"[Based on a true story]"


Uhh, I mean Oklahoma City..

This show made up for the pass the line bullshit in Houston, although all the TEXAS shows were beyond amazing.
However, OKC was a spectacular concert, even though ACSS wasn't performed. Its as if they had to add an extra intensity to the set, on account of the podium height restrictions..
I had a nice moment before mOBSCENE inwhich I instinctively yelled out BE OBSCENE BE BE OBSCENE [someone else joined in too] as Manson was putting on his [non-coon skin] hat.
Compared to Houston where some asshole is telling someone else to step on my toes..

I'm such an idiot and didnt get Fred to cross ACSS off of the setlist when TwiggysRabies and I ran into him.
Twiggysrabies is an awesome person to hang with!! I hope to see her again!
There was someone infront of me in-line that kept talking shit about Manson [his weight, his vocal range, all unwarranted claims], so I didnt feel so bad when i made it to the rail and that person didnt. <Fuck people like that.

Again, another show where only cellphone photography was allowed :\
However by this point I was prepared with a large plastic ziplock bag to protect my phone from the elements aka, Manson beer.