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Thread: [016]: Apr 29 2012 - The Paramount - Huntington, NY, USA

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    I was really impressed with little things, like how well Manson hit the high notes on "incredibly chaaaarminggg." Manson's voice was great, definitely had more energy than last couple tours. No forgotten lyrics or stumbling around.
    Pistol Whipped was fucking fantastic.

    Set list was the same.

    oh my god I was so happy he brought the podium for acss.

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    Fast Food Nude. Whisky And Speed's Avatar
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    the dope show


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    The show was awesome. The quality of the pictures I took were not, unfortunately.
    A lot of them got the heads of fans who were in front of me, and when I'd try to zoom in on Manson they'd come out blurry.

    The venue was great, if he ever comes back though I'll make sure to get a seat in the balcony to avoid the damn moshers. They can have fun doing what they're doing, but I just wanted to enjoy the show and they made it a little difficult to do so at times.
    Oh well...I finally got to see Manson and can finally take that off my bucket list.

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    Great to hear of another amazing show, plus that the podium was brought back! I'd imagine in Hampton Beach it was just too small to do it.

    On a sorta related note, I just got into NYC on megabus and I swear I saw Manson's bus pulling up in front of a hotel. BTW., for anyone for whatever reason wondering, Manson's bus is the one with the stuffed animal in the front window!


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    For anyone who has doubts about the man or the band: as your attorney I advise you to get your ass to the show and be impressed. Fan-tas-tic. His voice was crazy and the band was tighter than Phil Donohue's ass. Pistol Whipped and Slo Mo Tion translate extremely well live. More pics to come.

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    I honestly still can't get over how awesome the show was! the review I written previously was written in the afterglow of the show, but waking up and reflecting on, they kicked ass.

    some more details I remembered: The band had a few different backdrops throughout the show. there was one backdrop that really reminded me of a late 60's psychedelic band because there was purple, yellow, and pink lights casting the shadows of the drummer and Manson on the backdrop. as I mentioned earlier the band sounded so Rock n' Roll!

    this was my 4th time seeing Manson. I saw him twice on The Rape of the World Tour, once with Skold and once with Twiggy, and both of the shows were incredible. Then I saw him on THEOL tour and I still enjoyed it, but it wasn't as great as the last two. This show was definitely on par with 2007/08 Manson, and although there are much less theatrics I didn't find myself any less interested in the show at all.

    when watching youtube videos, of course his hits sound fucking boring, but when watching them in person you really get into them and they just come alive and sound so much fatter and meatier. I knew the setlist was going to be the same as the previous two shows and was dissapointed with the setlist until I actually saw the songs from the setlist unfurl in front of me, the show has a clear arc in my eyes and goes along a set path Manson intended (it may be worthy to note I was really high). 15 songs is a little short in comparison to a band like Radiohead, but Thom isn't on stage screaming his lungs out for an hour and a half, so I could see why Manson only plays 15 songs and 15 songs were perfectly satisfying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FeedYourHead22 View Post
    ahahah that's my hand with the green wristband on it

    wow you are the tallest I wonder if you saw something

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