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Thread: Your First Manson Concert

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    Default Your First Manson Concert

    Pretty self-explanatory.

    When did you attend your first Manson show? How old were you? What did you think? All that stuff, etc.

    I guess I'll start things off.

    The reason I ask TODAY is because TODAY marks the 18th anniversary of my very first Marilyn Manson concert!!!

    Manson was opening for Nine Inch Nails on the Self-Destruct '94 tour and I was lucky enough to find a VHS tape of NIN's set about a year later at Vintage Vinyl. Manson's has yet to surface (if it was even recorded), but every year since then I've celebrated the anniversary by watching the bootleg of that evening.

    So it was ALREADY a day I'd never forget and which I'd mark on my calendar LONG before 9/11 became a day for the REST of the world to "NEVER FORGET," too.

    What a convenient reminder, nonetheless. But anyway.

    YAY, HAPPY 9/11!!!


    I was just a kid and it was several hours away, but my mom knew it was a BIG deal for me so she was willing to drive me down for the show since I didn't have a driver's license yet and didn't know anyone else to take me since we'd just moved to a new area. I was of course a bit mortified to learn she would be attending the concert WITH me -- and in the seat right NEXT to me, no less! -- but in hindsight it was kinda neat to be there with my mom considering it was essentially the first leg of Manson's Portrait of an American Family Tour. Ha!

    That album wasn't even out yet anywhere I could find it so all I knew going into the show was "Get Your Gunn" from a radio promo single I was lucky enough to find in a used CD bin already, but MAN, WHAT A BADASS SONG...that was enough to get my attention! So even though they kept the houselights on for most of Manson's set and despite the fact that our seats were awful and we were only a few rows from the very back of the venue, I was still utterly rapt. Wish I were able to relate more details of the set, but like I said I didn't really know the songs so I just kinda took it all in rather than taking notes about the setlist and onstage comments and stuff like I did for NIN's set afterward.

    Which came in handy when my mom ended up reviewing the show for the paper at the college where she took a few classes! The typesetter absolutely MANGLED her review by misspelling tons of stuff and screwing up the format and stupid little things like that we proofread her submission for very thoroughly beforehand, but at least I still managed to help make her review weirdly specific for a woman in her 40s by suggesting she clarify that the version of "Suck" performed that night was the version from Broken rather than the earlier version from Gub by Pigface, lol.

    And, speak of the devil...

    Also, Trent Reznor himself was actually wearing his Satanic Army Manson shirt during the show...not that I had any idea of that during the show itself, but still. Nice touch! Clearly, my fandom of Manson has kinda superseded my fandom of NIN, so it's cool that even though I only have footage of NIN's set that day he's still wearing a Manson shirt the whole time, lol.

    Here's a sample Seven put up on her YT page for anyone who's curious:

    So that's the story of MY first Manson show.

    Howzabout the rest of you?

    Whatcha got?

    Looking forward to reading everyone's experiences!


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    December 15th, 2000. Freeman Coliseum. San Antonio, Texas.

    I was 13 for this one. Friend's mom drove us to the venue and let us do our own thing from there, because she was cool like that. Didn't get anywhere near the front for this but that didn't matter to us. We were young and we were at a fucking Marilyn Manson show. He was a deity to us at the time and we were in perpetual awe for the extent of the venue. From that eerie "The Lord Is My Shepherd," lights fade out for "Count to Six and Die." The kick in your face of "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" through to the end of "1996," this show was hands down the best concert I've been to. Not only because of Manson's stellar performance from one of the better tours/stage shows he's done in his career, but also because of why I'm even posting about it in this thread. Thankfully this was also my first concert ever, so there was that added bonus of excitement and fuck all attitude. Pretty much sealed me as a fan for life. Unforgettable.

    I wish I had some actual specifics for y'all about this show. It was essentially a whirlwind of freaking out about being there. Coming to understand the way a pit works when you're 13 was fun, there was a lot of trying to hold your own ground. Nothing could detract from my enjoyment of the show and living in that moment right then and there.

    I eventually acquired a shirt from that tour that Manson wiped his ass with on stage. So that's pretty cool.

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    I envy you guys. Concerts in 1994 and 2000... Christ, I can't imagine something like that.

