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Thread: 'Slo-Mo-Tion'

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    I did believe manson when he was talking about this song. I think he's so creative, I love that! I loved the title of Arma-Goddamn-Motherfucking-Geddon, Wow, mOBSCENE, (s)AINT - all very lovely ideas. Slo-Mo-Tion is no exception to me. Can't wait to see what this will be.

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    I think there's plenty of little connections to be made here, even if they're not intentional. Or who knows, maybe they are?

    Reflecting on The High End Of Low and its focus on film, the lyric "Timelapse and dancing and rotting in place, and we've reached the high end of low" springs to mind, from I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell. Time-Lapse photography is essentially the same principal as Slow Motion film.

    The idea of a casting call video reminds me of "Don't call us we'll call you" during Doppelherz. Manson was also on the soundtrack for The Matrix, a film which famously used slow motion techniques to show gunfire. They even coined the term 'Bullet Time' because of it. Manson also mentioned how The Matrix imagery and his involvement with Columbine were related during That Metal Show, perhaps this was intentional in relation to Slow-Mo-Tion, he doesn't usually talk about that film when discussing Columbine. Then there's the 'Headshot', a studio photograph used by actors and their agents to try and get them auditions, a form of casting call...

    I also thought of this untitled painting:-

    Note how the head is a videocamera, and the arms are guns.
    "the Serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which
    the LORD god had made

    m e m e n t o m o r i . p o s t m o r t e m

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    Pure conjecture I say! It's an interesting way to think of that. The way I saw it was as a joke. We never got a dildo cam video, which was disappointing, but still a funny comment. He did mention feeding Christians to the lions again and we got a yawning MGM Lion out of that. Then again I always took the lyric from Evidence "Head's blown clean off, your mouth paid off" as an oral sex reference, so perhaps we'll get a music video with aspiring porn stars giving the band blow jobs? Who knows?
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    Well, Manson has always been notorious for creating new words by combining two different words. Phenobarbiedoll is one that comes to mind. Maybe this is his new thing.

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    I'm not sure if he would do something like this after the Coma White video. Plus, shooting someone in the head with a shotgun would remove the head. I would still love to see it however!

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    Slo-Mo-Tion, "no w".

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    Hmm. Schlomo is the Hebrew version of Solomon, who in one year earned 666 talents of gold.

    And "Solomon," is a Latin invention combining moon and sol, or sun. So Sol y Mon, the moon has now eclipsed the sun.

    Also, Solomon is famous for building a temple, which the Antichrist is also supposed to do.

    Whoops, just realized that has nothing to do with anything. My bad.

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    ^And the Song of Solomon. Don't forget that fine piece of poetry.

    Song of Solomon 8:7 "Many waters cannot quench love, nor can rivers drown it. If a man tried to buy love with all his wealth, his offer would be utterly scorned."
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    "Shooting Slo-Mo-tion. --MM" ha ha so obvious, "and everything is SHOT in slow motion" " I hide behind bullet proof glass"
    Yeah, we are going to see heads blown off LOL
    upload of the 6/12/12 show live slo-mo-tion emphasizing the "SHOT"

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    The hybrid offspring of a male tiger and a female lion is sometimes called a TION (or tigon or tiglon).

    They're pretty much the opposite of the better known liger.

    And there's MM with tiger stripes and a lion's mane in a pic from the Slo-Mo-TION video shoot. "RAWR."

    I think the next pic may be shopped but it illustrates the mane and stripes pretty well.

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