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Thread: Analingus

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    I only have one word to give for an answer:
    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

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    It depends, does she practice good hygiene? I mean, does she wash her anus regularly? Also, does she have a penis?

    If you answered yes to either of these, then I would happily eat this hypothetical asshole.

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    I guess the bottom line is, when it comes to analingus, everyone's got different tastes...

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    I feel I should reiterate the entirely unrepentant chauvinism of the original post; this isn't about whether anyone would lick an asshole ever, but mostly about whether the chaps of Provider Module would partake in the pink-bunny-nose-taste-test themselves on a female. I understand the ladies here will henceforth take a dismal view of S.D., but to be fair I'm sure I've always seemed like an unscrupulous bastard, so it can't get worse.

    Also, Important Contextual Information: This approach does not necessarily apply to anyone or everyone. There are definitely lady anuses that don't merit the attention, regardless of how delectable the owner of said anus may be. It's a weird phenomenon actually, sometimes the event is really relative to the individual and overall circumstances.

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    I'm really not into rimming, but will not deny someone I'm with if it gets their rocks off and they really want to do it. My ex was an ass man, so I allowed him to go down on my precious anus a few times (first time I let anyone). I didn't really get any pleasure out of it. I was mostly just wide eyed and ticklish/would start laughing in the middle because it felt so strange.

    I would never eat someone out myself though since I have absolutely no desire to. Especially since I've never seen an asshole as clean and handsome as mine is. I get all up in there with the soap several times every shower, and shave all the hairs inside my bum. Cleanest meal a rimmer ever had. :D

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    Wait a minute, you're gay? ^

    I never knew that.

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    Something about this song always puts me in the mood.

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    I got a question for you folk, do you consider the act of rimming an ass to be a submissive act or dominant? Throughout my life I have always considered it to be something done to a submissive partner, kind of like giving a cute girl oral sex and getting her all excited and squirming, begging for, you know, "something extra." But earlier in the year someone I was dating said she wanted to do that to me because she liked doing such a submissive act to me.

    That changed my mind on the whole perspective.

    Regardless, I'm not comfortable doing that to anybody short of Scarlet Johansson , and would never ever dare to let someone to that to me. It still seems dirty -- and not in the sexy way.

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    While I will not argue with your taste in women, with everything Scarlett Johansson can offer you, you're thinking about her anus? There's something not right there...

    My avatar looks like a mix of NIN, My Chemical Romance, and Chris Vrenna

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Empirical Guy View Post

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