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Thread: [019]: May 04 2012 - House of Blues - Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

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    hehe you know him more than anyone! you were w/ him all day and night

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manson101 View Post
    hehe you know him more than anyone! you were w/ him all day and night
    And yet it pains me that I still don't know who you are haha.

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    is it creepy this thread has turned into him rather than MM ha

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    So I'm just bumping this because the video I posted in here WAY back in the day was yanked off YouTube shortly thereafter but suddenly popped back up a few days ago.

    So I edited in the new link and HERE WE GO all over again!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazekiah View Post
    The crowds at these shows have been fucking RAVENOUS and RABID, it is truly fucking awesome to behold the synergistic dynamism reverberating from the stage to the crowd and right fucking back at the stage.

    A series of unfortunate incidents prevented me from making it to the Pittsburgh show I had a ticket for (GODFUCKINGDAMNIT), but we'll call it even since the night before in Atlantic City was THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!

    No, seriously, I totally almost died that day before the show.

    I went to a punk show in NYC with a pal and bled like crazy when I cut myself but just applied pressure to my arm and rocked out one-handed till the show was over. Left a fucking PUDDLE of blood right on the front of the stage where I'd been standing! My pal got cut too (in a totally unrelated incident at the same show), so we went to the Coney Island Hospital for him to get a couple stitches, but I refused medical care since I'm uninsured and broke and my two fresh gashes had stopped bleeding well before we even arrived at the E.R.

    Then I went to bed.

    Then a couple hours later I woke up utterly DRENCHED in blood. My shirt. My pants. The comforter. The sheets. The foam mattress pad. The mattress itself. Holy FUCK it was SO much blood. I stumbled dizzily to the bathroom and discovered one of my tiny new wounds was spewing blood like the fucking Niagara Falls, ffs. While holding it over the sink I was forced to drop to one knee to maintain consciousness before swiveling around to sit on the toilet cover rather than simply completely collapsing. Which was rather unfortunate since the compound trauma of my injuries and hangover suddenly had me vomiting everywhere else while the sink and toilet were both otherwise occupied. Apparently I made enough of a ruckus that my pals woke up and came to investigate only to find pools of vomit and blood streaming out from under the bathroom door, so using a full-size towel as a bandage/tourniquet I gratefully accepted a ride back to the hospital and spent the rest of the morning getting the stitches I'd evidently needed all along. Thankfully the staff had rotated since my last visit so I was spared the FULL brunt of my walk of shame. Good times!

    Anyway, it was fucking BRUTAL. I've bled plenty in my time but this was a whole other scene. I'd guess I probably lost about HALF of my blood (pix and vidz forthcoming!)...not kidding or exaggerating in the slightest.

    It's a bit humbling to realize that if I hadn't been nauseous enough to wake up in time in the first place I almost surely would have simply bled out and died in my sleep, lolfail.


    So after puking everything I'd eaten in the past day and several torturous hours in the E.R. not once but TWICE, we left straight for the show in a hurry at the last minute and I just had some water, Emergen-C, and a pack of peanuts from the hospital for some blood-and-plasma replenishing protein and went RIGHT into the pit like a feral goddamned animal. Which was, as stated, fucking PACKED and ROUGH and HOT and VIOLENT as FUCK.

    LOVE IT.

    I sneaked in a plastic bag with about 100 trimmed drinking straws plundered from Subway and rained them on the crowd like drugged-out confetti throughout "The Dope Show," something I'd always wanted to do.

    Then during "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" I whipped out my full-size American flag and unfurled it as I pumped my fist in the air before Manson saw it waving violently to the beat and gestured for it, at which point I lobbed it right at him and he spent a goodly portion of the rest of song with it draped upon his shoulders and head like some kind of hooded cloak of playful quasi-patriotism.

    And I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I was woozy as fuck and fighting off fainting for about the last quarter of the show, but I knew I had to make it to the end so goddamnit I just had to muscle through that shit because...

    When "Antichrist Superstar" started I got my red, hardback Holy Bible out and got ready for action!

    At the beginning of the second verse, I popped a stitch lifting the Bible overhead with my bad arm so I could shred the fuck out of it while tossing the pages in the air. Fucking WORTH IT. Manson took notice immediately and was signalling for me to throw it his way, but with the crowd piled on top of me and the book blocking my view of him I mistakenly thought all the people in the pit fucking with me just then were trying to snatch it away from me, but then I eventually realized they were merely helpfully pointing out to me Manson's clear request. Never one to let down my hero, I took aim and was probably just as shocked as anyone that it was a PERFECT shot right into his chest and arms, clearing the top of the podium but still low enough not to knock his teeth out. Fucking WIN.

    Rocked the fuck out like a barbaric fucking madman for the rest of the concert and pretty much dropped to the floor the minute the show was over and the crowd up front had dispersed enough to no longer support my weight, leaving myself utterly and completely spent and very much quite literally drained by the day from hell which ended in heaven.

    While struggling not to pass out on the floor, I took the opportunity to collect some straws and confetti in an empty beer cup in an attempt to mask my weakness, and okay I was totally checking someone out from down there, lol, but from the concerned looks on the faces of everyone looking down at me it was pretty clear I'd failed utterly with my ruse. I had to pound all the water I could find and chug a fresh pack of Emergen-C while stripping off my soaked-through shirt then and there just to keep from completely losing consciousness. Which is, like, apparently against the house rules or something. Haha. After a few desperate and delirious minutes of fighting that off I was fucking BACK in the game, though. Takes more than THAT, motherfuckers! But okay, yeah...sorry, sir, I'll put my clothes back on now. Oh, the lulz.

    Then at the afterparty Manson came right out and fistbumped me straight away for my efforts and introduced me to Lindsay with a joke about my undying Cub Scoutness while I briefly regaled them with my day's misadventures and we all LOL-ed about my absent Cub Scout attire bundled in a bag full of blood with the rest of my luggage. Haha, he's SO fucking great.

    And that wasn't even the best part of the evening's awesomeness at hand, which held me absolutely rapt and spellbound by good company well after Manson's departure and far past the rising of the sun and into the afternoon hours.

    I could barely even fucking stand for half the day before the show and immediately thereafter, but there was just NO defeating the unstoppable energy and the thrill of sharing such an unbelievably intense and fully-interactive Manson show in magical Atlantic City with such amazing friends.

    Like I said.


    Oh, and I never posted the video of myself bleeding all over the goddamned place.

    So here's that:


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