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Thread: Born Villain Artwork

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    I hate it. I think it might even be worse than the No Reflection cover art. Am I the only one that thinks that doesn't even look like Manson on the cover?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johncraze View Post
    put together with punk rock's simplicity, and a post-punk influence.
    Huh? Elaborate on this please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imail724 View Post
    Am I the only one that thinks that doesn't even look like Manson on the cover?
    He looks pretty feminine to me in that picture...but I agree with that it doesn't look that much like him...(to me, anyways...)...

    I don't know...I don't HATE it...but I don't really like it :S It reminds me a lot of THEOL cover, RIGHT up on his face and it's blue...(and honestly I didn't like that cover either :s I think I like this one more than THEOL cover, though...)...

    I wish it wasn't a picture where it wasn't RIGHT UP ON HIS FACE...but father away and more of a half body short or something... I like the type, though :) I like it SO much better than the one of him with a hat :)
    my sig is gone !!

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    Man, I think that's the best fucking MM cover ever. O.O. Is that weird? I really love this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CellarOwl View Post
    Huh? Elaborate on this please.
    Manson has mentioned that in the making of B.V. he has returned to the bands that originally influenced him. All of them being postpunk ( joy division, killing joke, bauhaus, the birthday party, etc.).

    Look at the No Reflection artwork, and now the B.V. cover, and you'll see this black and white, sort of almost monochromatic style, that I find to be really reminiscent of a postpunk feel. That's basicly punk minimalism put together with dark ambiance.

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    I was actually shocked somehow by this cover at first. I suppose, in that case, it has done it's job! I dig it, but I wonder if it would have been cooler looking if they had went with some of the shots from the photoshoot of the revolver magazine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aint View Post
    I like it. I was expecting a simple cover like this after I saw the NR artwork.
    yeah,The first impression I got seeing this cover is simplicity and minimalism to the very basic structure of a new , unexperienced artist who is independent with no label or support behind.The cover looks like as if an amateur fan designed it , it is meant to look so amataurish and more over it is related to no reflection cover since that they were shot in the same session.However I wish that the no reflection photo was the cover while this was the single's cover.It gave me an 80s feeling as well like the cure , bauhaus , joy division and can album covers.Did any one got this feeling?

    manson lips in the photo are sexy hot .But I have question, Is this the blue olde golde trade mark contact lens in his eye or it is just the blue effect?

    Quote Originally Posted by brian219 View Post
    Not surprisingly, it looks like the cover of an early 80s goth rock album.

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    Whoa.. this cover really surprised me. Not digging it at the moment, but it may grow on me.
    It actually reminds me more of some kind of book's cover.

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    I like the cover. It isn't what I was expecting, but it's pretty cool. I cannot wait to hear the album!

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    That cover is a real disappointment.. Like the last two album covers, it looks like he just picked a random pic of a photoshoot or something..

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