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Thread: Ryan Dunn from Jackass killed in car crash

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    Quote Originally Posted by MixMastahTee View Post
    I'm not trying to judge specific people, I'm only judging traits and ideas. Someone may have a trait that I think is negative, but that doesn't mean I'll judge that person on that singular trait alone.
    Indeed, and I doubt anyone's judging you on these opinions alone.

    Once again I agree, it's pathetic when people start caring more, or feigning interest in someone simply because they died. That's more-or-less one of the most pertinent points raised by the chap this website is about. In the context of media figures passing, and members of their public being upset over it however, the relativity of whether those people care more or not is personal to them, you don't really get any say in it. I am sure you can see how the two scenarios differ though.

    I'm not saying people shouldn't care about Dunn's death. I'm saying they shouldn't care such a massive amount more about him. Like I said, people should care about any death. But simply because a death gets media attention, it means more to people.
    Correction; it means more to some people. I don't care that this guy died, because like you he had no role to play in my life and there's thousands of other corpses in the morgues right now I could care about. I think it's imperative that human beings respect and try to prevent painless or unnecessary death whenever possible, but that's still not the same as being overly emotional about death when it becomes media choreography over fact.

    And that is selfish. Being sad about pretty much any death is selfish.
    You're going to have to explain this more adequately, because from the outset, it makes no sense. Being needlessly attached to the death of someone who has no role in your life for the sake of "belonging", yeah, that's selfish as all fuck (see; Princess Diana, etc.). But you're saying sadness over any death is selfish? Again, correct me if I'm wrong - and you've already clarified this was an overly emotional response to stimuli - but surely you're not suggesting that being sad over a beloved family member's death is selfish, or someone who had a great impact on you personally? Not everyone mourns someone because of what they got out of them, sometimes it's about love for the person who dies, and the wish they could experience more of life and the world around them. That's more about selflessness than seflishness though.

    Are you claiming everyone upset about Dunn's death has emotional connectivity with him?
    Not at all, and a good majority of people saying they do with these "peace out bro" type sentiments are shit-talking assholes, tomorrow they won't think about it. That's still not everyone though.

    I'm not trying to dictate thought, I'm only judging it. I'm just throwing out my views on the issue, I'm not telling people they need to think like me.
    Maybe, but you're still no good at divorcing fact from opinion. Instead of saying; "here's my thoughts and I believe someone else to be wrong/selfish/misguided" or whatever, you're point blank telling people they're those things, it doesn't engender people to agree with you if they're getting brick wall responses.

    Quote Originally Posted by MixMastahTee View Post
    I can offer a more legitimate one though - Japan's nuclear crisis for example. People care more about death when it is in the media.
    Again, you say 'people' as though you're exclusive to everyone else. I'd never say I have no empathy or consideration for victims of a Tsunami or Earthquake, because only the callous would truly deem it not worth thinking about. That said, I am not necessarily going to be thinking about it every waking hour, and that's not out of ignorance, but because sometimes things happen outside the sphere of our own lives. It is possible to receive information through media and not turn into an emotional sponge about things, just the same as it's possible to hear about things and not be an automaton who doesn't give a shit. That's a personal choice though, you can't tar everyone with the same brush.

    Quote Originally Posted by Christina View Post
    I want to express my condolences... but I'm afraid I'll get verbally attacked for it. :/
    Quote Originally Posted by MixMastahTee View Post
    Welcome to the internet. Make yourself at home.
    Actually, welcome to Provider Module, where no one gets verbally attacked without a jolly good reason. :)

    In closing (by all means Tee, feel free to pen a media grievance topic of some sort, it's an interesting debate on which we mostly agree with more avenues to explore), I'd say VIDe, ImNotJesus and ThreeEyedGod's thoughts were most succinct here. I know there's no confirmation of whether Dunn was shitfaced, but if he was then it's merely another wasted life at the hands of stupidity, making the guy a genuine Jackass. If not, then it's a sad event for the people who knew him or were fond of his comedy contributions.


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    he will be tragically missed. I enjoyed watching him on viva la bam and he was a really funny guy.

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