Thaetre started playing and I remember getting a massive shiver right through me when Manson appeared on the massive throne, being lowered down. Made me realise the importance of a powerful opener.

    The show was great, all the way through.

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    I'll add my story here sometime later as I'm too busy today but, man, I'll just say that the day I attended my first Manson concert, which was also my first concert in general at the time when I turned 16, was one of the most memorable days in my entire life! Over a year has passed since that day and I still remember it like it was yesterday...


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    Whenever the family goes on holiday or attends some event my dad usually pulls one of those 'dad jokes' where on the way he'd pretend to double check and ask if we've got the tickets - knowing full well he had them himself. It used to work as a wind up until he did it once too often and now we're onto him whenever he tries to pull this one on us.

    On my first Manson gig we were half way to Birmginham when Dad did the usual 'you've got the tickets, yeah?'. I laugh it off - when the inevitable happened, it was a textbook 'boy who cried wolf' situation as Dad's question was (for the first time ever) genuine. Being too late to turn around, we carried on and try our luck with getting in by other means - but images of us standing outside, glasses to walls trying to listen in were playing on my mind.

    What made it worse was not being allowed to see Manson in 2001 (14 years old), so this show, in 2003 both seemed like a long time coming and a good sign that the parents now considered me to be mature enough ... so to be unable to attend because of our own stupidity was nearly ironic.

    Thankfully, Dad managed to get some at the box office without paying due to his skill of complaining (and he showed his real skill here, complaining even when it wasn't their own fault and still scoring tickets).

    Dad left us (my brother, a mate and myself ... myself being the only MM fan amongst us) to enjoy the gig. Of course, the show itself was beyond awesome and seeing all these songs I was so familiar with actually being performed live was immense. Had seating on the side so had a fine view of the sold out crowd and Manson - we all know the GB tour, but the most distinct memory I have of it from this show is him performing a section of 1996 as a lead in to another song (think it was IHA). My view of him performing this a cappella to the crowd on this lead-in was great to see as it was happening - there's plenty of shots like this on video but nothing compares to it to seeing it live and being part of it.

    Both friend and brother really enjoyed the show too. Thankfully MM's strangeness made them curious enough to go in the first place, he exceeded their expectations good and proper.

    Seeing Manson live a good few times since, I've learnt to reserve my judgement of his shows until it's experienced live. It's an obvious thing to mention but the atmosphere changes everything.
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    My first time seeing Marilyn Manson live was in 2007 at Download Festival in the UK. That was actually the first time I had ever been to a festival or seen any band live before, so even without Manson on the Friday I was already having a fucking awesome time.

    Manson played on the Saturday, and that felt like the longest day ever just waiting for Manson to come on after all the other bands. Finally the time came for Manson to come on and I worked my way closer to the front, I didn't feel like pushing to the very front but I wanted to be closer than I had been for the other bands. It was really packed though and fucking hot, and then we waited.... They didn't have the curtain on the stage at Download, I don't know why, so the stage was all open.

    The intro music was just chilling and knowing that in a minute Marilyn Manson... this guy I've been checking up on every day for latest news, music, photos, interviews, videos etc for the past few years, he would now be there in front of me performing.
    As the intro was coming to it's end the band members started to appear on stage and the crowd was starting to go a bit mental, then Tim Skold walked on which was just fucking awesome. I was on his side of the stage, then the crowd really started screaming and at the back of the stage Manson was walking on, for a second it almost didn't feel real. But from that moment onwards it was just insane, hearing some of my favourite songs live for the first time and even though now I would say his winter tour in 2007 was far better than his Download performance I was still really fucking happy with the Download performance. It seemed to all be over very quickly, but it was so awesome, one of the best parts of my life for sure. I wish I could relive it.

    I could of gone to see Manson at the Reading/Leeds Festival in 2005 but decided I didn't want to pay out for a festival to see Manson. I was in the same mind for Download in 2007 because it is a lot of money, but my mum basically said I was going to go and I think she got the tickets for my birthday.

    Anyway after seeing Manson at Download straight after I totally regretted not going to see him live at Reading or Leeds in 2005, and knew that from this day on if Manson is in the UK and I can get to the show then I'm going because I never want to miss a tour.

