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Thread: Cops and Queers

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    I thought the pink gay cops on the video pretty much summed it up and made it clear. Oh well...

    And, oh yeah, fuck the police too!!!!!!!!

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    i remember reading this, not sure if thi is the original site, but it was a interesting read on the interpretations of MM lyrics, heres what they said about The Dope Show...

    Personally, i feel Manson just wanted pink police officers necking each other in his video...for shits and giggles...he probably had a fucked up trippy dream...

    ">the drugs they say
    >make us feel so hollow

    non-drug users say that drugs empty your mind leaving you hollow drug users say that drugs empty you of your problems and your worries leaving you ignorantly blissful

    >we love in vain
    >narcissistic and so shallow

    narcissistic basically meaning to be full of yourself and to have a high opinion of your own capabilities, we love ourselves because we're on drugs and we feel invincible and it's actually a childish way to deal with things

    >the cops and queers
    >to swim you have to swallow

    there's a lot for this one
    -from societies point of view, to be politically correct, they have to put up with law enforcement and homosexuals.
    -also i think cops represent drugs that give you a power trip, queers are ones that make you feel "fruity" and to get high or have your head "swim", you have to swallow the pills.
    -cops and queers are both groups that are hated whether they deserve it or not. as a group, i don't believe it is right to hate. i know cool cops and cool fags and dick head cops and dick head fags. for them to get along in life, they have to accept "swallow" the fact that people hate them irrationally.

    >hate today
    >no love for tomorrow

    a lot of people do drugs b/c they hate the world and their life and they need the drugs to avoid committing suicide, kinda like manson on the ACS tour.

    >we're all stars now in the dope show

    there's a lot for this one too
    -it relates to the narcissistic thing about how the drug users feel like stars and greater then everybody else b/c of the dope.
    -society sees all the celebrities as drug users and as "dopes" .
    -manson sees fame as the "dope show" b/c it's so fake and shallow, like drugs, and they are on center stage in the spotlight of the show.

    >there's lots of pretty, pretty ones
    >that want to get you high

    -there's a lot of people who you have an attraction to, not always just physical, and they want to get you on drugs
    -the pretty ones are the attractive seeming drugs and they can get you fucked up.
    -the pretty ones are magazine companies (SPIN), television (David Letterman, MTV), and other companies that promised him fame and/or stardom "to get him high".

    >but all the pretty, pretty ones
    >will leave you low
    >and blow your mind

    -the people who want to get you high, will do so, but when they've used you and they're done laughing at your dumb drugged up ass, they bail on you.
    -the drugs will leave you feeling like shit when you come down or go thru withdrawals.
    -all the promises of the companies are empty and they debase and belittle manson when they decide not to feature him b/c they find out it might hurt their image and it "blows his mind" b/c several of these companies are supposed to be "cutting edge" and "non-conformist" and they buckle under pressure just like the metaphorical bible belt.

    >they love you when you're on all the covers
    >when you're not then they love another

    people want to be your friend when your famous or when its sociably acceptable, but as soon as it's not kosher, then they detach themselves.

    >the drugs they say
    >are made in california

    in this drugs stand for a lot of things : drugs, drug users, celebrities
    -california is said to be drug heaven by most of uninformed america.
    -drug users are said to be 'manufactured' in california.
    -people feel inferior to celebs, so they watch movies to live vicariously, so the celebs are drugs to make average people feel better, sort of like Jim, in "The Glass Menagerie".

    >we love your face
    >we'd really like to sell you

    -the companies pretended to be his best friend for their own financial gain.
    -people love drugs and to sell drugs and buy drugs and take drugs and trade drugs and sing/write about drugs, etc..

    >the cops and queers
    >make good-looking models
    -cops are supposed to be good role models
    -queers are supposed to be bad role models
    -a lot of male models are homosexual or at least fit the stereotypical format of it (the word queer seems to be used more often to describe homosexual men than homosexual women).
    model could also mean a stereotype
    -most people have a stereotype of the dick head cop stuffing his fat ass full of donuts and being a little bitch.
    -most people have a stereotype of queers (male) as being very feminine and weak and talking in a higher tone of voice.
    -most people have a stereotype of queers (female) as being very masculine, muscular women with short hair and "male" clothing.

    >i hate today
    >who will i wake up with tomorrow?

    he hates today so he does drugs and after the point of blackouts, he's not sure who he will wake up as tomorrow or who he might make up with tomorrow. it's kinda blatant."

    The "stereotyping" of "queers" still makes me cringe. -_-
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    I always just Considered it a basic change in lyrics. Most might call Cops "Pig's", and Queers, or Homosexuals, are what most might call "Fags", that's all I saw it as.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemoris Inferioris View Post
    I always just Considered it a basic change in lyrics. Most might call Cops "Pig's", and Queers, or Homosexuals, are what most might call "Fags", that's all I saw it as.
    Yeah I agree he just switched it up live not unlike how he also changes the lyric "California" to whatever city he is in and "we love your face, we'd really like to sell you" became "we'd really like to come on it".

    I wasn't asking why the switch. I was asking about the relevancy of the line itself. I didn't see how mentioning cops or queers in a song about how god is your drug and is in your tv as hollywood actors and they love you when you're on all the magazine covers and all of hollywood is narcissistic and cliche and hollow with no substance and you sleep with whoever to advance your empty pathetic careers...etc...

    I just didn't get how cops or gays were relevant. But I love that he had cops in pink garb making out in the video. I know much of that album plays with androgyny and sexuality....and I guess also authority in some cases. But it just also stood out to me in that song....never knew what the fuck it meant.

    But I think many of you guys offered some excellent insight. So thank you. It makes much more sense now.

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    Considering the fact that a "dope show" is essentially a morality play, any discussion of the subject would be incomplete WITHOUT references to cops and queers.

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    Nah, I'm pretty sure that he just inserted it in their to be edgy and was also a reference a Pink Flamingo-esque society. The Dope Show, while a Morality Play was actually about him evolving from a queer and a self appointed authority figure himself. He realized the hollow, whiney faggotry that was his Antichrist Superstar persona that failed to survive, so Mechanical Animals was in memoriam to that as well as a satire. The Dope Show is a very introspective song and a profound statement about the reality of Alien Abductions among the Children of those who served in the Military. Even with Rock is Dead, he speaks about "Alien Babies', which is a direct reference to Hybrids or "Star Children". And there is a global/governmental conspiracy to either enslave them, experiment on them and/or dilute their undomesticated transcendent of Human cognitive abilities kids/young adults with psychiatric medications. This is a continuation of the MKULTRA project that turns them into killers, unbeknownst to the victim who is being remotely controlled. MA was also a Conspiracy theory record. And everyone sucks cocks, essentially.

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    I think the lyric "cops and queers" is memorable, powerful and yet no matter how long I think about it I can't make it out. I don't feel hate seeping out and I don't feel approval. It's almost like an incomplete sentence, with the next lyric being "make good looking models" I feel as if he was messing around and mixing up two halves of a sentence. We are missing something and maybe only he'll ever know.

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    I think what "Cops and queers make good looking models" means is that cops are seen as good (role) models to society while "queers" contribute to the models we see on the magazines. That's what I always thought it meant. Two different kinds of "models".

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    For me it was always obvious that the source of "cops and queers" was the moment when George Michael was outed to the public as being gay. At the beginning of 1998 Manson moved to Hollywood which changed his perspective and ultimately gave him some inspiration. And one of the first scandals he witnessed was in April 1998 when George Michael was caught engaging in a sexual act by an undercover police officer in a public toilet in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. It was a very big scandal at the time. Everyone was talking about it.

    Hope it helps.
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