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Thread: [002]: Feb 25 2012 - Soundwave Festival - RNA Showgrounds - Brisbane, Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin View Post

    Twiggy, Fred and Jason are badass, Manson too tired
    Born Villain Tour Live > Majority of THEOL Tour Live

    hands down.
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    Damn, Manson sounds/looks wasted as hell, lol

    And damn, Twiggy looks awesome

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    ''Manson was fucking waste-e-e-e-ed!''
    And yes, he was. Goddamnit.

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    Yeah he looks and sounds exhausted as hell. Just kinda slugging around the stage.

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    Kinda early to tell, not enough material yet... but I'm digging Jason's take on the songs. And Fred just fits in nicely too.

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    this video wins just by virtue of having footage of the band as well as manson. 'bout time!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakob Synn View Post
    I saw Borland tweet this earlier today (Feb 24) on Twitter

    "2 deals in a week: Rocket Science, Cash Money. Totally jet lagged in Australia. Ended my night in the hotel bar with Twiggy and Manson. Rad"

    I saw it and was confused because I thought Manson and Borland didn't really like eachother after Borland chose LB over Manson. So I tweeted him

    "@wesborland I thought Manson hated you for going back to Limp Bizkit?"

    And he responded a minute later with

    "@JakobSynn Nope. We hugged and kissed and had a great hang tonight"


    Whatever, he still sounds pretty damn good and the band was kicking ass.

    I saw the first pic with Twiggy from the "Sidewave" show and thought my eyes might be turning tricks on me.

    But yes, yes, that's Twiggy Fucking Ramirez in a dress.


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    Quote Originally Posted by R_Flagg View Post
    The first show yesterday looked very promising for the MM fans, because his performances haven't always been stellar the past few years. That being said, I can see why for the average festival-goer it's nothing special. Many bands playing these days have a lot more energy, and looking at a Mobscene vid from yesterday he still pretty much blurred out the verses. I'm not slagging him off though, but I think nowadays what sounds great for us MM fans looks meh to someone else who has just seen Slipknot or Trivium.
    Having seen all three of those bands live, I'll take Manson over the other two any day. I like Slipknot and Trivium, but they just can't compete. OK, maybe they play their songs 'better' live... for a given value of better. If I wanted to hear something played perfectly, I'd stay at home and listen to the album. When I go to see a band live, I want a show. Sometimes that means mistakes, people being tired or unwell, etc. But there are scant few performers I've seen who have a stage presence anything close to what Manson has, and Slipknot and Trivium are not among them.
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    Does anyone know if the podium was used for ACSS or was it just Manson walking around again?

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