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Thread: [015]: Apr 28 2012 - Hampton Casin0 - Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, USA

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    Fast Food Nude. Whisky And Speed's Avatar
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    An array of good quality vids here.

    pistol whipped.


    the love song.

    sweet dreams.

    rock is dead.

    no reflection.

    hey cruel world.

    dope show.


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    "Captain Aids"
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    I just found those videos whilst I was looking on Youtube, check out The Love Song! I think he sounds fucking awesome!

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    Gavin.Pickle's Avatar
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    It has to be said, with an album this good and live shows looking so promising, it certainly seems that our wildest hopes and dreams have been granted.

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    I just saw Hey, Cruel World... and The Love Song. He doesn't really sound good in those. He sounds fucking AWESOME!

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    Pervert on duty DrClitoris's Avatar
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    I have got to admit it. Manson is great here, he looks focused and present and his singing is really better. Great job, this is fucking great!

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    Amazing show again! I moved to near the back as I didn't get any sleep so was dead tired already but still was great. Twiggy acts like a robot and a statue on stage, plus during the dope show Manson sang "the drugs they say...are made on Fred's birthday!" which confused 90% of the crowd, lol. I forgot to say in the last mini review but the pretty reckless were awesome as well. Loved to finally see an opener I was excited about!

    The no banners/podiums for ACS could have just been that the podium didn't fit I guess we will see. Its a huge podium so I doubt they'd lug it to RI then not use it again, lol.


    After the show...will take me a lot of time to fully type out and we're about to arrive back in Boston so I won't have wifi access in a few mins. I walked around back just in time as Manson and his chick started walking down the steps. Manson was high fiving people as he walked by saying "thank you" and "i appreciate it" to anyone shouting compliments at him. Didn't stop but then..out came Fred on his birthday! I yelled happy birthday and he looked all around and just smiled saying everyone is "far too nice", he came back out and I shook his hand and formally said happy birthday to him again. He said thanks and that he can't believe the response so far. Twiggy came out and was mostly only stopping for females, I think I may have annoyed him 'cause I was like TWIIIIGY! And as he walked the other way I was like "heyyy Twiggy" and he looked over then came over an signed my ticket. I was gonna ask for a pic but tons of people were after him, I told him he's awesome and he said "i know" and then said "thanks a lot" lol xD After seeing others getting pics with him I was gonna attempt to but didn't wanna push anyone out or be all crazy to get it. Jason came off the bus and he was talking to us, I told him its great to have him in the band and I think he thought I was dissing Ginger, lol. He kept saying "Ginger is a cool guy, we go for coffee, no no he's awesome" :P

    the rest I would need to elaborate on but we got to sing happy bday and have some of fred's bday cake too!!

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    Damn, he sounds (and looks) great!

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    Another great performance from Manson!

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    NapalmHeart's Avatar
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    They play a cool Coma Black intro before The Dope Show now I see, but I also saw another intro before Tourniquet. Any idea what they play there?

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