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Thread: [023]: May 09 2012 - KRROFEST W.H Lyons Fair Grounds - Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

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    He still sounds good in both the videos posted but his energy level seems lower when they're playing outdoor venues. That was noticeable on the overseas leg of this tour too.

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    Dig this video, performance seems good. I actually really dig the shitty audience audio, I love hearing exactly how loud the bass is from the audience perspective. The band just sounds really heavy.

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    ^ Fuck, yeah! I love that heavy-distorted-bass/shitty-mic sound sometimes! It can be pretty badass when it's JUST right.

    Quote Originally Posted by Damian1996 View Post
    Didn't know anything about this till I'd already been inside the fairgrounds for hours and hours, but I'd wondered wtf was up with all the local news vans and stuff with their satellite-antennae out in the parking lot. I just figured, y'know...not much else going on in South Dakota, lol.

    They tried telling me WAAAAY before I got to the actual gate that I'd be turned away with all the pouches and stuff on my "utility belt," especially considering most of them were designed for ammunition and knives and girls were being turned away with mere clutch purses and stuff, but I'd already walked miles and miles to get there so I just winged it and tried anyway and it was no problem. Still smuggled in TONS of shit and a bottle of vodka, lol.

    I also didn't know wtf was up with Hell Yeah giving "a big thanks to all the law enforcement professionals here today" at the time, so I guess that makes more sense now. Still LAME, but w/e. Nobody died, I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazekiah View Post
    Just arrived in town and I'm pleasantly surprised to discover that the Greyhound station/shack/gift shop here also happens to have an internet cafe! HALLO MARYLINS AND MANSNOS!

    Not to mention that it's surrounded by motels and only about 4 miles from the venue!

    So I'm gonna get a room and stash my luggage there and get ready really quickly once my time runs out online, but if anyone can find me at the show and needs space for a post-Manson afterparty at my hotel room then LET'S DO THIS SHIT.

    So after the show I ran into a couple people from the festival at my motel's ice machine and invited them all over to watch my videos of the show on the motel TV and even offered them drinks and smoke and then left to go get started on my own. One person eventually showed up, a nice Manson fan girl also from out-of-state, but she was totally on guard and hesitant to believe it wasn't a set-up, lol. But I eventually negotiated the potential minefield of explaining nicely that I TOTALLY wasn't interested and didn't give a shit if she stayed or left or drank or didn't so she finally chilled and had some fun.

    But my Manson footage isn't really that spectacular and is TOTALLY trumped by most of the other stuff online from that show, so I'll just post the OTHER stuff we watched that night instead! There was a heavy police presence and filming was strictly forbidden with signs everywhere and even cops making the rounds in the pit, so I missed most of the daylight portion of the set rather than risk exposure before Manson even started and could've give my full attention to filming since I had to be wary of their pit-patrols, but it still turned out pretty decently.

    I'd never seen these guys or even heard a whole album before, but they were pretty kickass. Definitely looking forward to seeing them again sometime! Bought a rubber bracelet with their band name on it at their merch. table and haven't taken it off yet.

    live at

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