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Thread: KISS

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    Default KISS

    There are just no words to...I can't even...

    I forgot words.

    Anyway, the details have been known for a while now. I'm just suprised it hasn't been posted here.

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    KISS are cash whores, especially gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.
    i loved you at your darkest

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    I love KISS' music but I will never-ever take them seriously.

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    Kiss would market their foreskin if they could.

    ca$h whore$ is damn straight.

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    I finally got into KISS. It was Paul Stanley that won me over, but by the time I heard more about Gene Simmons's life story, it also helped me put it into perspective. I'm also very much an original line-up person, so it was inevitable for me to look up Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, which then lead me to listen to Eddie Trunk as a means to familiarize myself with the band and its history.

    Anyway, I know it's just me, but it's also their 1980s albums/songs that appealed so much quicker to my preferences. However, the 1970s albums are also growing on me. I also saw KISS live for what might also be the first and the last time ever last year, should this tour really turn out to be their last farewell tour of them all, ever.

    Seeing them live with all the fireworks also made me finally get it and see what the fuss was all about. Even if it's obviously far from the glory days, it was definitely a very fun show to see live.

    And for what it's worth, I also enjoyed watching the Detroit Rock City movie as well.

    Oh right, and these KISS sites are always a must see for fans.
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    War Machine is one of the most gully songs ever, regardless of Gene Simmons being a prick.

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    Gotta say I saw them last summer for the first time. Wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan, but what a show it was. Glad I’ve seen them!

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    What's that quote from The Simpsons? "Sorry, but I only like when I pretend scared".

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    For Christmas (in 2019), I gifted tickets to my parents and boyfriend for the KISS End Of The Road World Tour. I got ticket too. And they canceled a concert in my country :C I grew up with a kiss...

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    Love KISS saw them on their supposed for real this time retirement tour last year before this virus crap started. Was an awesome show. I find Gene Simmons' self admitted narcissism and greed kinda endearing lol

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