    My first (and only so far) Manson concert was on September 26, 2007 in São Paulo. My dad drove me and a friend from Santos (where I live) to São Paulo. I arrived around 10am and met up some friends and we were all really excited. Around 7pm - a bit earlier than expected - the doors were opened and everyone was crazy. At frist I was in the front row, right in front of Skold. As soon as I got the front row, I saw Ginger's drums and started to cry. I was only 16 and I couldn't believe I was finally going to see my biggest idol. Then Maldita took the stage - the opening act, a band from Rio de Janeiro - and everyone booed them. Altough I like them, it was funny because a few days before the guys from the band (mainly the former keyboardist) talked shit about Manson. Something like "Manson will be our opening act", pff that's bullshit. Even because this band have CLEAR Manson influences. Anyway... I remember exactly what happened: Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up started playing and everyone was singing it! It was cool, haha, and then, the lights were shut down and the stage was completely filled with red lights and smoke with E Flat intro playing. Everyone went NUTS and started shouting "Manson! Manson! Manson!". He took the stage and I was shocked. When he started "6am... christimas morning..." I just died. I was so shocked that I couldn't even sing, I was just staring at the stage looking at the guys - especially Manson, of course. Disposable Teens started and I instantly thought "Yes. I'm seeing Marilyn Manson LIVE." The band was great, Manson was in a great mood and said that it was the best crowd of the tour (and he was right. The crowd sang every single song. We, brazilian fans, are so crazy that, for the first time, I saw an ENTIRE crowd shouting "How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?" along with him. It was truly amazing).

    After the concert I was lucky enough to go to the backstage with two friends and I met the man himself. This happened five years ago, but I still can't believe it was real. I mean, I TALKED to him, I HUGGED him. I can say he is the nicest and cutest guy ever! He is very shy, but also very polite and nice. He autographed everything we gave to him, talked to us and all that. Surreal.

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    I first started liking Manson a couple years ago, and had just missed THEOL tour. I'm 14 now, and I haven't had the opportunity to see him. As soon as he comes to Vancouver, or Seattle, or something of that sort I will go see him in a heartbeat. Until then...

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    I've been a fan for half of my life at this point, but I didn't get to see the band live until April 29 for the Hey, Cruel World...Tour. I went with one of my nephews. Great show, neither of us were disappointed.
    I almost got to see him in 1999 and 2008 but unfortunately had trouble with getting anyone to want to go with me and not back out before it came time to order tickets. I'd like to see him again on the Twins of Evil Tour next month, but the nephew I went with in April doesn't seem interested in going to that.

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    THEOL Tour: Festival Hall in Melbourne, October 10, 2009.

    I was 18 at the time and had been a fan for about five years (my parents had never allowed me to attend any previous shows). The Empirical Guy and myself flew there the night before and lined up at 6am. It was freezing, but worth it, we were right in the centre on the barrier. It was awesome, easily one of the best shows I have ever seen.

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    Dead to the World Tour at The Moore theater, Seattle. Probably one of the greatest shows I have ever seen in my life, I don't think any other Manson show I've seen can even compare, except maybe Rock is Dead at Key Arena or Rape of the World at the Paramount.

    Anyways, I had trouble getting in because I was wearing chains and carrying pill capsules filled with white powder, which really were just an adhesive for my fangs. I had to throw them all away before they would let me in though, which was totally worth it. My best friend, at the time, went with me and I think he was confused that it was some white power rally because after the show outside of the theater he kept hailing Hitler. I also remember walking to my pinto and I couldn't get my key to work at first, so some guy in the lot thought I was trying to break into someone's car.

    I don't think my parents knew I went, I know my mother absolutely hated Manson. Oh yeah, I also remember having to stand in line at my local record store to buy the tickets. I was lucky because the tickets sold out to the guy behind me. Everyone else got screwed.

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    The Royal Theatre, Canberra September 18, 2003

    I was about 14, my mum bought tickets for myself and a friend - she also drove me up to Newcastle to see him play again on that tour. Great stuff. Honestly, I was really young and I don't know if the gig was actually any good or not but at the time I was completely obsessed with anything even remotely related to Marilyn Manson and I was completely blown away by both shows.

