Still sorting through all my bootlegs and setlists and memorabilia and stuff from this tour and stumbled upon something else I thought I'd share.

Ran into several of the guys from The Pretty Reckless a bunch of times over the course of the tour and chatted them up about all sorts of stuff. At their last show with Manson, in Milwaukee, I even had a hotdog with their bassist after the show at the little cart some enterprising entrepreneur wheeled up, lol. Pissed with the drummer in Huntington, etc.

Anyway, since Milwaukee was their last show they took a lot of time afterward to hang on the bus with Manson and co. A bunch of us were waiting by the bus but no one really approached any of the guys from The Pretty Reckless when they kept coming out to smoke. I finally went up and talked to Ben, the lead guitarist, for like the 7th time on the road and asked if they took their guitars onto Manson's bus with them to jam or write or what but he wasn't saying, damnit.

But he's a totally cool guy and DID sign my CD booklets!


Wish I would've had 'em on hand all the other times...probably could've gotten a full set of band autographs!

Maybe NEXT time.