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Thread: [017]: May 01 2012 - Fillmore - Silver Spring , Maryland, USA

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    Default The fillmore last night with manson

    I had a chance to see manson perform last night at the Fillmore in maryland, and i think i have had my doubts of his live shows as of late. I live in newport news va and the mayor of our venue banned him after holywood. So if i go see him i have to travel. But back to the point seeing live shows at the beginning of his soundwave tour and other festivals he has done as of recent was great dissappointing so i was really scared to see him perform last night. The pretty reckless wasnt really bad they were really good for the style they play. Taylor waled around like a damn stripper dropping it like it was hot all night and grinding on her guitarist. But decent set for her. Manson came out and started with the intro and hey cruel world which at the moment he cares again. The show was honestly the best show i have seen rom the man since 1996 when he played the boathouse for the dead to the world tour. The set list was really amazing and the 4 songs he covered off of born villain really sound amazing live. Twiggy and Fred really destroyed the stage as i never heard this level of confidence from them in 4 to 5 years. If you guys get a chance check out the hey Cruel world tour with him headlining.. Its simply amazing.

    Song list cant remember order:

    Hey Cruel World
    pistol whipped
    no reflection
    rock is dead
    dope show
    personal jesus
    irresponsible hate anthem
    sweet dreams
    beautiful people
    anti christ superstar
    disposible teens
    love song

    here are some vids for your viewing pleasure as well

    Disposible teens

    hey cruel world

    personal jesus

    antichrist superstar

    enjoy the vids arent mine to my camera dying but i found others on youtube.

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    That's great and I'm really happy people are enjoying the shows. From what I've seen of the shows he definitely seems better than he did during THEOL (but Stephen Hawking could perform better than Manson did during that time). However, the set-lists really blow. Why "Mobscene" and "Personal Jesus"? Toss out the boring singles that everyone's heard a million times before and play something from the new album or something that is rarely played live.

    I realize that not everyone has seen Manson live and that not everyone is sick to fucking death of hearing TBP, but you've got 8+ singles on that set-list out of 15 songs. They need to mix it up and stop being so goddamn predictable.

    Also, there's a tour index session where the shows are discussed: I don't know for sure if this thread would belong there... but, yeah.

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    Thanks for the review and videos! Glad you had a great time. Thread should be moved though!

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    Wow, I can't believe how awesome these shows are starting to look. I don't even mind that the setlist isn't changing. I just hopes he keeps this energy up for the whole tour!

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    I can understand him never dropping Sweet Dreams (even though he should, "staple" or not)... But Personal Jesus... come on.

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    i thinks here is the complete show, Youtube channel:

    Not the best angle of the filmer... but it's better than nothing!

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    Finally able to give my two cents after having one hell of a week after the show. Needless to say, the show was the highlight of that really shitty week. The Pretty Reckless was a decent opening band. I enjoyed the song Zombie, among a few others the names of which currently escape me. Last time I saw Manson at a theatre show the opening band (Ours, Rape of the World tour, January 2008) got booed offstage, so it was nice to see a band that wasn't Marilyn Manson get a warm reception from the audience. Their lead singer's really hot. She's got a slutty vibe to her, and I envy her guitarist for being on the receiving end of some grinding sessions. But aside from that they put on a decent show. If they're ever in the area again and I have some free time I certainly wouldn't mind seeing them again.

    On to the main act: Marilyn Manson, both the frontman and the band itself, were in top form. Hearing the new songs they played off Born Villain really gave me a new appreciation for the tracks. At the time I'd only listened to the album once and listening to tunes like Slo-Mo-Tion and Hey, Cruel World in a live environment helped immensely with future listenings of Born Villain. Pistol Whipped is fantastic both on the CD and especially when it's performed on stage. Say what you will about tracks like Sweet Dreams and Rock Is Dead, I don't care how many times I hear those songs live, I'll always love them. Even Personal Jesus which received an immensely positive reception from the crowd fit perfectly with the rest of the show. My one gripe is the shortened version of Antichrist Superstar. I wish they played the whole track. Also wished we got to hear more older tracks like what the band did for their Rape of the World tour four years ago. Hearing stuff like Coma White/Black, Rock 'n Roll Nigger, and Little Horn were a rare treat. I hope during future legs of the tour Manson decides to put them in the set list, as well as other songs I've been dying to hear live, such as Angel With The Scabbed Wings and Man That You Fear.

    Overall, it was a truly great show. I took a friend who'd never seen him live and was only a partial fan of the band, and he really enjoyed it. It was great to see someone who was essentially a virgin to Marilyn Manson both as a studio band and a live act really enjoy the show and get into it with the rest of the die hards. Here's hoping those rumors about the Rob Zombie tour are true, either way I'll definitely be there for the next leg of the North American tour.

    Thanks again, Marilyn Manson, for an absolutely incredible night.

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