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    AHH ok, I suppose it's about time I get around to posting in this thread.

    First time I saw Manson was '07. It could of been '03, but I was incorrectly informed that the show was 18+ >=( The misinformant will forever hold my annoyance at causing me to miss J5 and Pogo live.

    Anyway, so I finally got around to seeing them on the 2007 EMDM tour. I snatched up my ticket as soon as it went on sale, there was no way I was missing it this time. I did the whole waiting in line all day thing, which involved not only rain (with garbage bags used as improvised ponchos) but MOTHS. Moths by the thousands. There was some kind of infestation of them at the venue, they were just everywhere. To give you an idea, I disturbed a large clump of them and it was like standing in the middle of a strong hail storm. The building next door had its windows curtained with moths, you couldn't see in or out at all.

    When we got in I was pretty much dead center, second row. Unfortunately this meant I copped the full brunt of the support act, The Spazzys. To this day they are the worst support act I have ever had to witness, and it puzzles me as to whether they were there as the result of a terrible mismatch by the promoter, or a sick joke by Manson. What I do know is that for the entirety of their 1/2 hour set, 4,000 people booed, gave the finger and hurled things at them.

    In the change over, some assholes next to me started pushing and jostling for spots, and when I held my spot and refused to let them in front of me they started basically threatening me with violence. Now, I'm not one to get intimidated or back down from this sort of behaviour, and as much as I wanted to stay front and centre for my first Manson show I was also intent on having a good time. Getting in a fight and consequently thrown out of the venue didn't really factor in to that. So I ended up moving further down the barrier, right down on Tim's side.

    The intro music rolled, and I was pretty pumped up. Then the curtain dropped and, much to my annoyance, I found that my move meant that my view of Ginger was completely blocked by Tim's speaker cabinets. I blame the guys that came with me and then wimped out and didn't join me up front and centre, they should have been my backup against the assholes, damn it!

    Whatever, though, I was just there to have a good time, so did my best of it despite the disappoint of the blocked view. I was going absolutely nuts on the barrier, shouting out every word, headbanging like crazy through Hate Anthem, leaning out so far over the barrier I was nearly touching the stage. Manson seemed to be picking up on it as he kept wandering over to my side of the stage, standing right in front of me and looking me in the eye. That's a pretty powerful stare, as I'm sure you all know. I've seen a shitload of bands over the years, even had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with some of my favourite musicians and biggest inspirations. But nothing hits you in the face like meeting gaze with Marilyn Manson.

    At the time, I walked away from it very disappointed at my obstructed view, and yet completely and utterly mind-blown by the show. Regardless, it was hands-down the best live performance I had ever witnessed in person. The energy and presence pouring off the stage was just so far beyond anything I had seen before. That pretty much remained until the '09 tour when I saw them again, 3 times, and they raised the bar on themselves, blowing even the '07 show out the water.
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    My first and only Manson show I've attended (so far...) was last December (2010...7th), I went with my sister and mum (our entire female side of the family are Manson fans, lol). I was SO excited, also got to see a variety of fans (though some of the audience was pretty.. dull.. but whateeeever)... Waiting for Manson to come on seemed like forever to me, especially since I thought (*my* opinion), that the opening band was pretty terribe... But my breathing just about stopped as the curtains dropped and I had a weird rush of adrenaline due to all the excitment.
    The show was awesome, I as jumping about and screaming (in modertaion :P) throughout the whole thing, loved The Fight Song and The Dope Show (for some reason those really stood out).... OOH, AND they played Coma White/Black, which are my all time favourites :D

    At some point all I could think was: "OMg Ginger Ginger Ginger Ginger" <3 Hehee

    ...Haha, also, a funny thing happened... when we found out that Manson was coming to Amsterdam, I ordered the tickets for the three of us... and not knowing that I did, my mum *also* ordered 3 tickets... so we ended up with 6 tickets (we ended up giving one of the extras to my stepdad..who can't stand Manson, but somehow went though the whole thing -.^? )...hehe, and noone else really wanted the other two... well... yeah... [EndRamble/]

    So, that's my experience. It was great, and I'm hoping to see them again whenever he/they/watever performs around here. :)

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