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Thread: Are you left or right? Why?

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    I don't know much about it , Which one wants to plant Electrodes in Your grey matter and control You with remote controls ? that's what I want to do , That'Ss what I suspect we should do Mix Master Tea , Create HaPpiness , Like Mr.Huxley said , them lil' Human Peeeples are not really haPpy & they are streSsed for some reason , really everyone lets just stand down , & let the the Multiantiona corporations just do what they want , I give consent for Lockheed Martin to make nuclear deals with china , Lobby for re-writes of laws so they can sell Iran nuclear tech , sell Saudi Arabia fighter jets , Qatar & United arab emirates Tooo ! Cheers' ( nottt )
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    I'm in the middle, but very libertarian. So as you can imagine, I'm nowhere near in agreeance with the current parties today. Kind of a difficult position to be in because I really have nobody to vote for. They're too authoritarian and too extreme usually, the green party too. And the "libertarian party" are just republican lite, and are more authoritarian than their name suggests. Sigh, not in my lifetime probably will we see a truly libertarian governance.

    As for political philosophy, I'm a believer in communism; the Marx brand in particular. The USSR never made it to a communist governance, China is as capitalist as they come and are just using communism as propaganda, and North Korea are way too authoritarian even if their people prefer it that way. We may never see a communist country in this lifetime
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    In my old age I'm moving beyond either in reality I favor extremes of both that could possibly work but tossing away the rubbish is a wise consideration.

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    The down side of being a historian is you know nothing works well, and no one ever learns. There are just some parts of the spectra just are moderately less shit, and that allow gains that are positive. So I am whatever causes the least harm. Whether this means oscillating between wanting to burn it all down, embracing anarchism (except I find them all to be mind numbingly conservative), or something that resembles socialism (health care, love it) ... or the days I decide I have a sudden yen for fragmented oligarchy circa the tenth century (governance by obligation and negotiation). Well then, so be it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Empirical Guy View Post
    Personally, if they want to light fires I think they should let them all burn, and if they're on the roofs then bring them down with bullets. Ingrates turn up here supposedly seeking refuge, we keep them safe while doing the necessary legal work and they act like rabid animals? Fuck them all, they're not people we want here: and by here I mean on Earth.
    Sorry for quoting you on an old post, but are you saying they should all get punished for the actions of few? Also, "Fuck them all, they're not people we want" sounds bad for obvious reasons that I don't even need to explain.
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    I'm not too into politics, but I took one of those political compasses and was right in the center (same as Bernie Sanders apparently).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idunno View Post
    Sorry for quoting you on an old post, but are you saying they should all get punished for the actions of few? Also, "Fuck them all, they're not people we want" sounds bad for obvious reasons that I don't even need to explain.
    Yeah, I had to go back and re-read my whole post for context here... this was a long time ago!

    To clarify, I hate the idea that innocents be punished for the crimes of others. That is never what I would want in an ideal situation. At the same time, however, people will get away with whatever shit they can get away with and, maybe sometimes, you just have to be ruthless to a small group of innocents to get the whole lot in line. These immigrants all know they can get away with this sort of behaviour for the most part. It's quite possible, depending on how good of a mood I was in at the time, that when I said "let them all burn" I was merely referring to the fires and not the actual refugees. By that I mean if they want to light their free houses on fire, then ideally the people themselves would be kept safe but the buildings are just left to burn to the ground. Come night time or the rain and they complain they have no shelter, we'd just shrug and say "we gave you some, but you burned it". Word would get around pretty quick that there was no fucking around or taking their bullshit, and they'd stop lighting fires.

    As for "Fuck them all, they're not people we want", given the rapid change in the racial tension situation here in Australia since I made that post, I can immediately see how that can read bad. It's still true though. To be honest, I don't care what race or colour or religion or whatever you are, if you're the sort of person that throws a tanty and starts a violent riot just because you get given FREE SHIT while and LOOKED AFTER ON OTHER'S MONEY while the paperwork goes through, then that bodes ill for what you'll be like once you are allowed out in to our society and that's not the sort of behaviour we or, I presume, any country wants from its people.
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    Left, unconsciously. Pretending to be right most of the time.

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    I'd consider myself a classic liberal which unwillingly puts me in the center. Both the left and right have good and bad ideas and if I'd have it my way I'd vote on policies on a per issue basis, not a party basis. Of course that's not how democracy works so I end up voting for one of the parties around the center, the milquetoast non stance vote.

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    My views have changed a bit over the years.

    Here's what I believe now: Keep capitalism but tax the rich until there are no more billionaires. Gut ineffective social programs. Keep entitlements that actually contribute to the quality of life of people who work, want to work, or are disabled. Cut military spending by over 50%. Close corporate tax loopholes. Kill foreign aid. Cut state funding of healthcare for people over the age of 80. You've lived long enough. Make state schools tuition-free for high-performing students. Invest a much higher percentage of the budget on infrastructure. Invest and much, much, much higher percentage of the budget on funding scientific and technological advancements, especially computer science.

    Also, make people pass IQ and citizenship tests in order to vote and have children.

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