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Thread: [008]: Mar 06 2012 - Sidewave - Metro City - Perth, Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by S.D. View Post
    Interesting to see a reprisal of The Fight Song and Guns, God & Government black stripe across Manson's face. Were it not for the more obvious difference in outfit and hairstyle, that picture above could have been taken alongside this (note the similar reprisal of streaked black neck stripes):-

    I must admit though, looking over the majority of these galleries from Soundwave and Sidewave, I bloody wish they'd let some of the press photographers do balcony shoots, or wide-range from any platforms in the audience. This right-at-the-foot-of-the-stage style is really bland aesthetically, all the shots look the same.
    I made the GGG connection with the neck stripes too, pretty cool to see it back but tied in with the more recent fluro pink stripe he's been using lately as well.

    As for the photos, unfortunately that's how photographers usually have to work here in Australia, at all shows. They let them in to the gap between the barrier and the stage with the security guards, and are usually herded out after the first 3 songs. It does limit their angles and so on greatly, and means anyone up the back of the stage (drummers, keyboardists etc) are rarely seen in the shots.
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    "MARILYN MANSON charmed Perth for a post SW party not too long ago.
    Thu 15th Mar, 2012 in Gig Reviews
    With the hangover and sunburn still fresh from the past day’s proceedings, the black shirt army came in their droves and filled the Metro City lower level, with the promise of a joy filled evening in the company of Marilyn Manson.

    As an entree we were treated to Murderdolls frontman Wednesday 13 and a barrage of horror punk ditties to keep us rocking til the main course, dropping noise mainly from debut Transylvania 90210 and last year’s Calling All Corpses. He was entertaining enough to hold the attention of most with a solid performance.

    It took around an hour for the switch over from Wednesday 13 to Manson but then the lights went down and from behind the black silk curtain covering the stage came the silhouette of the Reverend himself; mic stand slung around his shoulders, the curtains were drawn and it was time to rock.

    Marilyn Manson is no midget, he really is a massive human being, and it’s another thing to take in whilst in his presence, he blasted straight into Antichrist Superstar and the faithful lapped it up. “Perth, Perth, Peeeeerth, you’re the fuckers who threw the bottle at me” he muttered in good spirits, referring back to the embarrassment that was Big Day 99, before the opening riffs to Disposable Teens bounded out the system. It seemed all was forgiven.

    For such an icon of all that is dark and morbid, he was quite fun and jovial when it came to crowd banter, often chatting to the “girl with no boobs in the front row”, or the “2 gay strangers, one with a bear, who wanted to fuck each other in the ass”, even the bald roadie (who got one helluva work out, got his own chant lead by Manson “Bal-dy-man, bal-dy-man”, fun times.

    Dipping into the Mechanical Animal album we got to hear The Dope Show and an awesome, powerful rendition of Rock Is Dead, complete with confetti cannons that shot silver and red confetti all over the crowd and Manson, claiming at the end of the song that “confetti is gay” – the guy knows how to pull a giggle.

    For those who saw him at Soundwave, this was a much tighter performance, claiming “he’d been sober for at least five minutes” and it showed, he stayed on his feet, only once taking a quick lay down onstage and the lyrics were delivered with gusto and the evil we’ve come to love.

    Personal Jesus signalled the start of the covers, as Sweet Dreams followed in quick succession, before a completely masterful Irresponsible Hate Anthem blasted everybody back to the golden age of Marilyn Manson, hard, fast and nasty.

    After a quick dip off stage he returned to deliver the one and only song for encore, The Beautiful People, to the delight of many. He only played for 45 minutes which was a bit of a bummer but for all that, it was a hit filled show aimed to please the dedicated and the curious – and for the record, he threw a heap more (plastic) bottles at us this time."

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