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Thread: [004]: Feb 29 2012 - Sidewave - Enmore Theatre - Sydney, Australia

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    Was wearing a GOAG era shirt and a jacket with a ACSS logo sewn on, if anyone saw me there:
    (Drinking coca-cola in a cafe...No Reason

    Camera troubles , Here's what I salvaged regardless (LQ).

    Excellent night, on a side note Coal Chamber (especially the drummer) were berzerk.
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    End of Love Song - Little Horn

    Slices of ''The Dope Show''

    Manson is doing some kind of gutural at some parts of Little Horn? I.e. at the end. 3:00
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    I don't know if that was him, or just the shit mic causing that sound - but it sounded brutal for a millisecond lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cringeon View Post
    I don't know if that was him, or just the shit mic causing that sound - but it sounded brutal for a millisecond lol
    I thought that as well, maybe the guy put his finger where it was supposed to capture the sound or whatever and it distorted the sound, but the rest of the instruments were fine, only his voice sounded like that. And I'm not a big fan of gutural, but indeed it sounded brutal. I asked the guy who uploaded it. Let's see.

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    Cool review from the show --
    By this stage the room is packed shoulder to shoulder, the seats are full and the black curtain is going up for Marilyn Manson’s big entrance. The atmosphere is tense and heavy, as a heart beat intro is played and smoke machines go into overdrive. As the curtain drops Manson emerges from the haze wearing a crown of lasers on his head and fluoro zinc on each cheek. The audience become a mad rabble as he launches into ‘Antichrist Superstar’ followed by favourite ‘Disposable Teens’. Compared to his set at Soundwave he seems livelier as he yells out ‘Australia!’ and is greeted with screams. Without missing a beat Manson then charges into ‘The Love Song’, a blinding red light bathes him, as engages in call and response with the pulsing crowd.

    Manson pauses for a moment to don a top hat and discuss narcotics, asking if people are high and where the ‘special water’ is and this sets up the cue for ‘The Dope Show’ another moment that ramps up the audience’s enthusiasm. ‘Rock is Dead’ is highlighted with bursts of smoke and ends with a shower of confetti, on which in true comical form Manson comments ‘feels like period on the head’. Another cheer goes out for ‘Personal Jesus’ another favourite for the night, this song seems to incite nudity whenever its performed and there were at least three girls quick to get their tops off. At this point in time Manson is showing some of his old spark, rolling around on the floor as he sings, his voice never wavering or losing its power.

    There is a short break as the lights dim down again, through the smoke Manson emerges once more this time with a torch attached to his mike. ‘Sweet Dreams’ is met with a roar and is chanted along to with much conviction. This tune really brings out all of colour and character in Manson’s vocals. The band has now relaxed and members Twiggy Ramirez and Fred Sablan seem to have come alive and are more animated than their last show. Manson and Twiggy hug onstage before he continues with spoken word version of ‘1996’. Whenever he performs this song there’s always somebody that doesn’t understand that it’s intentionally spoken, which is the very thing I love about it and never tire of. Thankfully it goes down a treat here, even though there is a break where Manson tells the people in front to shush, ‘shall I continue my poetry open mike night?’ One more brief intermission and Manson is back with his leather cap on this meaning we’re at ‘Beautiful People’, usually the last song. It is a wild finale, Manson is hugging Fred, the drum kits fallen over and everyone’s dancing with everything they’ve got.

    Manson surely delivers, but what got me was the contrast between some of his earlier performances and this performance. He’s an intriguing character and an entertainer known for his wild antics on stage, and I couldn’t help but feel it that the performance was very low on energy. The set barely lasted the hour it was scheduled, which I thought left the ticket holders a little short changed, and there was no real encore. However, the mad devotion of his fans and the sheer familiarity of the music played its part in pulling the performance through. It’s the believers that make Manson an institution and if your believers leave your show happy and content, then you must be doing something right.

    Nazia Hafiz

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    Dope Show

    Rock Is Dead


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    Don't think this review has been posted yet. Pretty good write up, but it's not the first time I've seen them reference people being confused during 1996... is it possible that many people at a Manson show have never seen Dead To The World before?

    The photo. You can just make out Dysmorphia and me on the left, but check out the guy behind the two girls that look like they're laughing to each other. Mildly embarrassed to say I know him.
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    ^ I can see all of us (except for Mary's boyfriend) in that photo. And I love the review!
    And that guy was, uh, nice...
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    Enmore Theatre Sidney, AU
    Anthony Crosetta Photography

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