I can't read Taiwan and google can only do so much work but it looks like he's playing there too -

Pop-rock shocker about the stage! There, as in 2012, invited to the cultural history of the most controversial rock band - Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson's first concert in Taiwan, Taiwan's rock fans have never seen Night at the upcoming March 15, 2012, Taipei Showcase two Pavilion (formerly the World Trade Center) held, the fare is 2,200 yuan and 3,800 yuan, December 17 noon start selling, to December 23 also enjoy the demons must be employed first week 10% discount for tickets! Bookings rose on the mass booking (www.g-music.iticket.com.tw) and mass outlets across the province rose, more information, please contact with the face as the official culture of the book (www.facebook.com / VeryAspect, X) .

Date: March 15, 2012
Location: Taipei Show Center II (formerly World Trade Center)
Tickets: 2200 yuan, 3800 yuan (the station I) demons must be employed first week (12/17-12/23) was purchased % discount ticket
bookings, call Rose on the mass outlets (www.g-music.iticket.com.tw) and mass outlets across the province rose


This Facebook page has more news links on it too - www.facebook.com/VeryAspect.X

It looks to be some kind of promoters page or something, I've put the news on the front page and although we probably don't have anyone from Taiwan on the forums I will put a thread in the tour section for any information that pops up from that date.