    I remember being saddened that Twiggy wasn't going to be there but it was still a great show. I really didn't like GAOG as an album, even at the time I thought it was a very dumbed down record in comparison to his previous work but I do think it had a lot more artistic vision then anything he has done since, including Born Villain (although I prefer the songs on BV).

    Because I was so young, all I had really seen of Marilyn Manson was the Dead to the World and GGG VHS/DVD's. I thought Manson was a super bad ass and that there were going to be a million christian protestors at the gig. I was disappointed that were no protests or anything.

    A bogan did drive past the show in Newcastle while I was waiting for my mummy to come and pick me up and call me a 'faggot', though. Which is fair enough because I was wearing faggoty looking clothes at the time as, you do when you are 14/15 year old Mansonite. Haha.
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    Wembley Arena. London, UK. 5th December 2007.

    The show was during Rape of the World tour and I was 16 years old. It was also my first concert and I was quite nervous of how things would turn out, as I had no one to go with at school. I was one of the very few people at school to like Manson and I knew another girl who was attending, but we were not really friends and she went seated with her other friends. I chose to go for a seated ticket, since I felt like sitting to watch the full stage show rather than standing. I was also quite young and not sure how intense the standing area could get...

    So on the day of the show, I had school during the day and I got really excited as I did not know what to expect at my first Manson show. As soon as school finished at 3:20 p.m, I ran straight to the tube station to rush home and prepare for the evening... After getting changed into my own clothes (as I had to wear school uniform at the time), having something to eat at home and collecting my ticket, I headed off with excitement to the tube and made the way to Wembley Park.

    I arrived at Wembley around 5ish (around 5:40 p.m I think) and went to use the toilet briefly at McDonald's, which was surrounded by Manson fans eating there. Afterwards, I made the walk to Wembley Arena and I remember the venue having a pretty good atmosphere. The merchandise had some awesome items on sale, where I bought a t-shirt and a key ring.

    The support act for the show was Turbonegro and they were pretty decent in my opinion. I recognized a few of their songs off the Viva La Bam series, which was good to notice. Although I was mainly keen on seeing Manson. After the support finished, the curtains came down for Manson and that is when the excitement started to grow even more. As the show was about to start, you could see Manson's shadow through the curtain and there he opened with If I Was Your Vampire. It was a bit surreal to see him on stage for the first time but it finally came true. The theatrics were pretty good for that show, where he had the burning book for Antichrist Superstar, female robot and confetti spraying.

    After the show finished, my ears were ringing and it still went on till the next day. I found the show to be one hell of a great experience and I was certainly a lot more tempted to see him again the next time he toured the UK. It was certainly one of the best concerts I attended on my list.
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    February 2nd, 2008 - Columbus, Ohio. I remember not actually planning on going, until the news of Twiggy's return. I wouldn't let myself miss something like that. I am so glad that it ended up being my first concert. The venue was pretty nice, with the bathrooms looking like it was designed by the people who designed Hot Topic circa 5 years ago. The opening band was Ours, a fairly lame attempt at an opening band. I remember after the show taking a promo CD of theirs, but I'm not 100% sure if it was for free or not. When the curtain was set up, people went ballistic. They went crazier when the lights went down. Before the show started, with where I was standing, I saw Twiggy behind the curtain. Words cannot describe the feeling that gave me. I got so fucking hyped after that. Then, the Piano Trio in E-Flat started. You could feel the building swelling from excitement. Then, the curtain dropped.

    That was one of the greatest moments of my life.

    Cruci-Fiction in Space was the opening song. There was smoke pouring from the stage, and then Manson, looking freakishly tall, stepped out from the smoke. His voice, better than it had been since 2001, was excellent. He was nailing everything, with the confidence and aggression that can only be compared to the Holy Wood era. The set-list was good, which actually included surprises for me because I stopped following the set-lists a few shows before mine. People before us got Putting Holes in Happiness and Reflecting God, we got Little Horn and 1996. The song that was the biggest deal to me was Coma White / Coma Black. That was a song that I never thought I would get to hear live, and I am so glad that I did. My only regret was not bringing my girlfriend Olivia, as Coma White has been, and always will be, our song.

    I have since seen Manson at Rock on the Range, and am hopefully attending another show later this year for the Twins of Evil tour. But, of all of the shows that I have been to since that show, none of them have come close to giving me that same awestruck and amazing feeling like my first show.

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