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Thread: Marilyn Manson Reads William Blake At 'Dark Blushing' [10.09.2011]

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    Default Marilyn Manson Reads William Blake At 'Dark Blushing' [10.09.2011]

    Seems everyone's caught up in Born Villain at the moment, but I still read about this piece of news on Babalon. I think it's probably fully-booked already, but it still looks interesting, there may be some good photos or video from the event. Given his life and connections to Dante, I can imagine this is something Manson will relish.

    Marilyn Manson will read William Blake's poetry at Dark Blushing, an event held at the Getty Theatre LA, on September 10th.

    From the official Getty website:-

    "Presented in collaboration with Write Now Poetry Society, Dark Blushing is a unique evening of poetry, music, and art featuring some of the brightest stars in contemporary poetry—Patricia Smith, Ilya Kaminsky, Jeffrey McDaniel, Rachel McKibbens, Brendan Constantine, and Suzanne Lummis—all presenting new work inspired by the exhibition Luminous Paper: British Watercolors and Drawings.

    Their performances are accompanied by the lush live music of Portland artist Timmy Straw, whose work combines classical training on piano and strings with electronic beats and loops. Legendary jazz bassist Roberto Miranda also joins the line-up and adds his dynamic improvisations to the live readings. Iconoclast Marilyn Manson makes a special appearance reading the poetry of William Blake, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti's work will be read by another soon-to-be-announced celebrity. The poet-artists Blake and Rossetti's drawings are featured in the Museum's exhibition. Hosted by actress and author Amber Tamblyn and poet Mindy Nettifee."
    "the Serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which
    the LORD god had made

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    Neat! It would be divine to be there. Not just for Manson. It sounds like an exciting night.

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    Wow, surely looking forward to the readings of poetry by this iconoclast! I hope good quality videos of this event surface online.

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    too bad it's sold out. not at all interested in the book/dvd signing but this i so would have gone to.

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    OMFG, William Blake is a longtime favorite of mine!

    This is kind of obscure, but I really hope to all holy fuck that Manson reads "I Saw a Chapel All of Gold" for everyone.

    It's easily one of the coolest and most awesome pieces Blake ever wrote. Really graphic and disturbing stuff, even for him.

    Being a fan of comics and a writer/artist dabbler myself, Blake was always a hero of mine and an inspiration for the way he so successfully and intuitively merged his writings with his illustrations. So it's an obvious fit for Manson at a time like this when he's basically doing the same with his music and filmmaking (not to mention music and painting, etc.). Pretty sure Manson even namechecked Blake as an influence during the making of Antichrist Superstar, when he himself was channeling his own angelic visions into his art.

    Pretty cool that he's gotten back around to drawing inspiration from him again.

    Can't wait to see what Manson has planned, this should be a FANTASTIC event.


    Anyway, in light of recent projects, I half expect the Manson/Blake reading to go down like THIS...

    That would be fucking KILLER, lol.

    I actually used to wear my make-up like that to Manson shows (for obvious reasons), so it would be BADASS if he does that for the event. SO appropriate!

    Regardless, I think I'm officially bringing it back into my make-up rotation now.


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    I hate when this shit is announced so damn early cause I get excited then have to wait to hear about it or see the pictures.

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    Personally, I'm more frustrated by stuff like the book signing and this poetry reading being announced so CLOSE to the actual day of the event, since it makes it next-to-impossible for a chronically-broke fan such as myself to cobble together the cool grand-or-so it would take for me make the trip.

    Concert-chasing roadtrips are VASTLY easier for me to finance for myself since there's generally plenty of warning that shit's getting started back up and the band's about to hit the road again, resulting in plenty of time to raise some funds before the tickets actually go on-sale. Plus, they generally go on-sale in waves so there's time to buy the first round, work some more, get paid, and then buy the second week worth of concert tickets and so forth. And THEN there's still generally a month or two or three before the shows actually happen, so there's all sorts of time to figure out how the hell I'm actually going to raise the money to get to all the shows I already bought tickets for, lol.

    But THIS just makes me feel like I'm being punished for not living in L.A. or something.

    And, fuck, even if I DID live there I'd be too busy and broke and drowning in daily expenses to make it to the damned things anyway! After all, there are many, many people with FAR more money than I have who still can't afford to live there, ffs.

    No fair.


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    Let's get some people, start a gang, move to Hollywood and just rob rich people all day.

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    William Blake huh? Born Villain.

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