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Thread: [014]: Apr 27 2012 - Lupo’s At The Strand - Providence, Rhode Island, USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heather Quick View Post
    Hey, Cruel World.../Disposable Teens

    Jesus fucking Christ. Killer performance. KILLER!!!!!!!!!
    I love the audience anticipation and reaction to the curtain coming down. He killed!

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    No Reflection

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    Looks like this was a fucking awesome show.
    Good set list, certainly wouldn't mind having this when he comes to the UK, overall it looks it was a solid performance and it's great to see the podium return. I also like the stage set up having the raised platforms which Manson can stand on either side or the raised drum kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norsefire View Post
    I also like the stage set up having the raised platforms which Manson can stand on either side or the raised drum kit.
    Yes! I missed those plataforms. These kind of things are little details that makes his performance much better than just walking around the stage.

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    Personal Jesus - Pistol Whipped
    Last edited by Norsefire; 04-28-2012 at 10:25 AM. Reason: Adding video titles so people know where to find Pistol Whipped.

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    That was, without question, one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. (If you’re wondering which show I’m referring to: I saw Marilyn Manson last night at Lupo’s in Providence.) Well, first off, I got there early, so I decided to risk my life by crossing a four-way intersection coming off an interstate exit in order to buy a carton of cigarettes. (Then, of course, I found a Starbucks!) Next, I wasted that entire pack of cigarettes, whilst waiting in the freezing cold for an hour to get into the venue. Just walking in there was awesome: There were chandeliers, velvet curtains; it was really the most beautiful venue I’ve ever seen. I bought a “Hey Cruel World Tour” sweatshirt. (They were pretty overpriced, so I couldn’t buy a shirt, too. Hello, Amazon!) Walking into the bar / stage area was even more incredible: There were seats everywhere, (sort of like a club setting), and the bar was really nice! When I got into General Admission, I had a front-and-center view of the stage, and I was only one (very violent) moshpit’s length away from the performers. ^_^
    Anyways, you’re probably all wondering about the show, so I’ll get on with the story! There were only two bands playing, (The Pretty Reckless and Marilyn Manson), so each set was much longer than usual, and I quite liked that. I wasn’t sure if The Pretty Reckless would be very good live, but they put on a great show, and Taylor’s voice sounded really strong. (I have to say, she was quite beautiful, too!) I thoroughly enjoyed their set, and I did take a few photos, and a video of my personal favorite song, “Make Me Wanna Die”. (If anyone’s interested, please let me know via ask box!) They played for a good 45 minutes, and then got offstage. (I was actually surprised that the crowd seemed to enjoy The Pretty Reckless! A bunch of the guys were sort of just hooting and hollering at Taylor’s dancing, though, so who knows.) I’d say we waited about an hour for Marilyn Manson to come out — Everyone was screaming, “Manson, Manson, Manson!” — When he did come out, everyone went insane. I didn’t recognize a couple of the songs, but most of the songs he played were: “The Dope Show”, “No Reflection”, “mOBSCENE”, “Personal Jesus”, “Antichrist Superstar”, and my favorites: “Sweet Dreams”, “Irresponsible Hate Anthem”, and “The Beautiful People”. He played for a good hour, maybe a bit longer. It was really incredible, and his voice sounded better than ever. (Also, he’s the best showman I’ve ever seen live!)
    So, I’ll put in a few personal details, for a nice touch! ^_^ The whole set was very interactive: The audience was singing, (if not screaming), along to each song, cheering / chanting at each appropriate part — (For example, we all got to cheer, “Be obscene! Be, be obscene!” and “We hate love! We love hate!”) — Then, during “Hate Anthem”, I saw more middle fingers than I’ve ever seen so far in my life! (Of course, two of them were mine!) Manson did sing a new song, too; I’m not sure what the title of it was, but it sounded really good! Around “Personal Jesus”, almost everyone in the audience just surged forward, and completely lost control. As if things couldn’t get more exciting, Manson brought out the Antichrist Superstar podium, and confetti started pouring down from the ceiling. The last couple of songs were: “Sweet Dreams” and “The Beautiful People”. I put any energy I had left into singing and dancing to those two songs, because they were absolutely fucking amazing live! Afterwards, I got a drink, had my last cigarette, and went on my way. (I didn’t expect to meet Manson, but I’m still sad that I didn’t have the chance to!)
    I hope that covers everything! I’ll be posting photos as soon as my iPhone syncs with my computer! I apologize if the pictures are a bit blurry, or not extremely exciting. I didn’t have my camera with me, and I was getting shoved around to the point of struggling to stay on my feet, so I didn’t even have the physical capability to take a video. (I wanted to record “Sweet Dreams” for you guys! Wah, I’m super sorry!)
    Oh, yeah, shout out to the drunken twat who nearly destroyed my diaphragm — (And I mean, when he shoved me, I couldn’t breathe, and then got terrible chest pains / stomach cramps!) — And then tried to pick me up at the bar. Yeah, thanks, but no thanks. I don’t like guys who go to concerts for the sake of violence, and knock girls down without regard to their safety.
    Shout outs to all of the people who danced and / or sang with me!
    A final shout out to the guy who helped me up after that drunken asshole knocked me over, and furthermore, gave me a place to stand where I could actually see the stage! You might not see this, but I really wanted to thank you for being so kind to me at the show, and for enjoying “Sweet Dreams” and the rest of the set as much as I did! ^_^
    Well, my lovely followers: I hope that my queue last night was all right, and I certainly hope that you enjoy this novel of a post I’ve written for you. I am now going to go get coffee, as I feel terribly destroyed, and then I’ll get to posting some photos for you. xoxo

    ^^^ That was just posted on Tumblr.

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    YAY! The guy recorded Pistol Whipped after Personal Jesus. Manson's performance on this song is PHENOMENAL!

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    Judging from the videos (I was not actually there) I think Manson definitely sounds better than he did during Soundwave/Sidewave/Asia and Golden Gods! I didn't hardly see any performances during The High End of Low Tour, so I can't really say anything about that. The audience, for the most part, seemed to really enjoy the show.

    Most of "Hey, Cruel World" sounded right on, "Slo-Mo-Tion" was pretty good, "Sweat Dreams" and "Antichrist Superstar" were OK ... the rest of it I thought sounded like crap. I'm sure if I were actually there I might have a different opinion.

    Plus there weren't any major costume changes (except maybe for ACSS.) There was a major lack of things like snow, fire (and other pyrotechnics,) confetti, props, set changes, and I am still not impressed with Twiggy's backing vocals. I think it's cool that he is allowed to do it, he just needs to practice more I think. Manson playing a few seconds on guitar during Pistol Whipped was dumb. I guess I also really miss seeing a keyboard player and am a little disappointed there still isn't one.

    What happened to playing six new songs? Where are the theatrics? Antichrist Superstar?! PODIUM!! Give me a break ... yeah, OK, it's their first show in over a month ... let's just hope that they warm up a little more plus add more to show. We'll see. So far I am not very impressed.
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    I think the setlist was one of the best since a long time. I'm just a bit tired to listen to Sweet Dreams and I don't care about Personal Jesus, it would be great if they exchanged this 2 songs (I know Sweet Dreams will always be played), to another one.

    Now with some much good songs, I think it's hard to should bad ones since they are playing only 15 song. This tour has everything to be awesome, I just miss some theatrical element since I read 2 interview which he promised more theatrical shows. I don't think a hat and a knife-mic are theatricals. At least he has the podium back.

    He doesnt have to take to hard to make a good show, the podium is a exemple, he just has to stand up on it, sing and make some move with his arms, better than run in cicle like a fool on stage and get tired on the second song.

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