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Thread: Analingus

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    no no no ! 100% no

    blow jobs are OK but licking a butthole no! unless I want to get pooped on myface!

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    Heh, butt-loitering.

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    Whilst I have finger-fucked anuses before (only whilst wearing gloves or utilising condoms), I would absolutely never get my face there. Ever.

    I've had my rear eaten out once before - if I remember correctly, I remember it wasn't completely unpleasant, but I think I was largely in shock at the time. Seriously guys, you can do what you want to my buttocks, but stay away from the asshole. I will take maybe a small amount of attention to it, but there is a very long list of other things I would rather you were doing to/with me. And yes, no matter how clean I've ensured I am, I'm paranoid about mess, so please, just keep to the front, and everyone is happy.

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    Never. Ever.

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    I'm a big fan of giving analingus to women, but most girls aren't really into receiving it. Unfortunately.

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    If your sig is any indicator, I can't say I blame them. :P

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    Women can still orgasm from anal play.

    True story.

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    ^ From nipple play, too. Shit's so cash.
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    nuh uh

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    My thoughts on the subject.

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