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Thread: [019]: May 04 2012 - House of Blues - Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by DecayingSinner View Post
    They are great videos, but he seriously needs to stop trying to play the guitar.
    It's a crowd pleaser, just like Sweet Dreams. TBP, and ACSS, and he knows it.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheTeletubbieFlasher View Post
    I think he could command the stage with this song, if he would rip the mic off the stand and use the stage.
    He's naturally a commanding stage presence but, yeah, there's always things the observer can see that aren't always easy to see when you're inside the box. Speaking of observing, can anyone see what he's doing when he wanders over to Lindsay during The Dope Show?

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    I concur, I just want him to turn up the heat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pflumtamas View Post
    Fuckin' great video!
    lol awesome! Love the way he screamed and the look on his face when he caught the book, I guess it was a bible? and that snot he blew out at the end, that was funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norsefire View Post
    lol awesome! Love the way he screamed and the look on his face when he caught the book, I guess it was a bible?
    It was indeed a bible.

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    Awesome show, meet Fred. He was super nice.

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    Youtube does not do this tour justice...don't judge from it, go if you get a chance. The band rocked out hard core the whole time and Manson gave 100% and sounded excellent. I had such a great time and the energy up front was amazing.

    Pistol Whipped sounded so cool live and I dug his smoke shooter gun thing. Could have done with a better opening song than Hey Cruel World but it was still killer and a pretty solid set list, no changes in songs from other shows.

    The Pretty Reckless was ehhh, Taylor is hot but that's all I got out of it.

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    Saw the videos on YouTube, great concert but Marilyn Manson needs his mic turned up big time.

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    You guys can thanks Haz for the bible

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    Thank you Haz, you make all of our wishes come true.But, to be honest with you guys, I'm a bit upset that Manson waived the bible in the air like a kid playing then THREW IT BACK and he didn't rip it or burn it as someone already did the job for him.It's that either Manson is too peaceful to rip it or he didn't have a lighter,or Manson was just very lazy and had no brainer for it.Please HAZ, give Manson a lighter next time,make the show more interesting dude.
    Last edited by Whisky And Speed; 05-05-2012 at 05:16 PM.

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    So what he's not a good guitarist? He played guitar before on The Minute of Decay, Dried Up..., Rock 'n' Roll Nigger, etc. Did it ever sound professional? No, but fuck it. It's fucking Manson. Again, if I wanna see perfectly played notes I fucking go see Dream Theater, and that would bore the shit out of me. I

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